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Example sentences for "festoons"

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festivity; festliche; festo; festoon; festooned; festum; fetal; fetch; fetche; fetched
  1. Male with pair of adanal shields, and two posterior abdominal protrusions capped by chitinized points; festoons present or absent.

  2. The rich colours of Oriental stuffs relieved the dazzling whiteness of Istrian stone, and festoons of fresh leaves and flowers were twisted round their columns of porphyry and serpentine.

  3. The dust lay thick upon it, and festoons of cobwebs lay between it and the wall.

  4. The grimy paper, of a pattern now indistinguishable, hung in loose festoons from the wall.

  5. Grinling Gibbons' carvings of heavy fruits and flowers, festoons and masks made to be used architecturally we now see used on furniture, and often heavily gilded.

  6. Here, in the middle of the square, the eyes of the expectant multitude are greeted by the sight of an immense car decked with many-coloured festoons and drawn by four horses.

  7. From many windows orange flags and other party emblems were displayed; from the church steeple festoons of orange-coloured ribbons waved in the breeze.

  8. Within his own “kingdom” his word was absolute, his great ambition apparently to surround his palace with festoons composed of skulls of enemies slain in battle or of captives butchered.

  9. The palace garnished with festoons of human skulls, of which I counted one hundred and eighty after the greater part of such ornaments had been torn from their places and kicked about as playthings by our “soldiers.

  10. Flowers are hung in graceful festoons both in churches and in ball-rooms.

  11. Their homes and temples are richly hung with festoons of flowers.

  12. The Italians, it is said, still have artificers called Festaroli, whose business it is to prepare festoons and garlands.

  13. The flowers do not follow the large scroll-like pattern of Flanders, but suggest the detached sprays and festoons of Alençon and Argentan.

  14. The exquisite fineness of its ground, the elegance of its floral festoons and bouquets, make it a desirable possession.

  15. On its broad summit rise the battlements of a mediæval fortress, out of the midst of which grow trees, bushes, and thick festoons of ivy.

  16. Trees grow down in the old moat; pretty creeping plants drop in festoons and knots from the top and face of the shore-wall; birds hop and sing in bending branches that dip in the water.

  17. The roads were scantily shaded by pollarded trees—mostly mulberry—from whose branches depended long festoons of vines, linking them together, without a break, for miles.

  18. The bulls' heads between festoons of flowers which decorate the base of the entrances into the north court, the eagles at the corners of the pylons above, and the vases repeated on the balustrade about the Court are all Roman in design.

  19. The clusters of floral ornaments and festoons reflect one of the fundamental purposes of decorative glory to which all plant life has been decreed.

  20. Panels of veined marble in browns and pinks, deepening through rose tints to red, are bordered by festoons and garlands of fruit and flowers in varied shadings of blue and pink.

  21. As Benilo advanced under the leafy branches, swaying in melancholy relief against the blue-green sky, the sight of thousands of coloured lamps hanging in long festoons from tree to tree first caused him to start and to look about.

  22. The first story was a quadrangular basement, decorated with festoons and tablets of funeral inscriptions, colossal equestrian groups in gilt bronze at the four corners.

  23. Everywhere festoons of red, white, and blue swung in the morning breeze, and flags flapped from improvised poles.

  24. The teacher was despoiling the tree of its pop-corn festoons and tossing them gaily about.

  25. The festoons must run from the hands of the statues to the shaft, fastened there, and pass down to the other hand, and so on around the three figures.

  26. The base is of octagon form, two feet in diameter, one foot thick, and ornamented with small scrolls around the sides, the whole to be covered with white cloth, and decorated with artificial or painted wreaths and festoons of flowers.

  27. The small festoons of flowers should be entwined among the figures, after they have taken their position.

  28. The bottom of the wreath rests on the front of the stage; the top reaches up to the ceiling, forming a complete circle of beautiful forms and fair faces, among which are entwined festoons of flowers.

  29. Round their persons they wind as ornaments the entrails of oxen, which also hang in festoons or necklaces from their throats.

  30. Fine trees of all sizes were everywhere interspersed, and small black grapes and honeysuckles hung in festoons from tree to tree, as if they had been artificially twined, and were intended for arbours.

  31. Musing thus, he rode under the fantastic festoons he had been admiring, and saw at his right a long gentle descent, where a small stream of water glided downward over mossy stones.

  32. Vines had clambered to the top, and hung in light festoons from the branches.

  33. Through the clear glass windows you could see the interior, which was decorated with festoons of foliage, vine branches, and grapes, painted on a soft green ground.

  34. And as these reeking festoons of black-pudding crossed the kitchen they left behind them a trail of odorous steam, which still further thickened the dense atmosphere.

  35. It had recovered from its former blight; the tongues lolled out, red and healthy; the hams had regained their old chubbiness of form; the festoons of sausages no longer wore that mournful air which had so greatly distressed Quenu.

  36. She was gazing abstractedly at the edible snails and Gervais cheeses between the festoons of sausages in the window.

  37. In some, purely Chinese motifs are employed; in others, a semi-naturalistic arrangement of flowers and festoons is associated with the Martin type of decoration on the guards and lower semicircle of the fan.

  38. These either formed the starting-point for the lighter ornaments, or were associated with naturalistic swags and festoons of fruit and flowers, masks, ribbons, etc.

  39. Festoons of fruit in panels, blues and reds.

  40. The breakers have crowned the stones with festoons of the Macrocystis pyrifera.

  41. Many flags hung from the roof, and festoons of evergreens decorated the walls.

  42. The room was decorated with festoons of evergreens, wreaths of holly, and bunches of mistletoe.

  43. Before it went two rows of children, little Quattrocento children in striped jerkin and hose, scarlet and green and black, linked together with long festoons of laurel.

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