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Example sentences for "decorative"

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decorated; decorates; decorating; decoration; decorations; decoratively; decorator; decorators; decorous; decorously
  1. But the literary style is as recurrent as the decorative style; perhaps that is why it can be used as a decorative style.

  2. Gage Applications of the principles of decorative design.

  3. Gage Printer's use of lettering: adaptability and decorative effect.

  4. These great decorative pictures are full of the pomp and magnificence dear to Venice, full of the joy and pride of life.

  5. Imagine the figure against a deep red curtain, and you have in mind the whole color scheme of this richly decorative picture.

  6. Thus the decorative and the expressive functions of art are reconciled--pleasure and intuition meet.

  7. The theory finds support in the industrial arts, where beauty often seems to be only a luxurious charm supervening upon utility; but also in painting and sculpture when appreciated in their decorative capacity as "things of beauty.

  8. This is the fault of rigid symmetry and of all other simple geometrical types of composition, which, for this reason, have lost their old popularity in the decorative and pictorial arts.

  9. The practice of flowering half-hardy annuals in pots is rapidly increasing, and among this class of plants the Dimorphotheca has few rivals as a decorative subject for the conservatory.

  10. The flower is cultivated in water for two reasons: the pleasure derived from seeing the entire plant, and the decorative value insured by this mode of treating it.

  11. They will yield a profusion of bloom which will prove invaluable for decorative purposes throughout the autumn months.

  12. From the best strains of seed it is easy, with a little patience, to raise a fine stock of plants, possessing the highest decorative qualities.

  13. Of the immense value of the Tomato as an article of diet we need say nothing, but we may confidently affirm that its merits for decorative purposes have not as yet been fully recognised.

  14. The Variegated and Crested Kales are extremely ornamental and eminently useful in large places for decorative purposes.

  15. They are attractive singly in pots or vases, or they can be arranged in splendid banks and groups for the highest decorative purposes.

  16. In point of size the blooms produced by these new types are smaller than those of the Large-flowered section, but the tall graceful sprays are extremely beautiful and of the greatest decorative value.

  17. These make bright and showy decorative plants, but the colours that are especially valued by florists will probably come from the seedlings which are weakly in the early stage.

  18. For general decorative purposes, small pots will be found extremely convenient when a brilliant display is wanted in a limited compass; good specimens can be grown in the 48-size, but for exhibition the 32-size must be resorted to.

  19. In conservatories, greenhouses, and on dinner-tables the plants form conspicuous ornaments and they should be freely grown for general decorative purposes.

  20. Gardeners who require large numbers for decorative purposes may use seedling Chrysanthemums with excellent effect.

  21. Close by at Spencer House, a beautiful specimen of the decorative work of the Brothers Adam, the Liberal Party used to gather round the host, who looked like a Van Dyke.

  22. A piece of ornament drapery or short decorative hanging, pendent from a shelf or from the casing above a window, hiding the curtain fixtures, or the like.

  23. The entrance is by a wide, circular driveway enclosing a central grass plot of carefully shaven lawn, the decorative feature then as to-day being the magnificent elms that shaded the home.

  24. It is finished in soft tones of gray, beautifully blended, doubtless the highest development of early decorative art.

  25. Just back of the house is a lily pond, which is laid out in a decorative manner.

  26. The commercial decorative lighting systems are not suitable for use inside of theaters and should be used only outside.

  27. Trovaso no less than in the Temptations of Eve and Christ; in the decorative pomp of the Sala del Senato, and in the Paradisal vision of the Sala del Gran Consiglio.

  28. They seem to have regarded their church fronts as independent of the edifice, capable of separate treatment, and worthy in themselves of being made the subject of decorative skill.

  29. These decorative accessories, together with the minute work of his scabbard, wrought in the fanciful mannerism of the cinquecento, serve to enhance the statuesque simplicity of the young soldier's effigy.

  30. Meanwhile that busy master, his decorative commission of the Sala del Cambio completed, had gone back at once to purely religious art in a great painting for the high altar at Vallombrosa, which is now in the Florence Accademia.

  31. A collection of antiquarian relics, chiefly in the decorative branch of art, preserved in the northern counties, portrayed by a very competent hand .

  32. All are drawn with that distinctness which makes them available for the antiquarian, for the artist who is studying costume, and for the study of decorative art.

  33. The settings depicted by these narrative poets are essentially pictorial, and are used as a decorative background to the action rather than as part and parcel of it.

  34. The story is, as it were, merely a motive for decorative composition.

  35. The great Florentines drew their figures against a background of decorative line, the great Venetians against a background of decorative color.

  36. Or it may exist mainly for a decorative purpose, like the frequent golden oriental dawns of Spenser's poem or the superb and colorful symphonies of sky and sea in Pierre Loti's "Iceland Fisherman.

  37. In this again the setting is beautifully fashioned, but is employed merely for a decorative purpose.

  38. It is used to form lakes which are employed in tinting papers, staining paper-hangings, and for various other decorative purposes.

  39. Decorative art has thus been enriched by many elements of beauty.

  40. Similar to the last is the very effective decorative design impressed upon a large fragment of pottery from Alabama, shown in Fig.

  41. The walls are covered with a realistic and most decorative groundwork of foliage and grass, in which you can pick out all sorts of trees, flowers, fruits, birds and little animals.

  42. Delacroix, in this great page, in which the energy of his talent is freely displayed, shows a knowledge of decorative art which has never been surpassed.

  43. The finest apartment is the Withdrawing-room, a splendid example of the decorative style of the early part of Elizabeth's reign.

  44. The interior of Windsor Castle, half a century since, mostly presented the decorative taste of the time of Charles the Second.

  45. And foremost among the decorative furniture were the State Bed of Queen Anne, silver chandeliers and glass-frames, and a "massive silver table from Hanover.

  46. That is what your decorative art has become, by help of Kensington!

  47. First in the world for purely decorative workmanship--9.

  48. A collection of Antiquarian Relics, chiefly in the decorative branch of art, preserved in the Northern Counties, portrayed by a very competent hand.

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