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Example sentences for "engender"

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engagers; engages; engageth; engaging; engagingly; engendered; engendereth; engendering; engenders; engendred
  1. Experience teaches us that the woods engender cold and frosts.

  2. To achieve this first grade, in his previous existences he must have gone through hope and charity, which engender in him the gifts of faith and prayer.

  3. May not the predilection for curved lines in some men be an indication of the impurity of their nature, still too closely allied to the material substances which engender us?

  4. At first Hops were unpopular, and were supposed to engender melancholy.

  5. But this conclusion must be founded like that which says, "a green winter makes a fat churchyard," on the fact that humid warmth continued on late in the year tends to engender putrid ferments, and to weaken the bodily vigour.

  6. A syrup concocted of the floures," said Gerard, "quieteth the lunatick person, and the leaves eaten raw do engender good blood.

  7. Wherefore it is altogether improbable that Tomatoes will engender cancer, which is essentially a disease of vitiated blood, and of degenerate cell tissue.

  8. Silence on my part, I now perceive, would engender such suspicion in respect to her; and she must not lose one particle of the dignity of virtue in the eyes of her own offspring!

  9. Her chiefest values lie in the spring and the plasticity which enable her to adapt her nature to the evolutionary impulses of life inherent in her; and thereby to engender further human evolution.

  10. But either, alone, would have been but an incomplete and valueless thing, had it not become united with the complementary half-cell required to complete it structurally, and to engender and energise its potentialities.

  11. It comprises the potentials of the pelvis, which is the cradle of Maternity, of the reproductive organs, which engender Life and the emotions, and of the digestive and assimilative organs, which engender vital processes.

  12. Its powers thus handicapped by requiring to engender the vital potential and the developmental power to equip it with two orders of implement, neither order has attained perfection of construction or of function.

  13. And as in the living organism, so in the engine, the mechanism and the processes that engender in it the potential motion of steam are wholly distinct from those which convert this potential motion into actual motion.

  14. Because of the vivifying potence of her creative womanhood--the function whereof is to engender Life--the stranger admitted to her citadel becomes endued with Life, and takes up his abode with her to the end of her natural term.

  15. They represent contrary principles; they perform different functions; they engender and energise dissimilar processes.

  16. Individual predispositions, acquired or hereditary, engender for each a series of peculiar ills.

  17. To engender is to give a portion of one's life.

  18. If born with a natural propensity toward sin, such a life would soon engender a diseased, impure imagination, if nothing worse.

  19. How to engender such loyalty is a problem that each person confronted with it must solve for himself.

  20. If a more intimate relation flows naturally from this respect, well and good, but there should not be the slightest attempt made to engender it on a sentimental basis.

  21. The fire or light, when kept in by the eyelids, equalizes the inward motions, and there is rest accompanied by few dreams; only when the greater motions remain they engender in us corresponding visions of the night.

  22. Afterwards he shall become a sea-fish, who, being roused up with the hissing of a serpent, shall engender with him.

  23. The baths of Badon shall grow cold, and their salubrious waters engender death.

  24. This ideal appropriation of love, to engender self-abnegating valor and beneficent deeds, originated from the meeting of the two currents of martial history and the Christian religion in a prepared people and period.

  25. Slavery and ignorance engender worse vices and more hopeless degradation than can result from the exposures of freedom and knowledge.

  26. Be careful that while you have sufficient self-respect to make your manner easy, it does not become arrogance and so engender insolence.

  27. My Canadian friends may be quite wrong in their diagnosis of the causes that engender or destroy it.

  28. And more than that, it is sometimes urged, there will be such a dearth of those tense moments which alone engender the artistic mood, that Art of any kind will have become impossible.

  29. We may admire both the logical consistency of such self-denial and the manliness which it would engender in the character that were strong enough to practise it.

  30. Rousseau's delight in the spot where Madame de Warens lived at Annecy was the mark of the new ideal which circumstances were to engender in him, and after him to spread in many hearts.

  31. Combined with the desire to attain the "integral" emancipation as soon as possible, these conditions engender in him the revolutionary spirit.

  32. In the third March counting that in which he was farrowed, he parteth from his mother and may well engender at the year's end.

  33. He does not think of those who lead the masses, wage victorious wars, kindle revolutions; he does not refer to men of action, or to those whose thoughts engender action.

  34. If we would engender strong souls, we must nourish them with the energies of the world.

  35. Visiting a cemetery for a man was supposed to engender lachrymose thought rather than tears and vented memories tenderly spoken; but for him whose life was an aberration, it had merely evoked minced silence.

  36. Much watching doth engender choler, the which being hot both dry up and lessen the humours which serve the brain, the head, and other parts of the body.

  37. How, then, is it possible that this cerebral movement, a primary material fact, should engender this secondary material fact, this collection of complicated beings which form a flock?

  38. He believed a koan should engender a "great doubt" in the mind of a novice, and through this great doubt lead him to the first enlightenment or kensho.

  39. His intense study brought no seal of enlightenment, but it did engender severe disappointment with the standards of Ch'an monasteries in China.

  40. They engender nothing but simply, faithfully, and plainly, even so doing all that they do.

  41. If the city people do not have enough to eat they will realize their error, and this will engender the shrinkage of the cities, which will in turn bring about the amelioration of the city's evils.

  42. Without the overthrow of the urbanizing mechanism in human society -- a mechanism which cannot but engender the formation of the idle and gluttonous hordes -- we cannot achieve true revolution.

  43. Nevertheless, these opinions desire to propagate themselves, to become general, and, as they are imperfect and diverse, they engender conflicts which threaten to become schisms.

  44. These elements, in gradually revealing their disparate nature, could not fail to enter into contradiction and to engender conflicts in the very heart of apostolic Christianity.

  45. Hence that philosophical dualism in which modern thought ends--a science which cannot engender an acknowledged morality, and a morality which cannot be the object of positive science.

  46. Gratitude, like pity, makes us look smaller; that is why gratitude does not, and cannot, engender love.

  47. Of course, when people already love, gratitude will increase their love for the one they owe it to; what I mean to say is, that if love does not exist, it is not gratitude that will engender it.

  48. Nay, I will go further and risk the following statement: Not only gratitude does not engender love, but it will stand in its way.

  49. Gratitude will engender affection, devotion, great friendship, but not love.

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