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Example sentences for "conclusively"

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conclusion; conclusiones; conclusions; conclusioun; conclusive; conclusiveness; conclusyon; concoct; concocted; concocting
  1. How this crime--for crime it assuredly is--is likely to be perpetrated I have shown conclusively in the preceding pages.

  2. It was only when conclusively shown that the saloon could contain them all with a margin that the camp settled down into calm expectancy.

  3. The importance of this was shown conclusively in the Spanish-American and the Russo-Japanese wars.

  4. For instance, the practicability of producing the best types of macaroni wheats in regions of an annual rainfall of only ten inches or thereabouts has been conclusively demonstrated.

  5. Experience has shown conclusively that it is useless to try to get any adequate regulation and supervision of these great corporations by State action.

  6. Their construction has been conclusively shown to be an undertaking too vast for private effort.

  7. This shows conclusively the want which the establishment of the service has met and the need of further extending it as rapidly as possible.

  8. But no matter as to the number of stripes, it is thus conclusively shown that thirteen red and white stripes were in use seventy years before they were adopted by the American Colonies.

  9. Now, the facts of a child's life demonstrate conclusively that the child is capable of having all its interests absorbed in its work.

  10. Should differences arise they shall be amicably and conclusively settled by the Supreme Tribunal, that shall include members from all the governments and peoples of the world.

  11. Statements from industrial and medical authorities described conclusively the present character of the laundry business.

  12. John Bunyan, the author of the celebrated Pilgrim's Progress, was one of this singular people, as will be conclusively shown in the present work.

  13. Then had come his hasty note, proving conclusively his affectionate indifference.

  14. Embryology proves conclusively that the human embryo retraces in its growth the evolution of lower life-forms.

  15. The first two stanzas are so completely out of harmony with the certain facts of Shelley's pursuit of his cousin's affection, as to prove conclusively that she was not in his mind when he wrote the verses.

  16. In the same year (1813), he for several weeks laboured under the notion that he was suffering from leprosy; a delusion conclusively evidential of transient mental derangement.

  17. I need only refer to [Greek: embryoulkos], which is conclusively described as a hook for extracting the dead foetus.

  18. It also showed conclusively "how complex was the question, and how urgent the necessity of a solution.

  19. This is one of the microscopic majorities which were so common in 1889, and which conclusively show what a difference in the general result was made by the open pressure of the Government on the electors.

  20. There you have three very different hypotheses, none of which seems to me, as far as my personal experience goes, to be as yet conclusively proved.

  21. This case seems to me, as well as to Crookes, more conclusively in favor of an exterior spirit, so much the more since the experimenter having asked that the raps be given by the Morse telegraphic code, another message was thus rapped out.

  22. These experiments appear conclusively to establish the existence of a new force, in some unknown manner connected with the human organization, which for convenience may be called the Psychic Force.

  23. Berthollet had thrown doubt on the universality of Lavoisier's name "oxygen," the acidifier, but he had not conclusively proved the existence of any acid which did not contain oxygen.

  24. Davy thus conclusively proved that the alkali produced during the electrolysis (i.

  25. While no experiments have been made to show conclusively which of these methods is the better, the latter is generally used.

  26. It would be a mistake to believe that a science consists of nothing but conclusively proved theorems, and any such demand would be unjust.

  27. Forgetting impressions and experiences shows the working of the tendency to keep unpleasantness from recollection much more clearly and conclusively than does the forgetting of names.

  28. This discovery conclusively proved the identity of the men.

  29. The discovery of this "Field" has nevertheless proved conclusively that gold in paying quantities exists in British New Guinea.

  30. The experience of our large patronage offices proves conclusively that the cause of the larger number of removals is not dishonesty or incompetency; it is the desire to make vacancies to fill.

  31. Müller has conclusively argued against this belief, 'Elements of Phys.

  32. But we now know conclusively from Gärtner ('Bastarderz.

  33. Let us leave this moot point to be conclusively decided by others, and turn to observing and enjoying the glass.

  34. Steinmetz has not proved conclusively that mother-descent involves less authority of husband over wife, makes the important qualification that the husband's authority is impaired when he lives among his wife's kinsfolk.

  35. From prolonged observations on the pregnant women of all classes Pinard has shown conclusively that women who rest during pregnancy have finer children than women who do not rest.

  36. He proved conclusively that they were all wrong, from their tariff to their go-as-you-please Civil Service, and beneath the consideration of a true Briton.

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