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Example sentences for "improvise"

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improving; improvisation; improvisations; improvisatore; improvisatrice; improvised; improvising; improviso; improvized; imprudence
  1. My words have been set down for me, so that of course I knew exactly what I had to say and when to say it; but in charades, Captain Bloxam tells me, I shall have to improvise my words.

  2. Often a few tones would suffice to enable him to improvise an entire piece (as, for instance, the Finale of the third Sonata, D major, of Op.

  3. Pieces were played and some of Beethoven's songs were sung, and he was requested to improvise on the pianoforte, which he did not wish to do.

  4. My wife had often vainly begged him to play; to-day he placed the text in front of him and began to improvise marvellously--music which no magic could hold fast.

  5. He had never been heard to improvise more brilliantly, with more originality and splendor than on this evening!

  6. In some cases it will be found necessary to obtain or improvise a tool similar to a broad-bladed putty knife or spatula to be used as an inking instrument.

  7. Ja'afar said, Yes, all that is true, but what became of him after he left me?

  8. You must not improvise parliamentary papers!

  9. But, unless your funnel is quite long, you will have to improvise one to carry the smoke away, for the eddies around the tent will make the stove smoke occasionally beyond all endurance.

  10. If you cannot find one for sale, see if you cannot improvise one in some way by getting a heavy cover for a deep frying-pan.

  11. When you possess no kyacks, but have some sort of pack saddle, it is necessary to improvise a sling.

  12. Some will be failures, no doubt; but after you get the knack you will be able to improvise on the least promising materials.

  13. While we should be able to adapt ourselves to circumstances, to improvise double boilers, steamers and ovens when necessary, it is at the same time true economy to have an abundance of cooking utensils if possible.

  14. One of his choicest pleasures at a dinner or other such gathering was to improvise rhymes on his friends, and of these the fun usually lay in the improvisatore's audacious ascription of just those qualities which his subject did not possess.

  15. After Chanlouineau's examination, it was difficult to improvise there, on the spur of the moment, a plea in his behalf.

  16. If she desired to turn public opinion against Martial, she must improvise for herself an entirely different reputation.

  17. In traveling with covered wagons one always has protection from storms, but with pack trains it becomes necessary to improvise the best substitutes for tents.

  18. The blacks are a musical race, and the readiness with which many of them improvise words and melody is wonderful; but I had met none who possessed the readiness of my new acquaintance.

  19. As we had neglected to provide a roll of blankets for this shot, we had to improvise one from such material as was available.

  20. The latter heard his visitor improvise and was at first unimpressed because he believed the extemporization had been "memorized," but was converted as soon as he gave the young Rhinelander a complicated theme to treat on the spot.

  21. The monarch praised the lad's performances on the organ even more than on the clavier, and had him accompany the Queen in a song and improvise a melody on a figured bass of Handel's.

  22. He asks Ole Bull to improvise for him; and then cries, “Malibran may now have her headaches!

  23. At other times he and his brothers Jens and Randulf would improvise songs with accompaniments, taking turns in improvising and accompanying.

  24. The radio officer and radio electrician chief managed to improvise a temporary auxiliary antenna.

  25. It is that of children who, as authors, actors and audience, improvise and perform small scenes.

  26. They, the Italians, had sinned by excess of legitimate pride, they had proceeded too hastily with their attempt to improvise a great nation, to change ancient Rome into a great modern capital as by the mere touch of a wand.

  27. And thus it had been necessary to improvise an altar in the throne-room, an altar at which masses had been said ever since dawn.

  28. Before long he becomes meditative, and seeks inspiration to improvise verses which the cries of his companions ask for, and which the time beaten by them provoke, as well as the manoeuvre of the young girl, who is impatient to dance.

  29. Mikuli relates that Chopin had a predilection for Field's A flat Concerto and the Nocturnes, and that, when playing the latter, he used to improvise the most charming embellishments.

  30. The organist's method was always to improvise in the strict style upon themes invented by himself or borrowed from other sources.

  31. His education in music began while he was very young, and it is said of him that such was his talent that he could improvise a fugue upon any theme assigned, when he was but fourteen years of age.

  32. Here he was received with the utmost informality by the king and made to play and improvise upon all the pianos and organs in the palace and the adjacent churches.

  33. When Romeo climbed the balcony and breathed his sweet vows to Juliet, one or two of his friends around the corner carried the missing melodies in which he sought to improvise his warm affection.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "improvise" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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