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Example sentences for "begets"

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begar; begat; begause; begemmed; beget; begetter; begetteth; begetting; beggar; beggared
  1. Envy begets in the soul a want of charity for our neighbor and produces a spirit of detraction, back-biting and slander.

  2. Anger begets in our souls impatience, hatred, irreverence, and too often the habit of cursing.

  3. Covetousness begets in our souls unkindness, dishonesty, deceit and want of charity.

  4. Lust begets in our souls a distaste for holy things, a perverted conscience, a hatred for God, and it very frequently leads to a complete loss of faith.

  5. Sloth begets in the soul a spirit of indifference in our spiritual duties and a disgust for prayer.

  6. A taste of comfort begets a love of comfort.

  7. This infinite that makes our brains reel, that begets the feeling that makes us 'shrink,' is perhaps the most portentous argument in the logic of the sceptic.

  8. And thus dishonesty begets dishonesty, till dishonesty seems to be beautiful.

  9. It is impossible not to feel the struggle, and that feeling begets a flavour of affectation.

  10. Just as duty performed gives rise to virtue, so temptation, yielded to, begets vice.

  11. So Mr. Ruskin says, "That which is born of evil begets evil; and that which is born of valour and honour, teaches valour and honour.

  12. Love of family begets true patriotism in his bosom, for, in my opinion, there is no such thing as true patriotism without love of family.

  13. It is a fact that mutual suffering begets an endearment stronger than ties of blood.

  14. In cities, foul example on most minds Begets its likeness.

  15. Nor does Tucker's account contradict this idea; though one thing he has to tell begets a suspicion to the contrary.

  16. If not pity, the sight begets a sort of coarse sympathy, such as the convict feels for his fellow; an emotion due to the freemasonry of crime.

  17. In such an army there may be a thousand scoundrels amongst a hundred thousand decent men; but scoundrels create new scoundrels, drink begets coarseness, and coarseness begets violence.

  18. This practice, they maintain, if publicly exhibited to old and young, begets dangerous cravings for sensational experiments.

  19. Loneliness begets sleeplessness, and sleeplessness begets a sort of madness.

  20. I felt that it was unwillingly given, and, as like begets like, it was very unwillingly received.

  21. They had all been horrid scenes to me, but they were Rebels, and like begets like.

  22. If hospital service makes young students less tender of suffering, vivisection deadens their humanity, and begets indifference to it.

  23. Of course I do not deserve it; but it is the old story, love begets love;' and the glad, steady light in her eyes spoke of her deep content.

  24. The study of Darwin's works begets such an affection for the man, for the elements of character displayed on every page, that one is slow in convincing one's self that anything is wrong with his theories.

  25. The ass is not the parent of the horse; no fish begets a bird.

  26. He was never tired of repeating that all true prayers answered themselves--the spirit which the act of prayer begets in one's self is the answer.

  27. Your prayer for humility, for charity, for courage, begets these emotions in the mind.

  28. The spirit of gratitude is always pleasant and satisfying {329} because it carries with it a sense of helpfulness to others; it begets love and friendship, and engenders divine influence.

  29. A truly patriotic spirit in the individual begets a public interest and sympathy which should be commensurate with our nation's greatness.

  30. The Spirit of God never begets strife, nor does it set up and insist on distinctions among those who have been its recipients.

  31. The policy of living for today is not only destructive of our material interests, but it begets a selfishness harmful to religion and discreditable to patriotism.

  32. Then again, there is the grave danger that lurks in persistent card playing, which begets the spirit of gambling, of speculation and that awakens the dangerous desire to get something for nothing.

  33. This over-intensity begets in turn excessive languor and he cannot hold himself in via media.

  34. It seeks to prolong a crisis and often begets insincerity or disgust.

  35. He weds the Hamadryad of the Tree [and begets a twy-form] progeny.

  36. He trusted him unreservedly; and trust begets liking more surely and more quickly than pity begets love.

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