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Example sentences for "engagingly"

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engager; engagers; engages; engageth; engaging; engender; engendered; engendereth; engendering; engenders
  1. Would that all writers of best sellers were as engagingly honest.

  2. There may be people who are not interested in horses or journalism; to them we can recommend the pleasant tributes to Bacchus which lace engagingly the more serious chronicle.

  3. I have my spaniel, Lalage, and an impoverished female cousin who performs very engagingly upon the spinet.

  4. Wholly normal she looked, quite engagingly so, with her fine clear skin, smooth dark hair, and large limpid eyes.

  5. The bride chuckled and smiled engagingly as the car slithered round a corner and stopped under the porte cochère of a great house set in the midst of a landscape.

  6. The other clients at her table had no intention of being neglected while their Pickfordian waitress smiled engagingly on a newcomer.

  7. She smiled again--engagingly this time, too.

  8. The volubility of her tongue covered a grave and thoughtful nature; she seemed to have no pride at all, and her manners, somewhat independent of etiquette, were most engagingly frank and cordial.

  9. The maid who served us was engagingly free from the usual formalities of the table, and between the courses would sit coyly on the knee of the engineer, munching a piece of bread; but for the rest, ours was no Barmecide feast.

  10. She smiled engagingly as she lighted a cigarette for him.

  11. My Lopez, a cheque, properly verified, and engagingly autographed, is veritably a joyful thing.

  12. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "engagingly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.