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Example sentences for "decorates"

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decompression; decontamination; decora; decorate; decorated; decorating; decoration; decorations; decorative; decoratively
  1. XXII-85] The most precious plate is arranged before the arrival of the guests on the abacus, or sideboard, which decorates the dining room.

  2. A fine sixteenth-century Crucifixion scene, covering three lancets, decorates the north window just off the north transept.

  3. He secured not only the great St. Bernard window (of which we will speak later), but also much of the other glass that decorates the interior.

  4. If it is a bird, he decorates himself with its feathers.

  5. But as an empirical and visible being, he is not, for, in spite of the symbolic designs and marks with which he decorates his body, there is nothing in him to suggest the form of an animal or plant.

  6. It decorates the finest possible porcelain with the most objectionable character of ornament.

  7. One of the best-known of the Saltus books, "The Philosophy of Disenchantment" is written in a clear, translucent style without the iridescence which decorates his later opera.

  8. How her head-dress of large laces decorates the paper, and the elaborate working out of the pattern, is it not a miracle of handicraft?

  9. Usually this cubistic pattern decorates the signpost standing in front of the alehouse, as seen in our design of the sign-painter from the engraving "The Day.

  10. Sometimes he decorates his moon tavern with the escutcheon of Austria and the imperial eagle; for instance, in a picture in Vienna.

  11. The dove, the symbol of the Holy Ghost, decorates the "Gasthaeuser zum Geiste" one of which stood in the old Strassburg and saw the remarkable interview between the young Goethe and the poet Herder.

  12. Near us was waiting a resplendent motor-car, in which reposed a young lady whose face decorates the covers of the popular magazines every month, and as the wounded soldier finished speaking it moved away with a raucous hoot.

  13. The work of its artists decorates every dug-out.

  14. The Japanese woman has the courage to look upon her face purely as so much surface for decoration, a canvas upon which to paint a picture; and she decorates it as one might decorate a bit of bare wall.

  15. Where did you win that Order of the Curse of God that decorates your shoulders?

  16. So, too, the savage decorates himself after his own savage tastes.

  17. A creed which only decorates the exterior cannot be that of the people of God.

  18. It only decorates the exterior, like trappings on a hearse.

  19. To this end she dons a gaily-embroidered kimono and decorates her black hair with fans, flowers, and other ornaments.

  20. The first two prefer the woods, the phoebe generally selects a mossy rock or a bridge beam, the fourth nests in a hollow tree and often decorates its home with a snake-skin.

  21. The red of his head is half replaced with a ring of green, and perhaps a splash of the latter decorates the middle of his back.

  22. On the other side of the partition is a cluttered-up sales-room where every imaginable shape of macaroni and spaghetti decorates the shelves.

  23. In that which decorates the vessel shown in plate CXL, a, we find a new modification; the wings, instead of being attenuated into a diametric line or band, are in this case curved to form a loose spiral.

  24. The post is handed to the headman, who decorates it with a garland of flowers and a roll of betel, and places it in a hole made in the court-yard of the house, wherein milk has been sprinkled.

  25. The bride decorates a small grindstone with a cloth and ornaments, and takes it round to all her relations who are present, and who bless her with a hope that she will have many children.

  26. This knot he decorates according to his fancy with the blue feathers of the jay (Indian roller, Coracias indica), or the white feathers of the crane and stork, or the feathers of the more gorgeous peacock.

  27. The husband's sister decorates a grindstone in the same way, invokes a blessing on the woman, and expresses a hope that she may have a male child as strong as a stone.

  28. I never saw such elaborate stone carving as decorates the outside.

  29. Girolamo, which decorates the Certosa, a copy from the original by Agostino.

  30. One Onthophagus decorates his corselet with Florentine bronze; another wears garnets on his wing-cases.

  31. Here we have a dyed fabric, represented in our windows by the panes of coloured glass which the crucible decorates uniformly with this or that tint, by means of the incorporated metallic oxides.

  32. The pastry-cook gives his work an elegant shape; he decorates it with rosettes, with twists, with scrolls.

  33. In the island of Simbo or Eddystone, where these shells are used in a similar manner to decorate the large canoes, the white cowry marks the canoes of the chiefs; whilst the Natica shell decorates those of the rest of the people.

  34. The owner of the tomahawk fits it with a long straight handle which he often decorates with inlaid pearl-shell.

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