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Example sentences for "engendering"

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engaging; engagingly; engender; engendered; engendereth; engenders; engendred; engi; engin; engine
  1. It is easy enough to argue that a tree never grows old, since the tips of its branches are always equally young, always equally capable of engendering new trees by budding.

  2. The matter and form of intellectual knowledge (restricted to its own object) are seen to be engendering each other by a reciprocal adaptation, intellect modeling itself on corporeity, and corporeity on intellect.

  3. The faculty of knowing being supposed coextensive with the whole of experience, there can no longer be any question of engendering it.

  4. The dreaded town is at length in view, engendering fear and terror, but not despair.

  5. Taken by itself, however, the notion is incapable of engendering a myth.

  6. It is inconceivable, however, that castration was originally performed with the purpose of engendering these characteristics.

  7. But they never taught honour at the Grinders' School, where the system that prevailed was particularly strong in the engendering of hypocrisy.

  8. Some fairy influence must surely have hovered round the hands of Susan Nipper when she made the tea, engendering the tranquil air that reigned in the back parlour during its discussion.

  9. There is therefore nothing in all those functional phenomena which might lead us to understand how a material cause should be capable of engendering a conscious effect.

  10. Engendering consciousness in its interior, much as it engenders cholesterin and creatin and carbonic acid, its relation to our soul's life must also be called productive function.

  11. In these latter cases the several material objects have the function of inwardly creating or engendering their effects, and their function must be called productive function.

  12. The mare seldom proves prolific after she is twenty years old; while the horse sometimes preserves the power of engendering until the age of thirty.

  13. Extra-spatiality may degrade itself into spatiality, and indeed in the very nature of the case, does so degrade itself, yet spatiality can never raise itself beyond the limits set by its engendering parent.

  14. In the production of a form life stamps upon it, once for all time, the path of its engendering action.

  15. In other words, the kosmic mind in engendering materiality and spatiality has set up therein a kosmic order or geometrism.

  16. And here are wrongs, engendering anguish, and mortal strife.

  17. The confidential intimacies, the incessant dependencies, duties, and favors of near relatives, instead of engendering a consciousness of vapid usage, sprinkle electric stimulants on their mutual feelings and intercommunications.

  18. Sometimes, to occupy himself, he would continue the same game that he had pursued three hours earlier before the seat-and-window thief left his friends and crossed over, annexing his space and engendering his expulsion.

  19. He would not be able to successfully delude himself for long; at best he would be engendering a short time of ever diminishing ripples.

  20. They are capable of engendering at the age of two years to that of fifteen or sixteen; and in fine, they resemble the stag in all his natural habits, and the greatest difference between them is the duration of their lives.

  21. These animals are capable of engendering by the age of five or six months.

  22. Paul made a caricature of the Law, which he declared to be a rigid, external system, not elevating life, but only inciting to transgression and engendering curse.

  23. It sees matter and energy working everywhere after the same immutable laws through an infinitude of space and time, a universe ever evolving new orbs of light, engendering and transforming worlds without number and without end.

  24. Some appear to have a special proclivity for engendering diphtheria; these are specific maladies: measles, scarlet fever, pertussis.

  25. All that appears to be left after scrutiny of the facts is, that syphilis is a depressing and perverting agency, and so may join with {131} other depressing causes in preparing the way for the engendering of scrofulosis.

  26. Any owner of one of these stones who hires it out should be prosecuted for getting money under false pretense, and then dealt with by the humane societies for engendering morbid and groundless fears.

  27. Why jeopardize your own health in perpetuating these midnight seances with him, thus engendering in him a habit that will grow into "nerves," and perhaps later into shattered health or a weakened character?

  28. These things they maintain against the common conceptions; but those which follow they hold also against their own, engendering that which is most hot by refrigeration, and that which is most subtile by condensation.

  29. Observe how worms and caterpillars are bred in trees from the moisture corrupted or concocted; now none can say but that the engendering moisture is naturally before all these.

  30. And being acquired, when it is not the form of their own social order, it appears only too frequently as a counterfeit; engendering insincerity and snobbishness, and marring individuality.

  31. So far then for the consideration of animalcular structure: let us now more particularly enquire into their destructive habits, and their functions, inasmuch {133} as they may be supposed capable of engendering epidemic diseases and fever.

  32. So that the occult conditions of the air, their power of inducing a disease, and multiplying the matter capable of engendering a similar affection, stood in the mind of Rhazes as analogous if not identical phenomena.

  33. The disastrous results that follow from engendering in pupils a disgust for school and all that it represents have been eloquently portrayed.

  34. For example, I might argue that The Tale of Two Cities should be placed in the third year because the emotional ferment of adolescence is then most favorable for the engendering of the ideal.

  35. We have been, in spite of momentary declensions, on a flood tide of high profits and a roaring trade, and there is nothing like a roaring trade for engendering latitudinarians.

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