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Example sentences for "concocting"

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conclusively; conclusiveness; conclusyon; concoct; concocted; concoction; concoctions; concocts; concolorous; concomitance
  1. She has never interfered between rulers and their subjects, concocting treason, fomenting sedition, and producing anarchy.

  2. But while he was wading through the innocent blood of his subjects to a crown of unlimited monarchy, some desperate spirits were secretly concocting a plot to arrest his atrocious career by the deplorable means of the assassin's dagger.

  3. He was scowling fearfully, and I judged that he was concocting a particularly knotty editorial.

  4. Making Compost The closest analogies to composting I can imagine are concocting similar fermented products like bread, beer, or sauerkraut.

  5. And ever since composting became interesting to twentieth-century farmers and gardeners, entrepreneurs have been concocting compost starters that are intended to be added by the ounce(s) to the cubic yard.

  6. Migwan sped to the woods for a bouquet of the brightest flowers she could find to adorn the tent, while Hinpoha clattered around the kitchen concocting delicacies.

  7. My mind began to create images, concocting chance encounters and elaborate dialogues.

  8. No time is to be lost; his fanatical adorers, the despotic adversaries of human liberty, are concocting schemes for the enslavement of all the laboring classes irrespective of race or color.

  9. What mischief are Arthur and you concocting over there?

  10. How long have you been concocting this, mother?

  11. For when unfathomably stirred, the subtler elements of man do not always reveal themselves in the concocting act; but, as with all other potencies, show themselves chiefly in their ultimate resolvings and results.

  12. Lastly, he put some out of the way by concocting a plot and administering to them secret drugs.

  13. The Russians thanked him, and Feodor pledging him in a glass of absinthe, promised to teach him the art of concocting lompopo, while Mikhail quietly sipped his glass of sticky, sweet Algerian wine.

  14. As regards demonstrations, I think you will not find much difficulty in concocting a programme of classical observations on the senses, etc.

  15. You see the Commodore prided himself on the strength of this identical dish, and kept a mahogany-tinted East-Indian steward for the sole sake of his skill in concocting the same.

  16. Pere Fidelis was concocting coffee and directing the volunteer cooks, who were seeking to surpass themselves upon this last meal we were to take together.

  17. Meanwhile the two old ladies were concocting a plan of vengeance against the originator of all this trouble, and, believe me, ancient spinsters know how to be revengeful!

  18. All the way along she was concocting the further details of the great affair.

  19. In the past two or three years this has grown upon her and she has been making not only untrue statements, but has been concocting peculiarly long and intricate fabrications.

  20. Duvillard let her drink on, but she guessed his thoughts, like she guessed those of the others, and simply smiled while concocting impossible stories and descanting fantastically in the language of the gutter.

  21. What devilish powder were you concocting then?

  22. How I remember sitting in 'my house under the sideboard,' in the dining-room, concocting one of the soliloquies beginning Que suis je?

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