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Example sentences for "engages"

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engaged; engagement; engagements; engager; engagers; engageth; engaging; engagingly; engender; engendered
  1. The link of this implement engages either the handle of the bellows, or else a large ring which does engage it.

  2. In this iron ring a strong wooden lever-bar is fastened firmly, the head of which is bound by a third iron ring, from which hangs an iron hook, which engages the rings at the ends of the chains from the dome.

  3. This iron ring is a digit thick, two palms wide on the inside of the upper part, and two digits in the lower part, and this iron ring, not unlike the first one, engages the handle of the bellows.

  4. Beethoven engages to sell these works in Germany, France or elsewhere only on condition that they shall not be published until four months after they have been despatched to England.

  5. Clementi engages to send Beethoven two copies of each work.

  6. Even capitalism at home, which engages many local sympathies, which plays a real part in the daily process of production, and upon the security of which the present organization of society largely depends, is not very safe.

  7. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.

  8. The end of the wagon tongue is placed in the ring in the ox yoke, the round hook engages with a drawbolt under the hammer strap bar.

  9. When sufficient load has been gathered he engages the upper notch in the right hand lug, releases the left and raises the other sufficient to point the teeth into the ground.

  10. STEEL ROAD DRAG Manufacturers are making road drags of steel with tempered blades adjustable to any angle by simply moving the lever until the dog engages in the proper notch.

  11. As Bryan Edwards wrote in 1793: "the business of sugar planting is a sort of adventure in which the man that engages must engage deeply.

  12. Though the books of this class are generally of dubious value this one has a tone which engages confidence.

  13. Tony joyfully engages to help the elopement, and procure Miss Neville's jewels.

  14. In pursuance of their plot, Constance engages Tony in a determined flirtation, to his extreme disgust, while Hastings wins the heart of Mrs. Hardcastle by extravagant flatteries.

  15. He first engages his chaperon, then invites his guests.

  16. For such an affair as this he engages his table and orders the dinner beforehand, seeing for himself that the flowers and decorations chosen are just what he wishes.

  17. One who engages in rows, or noisy quarrels; a ruffianly fellow.

  18. He also appears to take an active part in the manufacture of idols, engages in painting, aids in the culture or gathering of cacao, engages in predatory excursions, and acts in various other relations.

  19. These pins form a fork, and each prong engages in a corresponding hole in the back of the slate-grinding tool (not shown in figure).

  20. The young American, meanwhile, satisfied at the end of three years that he knows as much as his neighbours, settles in a home, engages in farming or commerce, and plunges into what alone he considers the business of life.

  21. Thus Hippolytus engages in a lengthy tirade beginning: "Why hast thou given a home beneath the sun, Zeus, unto woman, specious curse to man?

  22. Hector, supposing him to be Achilles, engages with him in combat and finally slays him.

  23. One who engages in any affair of his own free will; a volunteer.

  24. One who undertakes; one who engages in any project or business.

  25. That which is undertaken; any business, work, or project which a person engages in, or attempts to perform; an enterprise.

  26. One who drinks wassail; one who engages in festivity, especially in drinking; a reveler.

  27. The act of one who undertakes, or engages in, any project or business.

  28. But I am putting the case of a man wife receives his final payment of oil-money at the same time that he engages for the voyage of the rising year?

  29. I refer to the practice of a merchant when he engages men taking over the debt or part of the debt which they are due to their old employer.

  30. But does the agent expect that the men whom he engages for the Greenland whale fishing will come to him for their outfit, or part of it?

  31. But, as a matter of fact, are these men supplied with their outfit by the agent who engages them?

  32. But if you require supplies or an outfit, are you expected to take them from the agent who engages you?

  33. But don't they always deal with the agent who engages them, taking their outfit and their supplies for home from him?

  34. Is it not the case that every man who engages with you does take so much of his outfit as he requires from Mr. Leask's shop?

  35. In the case of a man who engages with you for the Faroe fishing, is it usual for an account to be opened in his name in the same way as with the others?

  36. He engages to fish the curer, and to give him the produce of his labour at the current price, just as a collier contracts to put out coal at a certain rate per ton.

  37. Then is it quite an understood thing that man who engages with an agent for a Greenland voyage must get his supplies from that agent's shop?

  38. Do the tradesmen here expect that you will get your supplies from the agent who engages you for the whaling voyage?

  39. He first gets his payment of oil-money, and after he re-engages he gets his advance.

  40. The ordinary case is, that one fisherman is either really or nominally owner of the boat and drift with which he engages in this fishing.

  41. But are the men so engaged frequently in debt to the shopkeeper who engages them?

  42. Is it generally understood among the men in the whaling, that they ought to deal with the agent who engages them for a voyage?

  43. If Russia engages seriously in the war, she will put forth her whole strength, and Hungary may probably be overpowered; but can she forget her wrongs or her successes?

  44. Their struggle is now for life or death--it ceases to be a domestic quarrel from the moment Russia engages in it; and Hungary must seek such support as she can find.

  45. The question which here above all engages our attention, and requires to be answered, is this: Whether that which is reported in these chapters did, or did not, actually and outwardly take place.

  46. One beguiling man engages your maid to dance and sup with him, while his confederate gets hold of her key and comfortably rifles your rooms.

  47. When a lady finds a likely looking girl at an office, she either engages her at once on the strength of the good character in her Dienstbuch, or, if she is very particular, she takes her home and discusses things with her there.

  48. Ladies, in whose Behalf he engages him, cast kind Looks and Wishes of Success at their Champion, he will have some Shame, and feel a little of the Pain he has so often put others to, of being out of Countenance.

  49. He that commends another engages so much of his own Reputation as he gives to that Person commended; and he that has nothing laudable in himself is not of Ability to be such a Surety.

  50. Every Age a Man passes through, and Way of Life he engages in, has some particular Vice or Imperfection naturally cleaving to it, which it wil require his nicest Care to avoid.

  51. Such an extravagant Cast of Mind engages Multitudes of People, not only in impertinent Terrors, but in supernumerary Duties of Life, and arises from that Fear and Ignorance which are natural to the Soul of Man.

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