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Example sentences for "fingerless"

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fing; finger; fingerboard; fingered; fingering; fingernail; fingernails; fingerprint; fingerprints; fingers
  1. They returned to Tarras-side together, and a few yellow coins quashed the prosecution of "Fingerless Dick.

  2. Archy was there, and there also was his enemy--"Fingerless Dick.

  3. Amongst these was one called "Fingerless Dick," the son of Ringan Scott, of whom we have spoken.

  4. He turned the page and ran his fingerless knuckles down the closely-written columns.

  5. He drummed on the ledger with his fingerless hand adding: "I pay him very badly, but he thinks it a good bargain.

  6. Fingerless mittens, with a place for the thumb, are also adopted; and shoes or moccasins of the same soft material.

  7. Wilfred could but notice the fingerless deer-skin mittens covering the hand which grasped his bow.

  8. With this she cut him out a pair of gloves, fingerless it is true, shaped like a baby's first glove, but oh!

  9. Wilfred's hand, fumbling in its fingerless gloves, at last found the welcome hole.

  10. We may still see in it all the lineaments of the warriors of Karabel or the sculptured princes of Carchemish; even the snow-shoe and fingerless glove are still worn on the cold uplands of Kappadokia.

  11. Equally significant is the long fingerless glove which is one of the most frequent of Hittite hieroglyphs.

  12. Nothing remained visible except the white fingerless gloves--why were they fingerless, and what lay beneath them?

  13. Here with a faint motion of his fingerless glove he indicated the dead who lay all about the decks of that fatal ship.

  14. None of the French then in the Deccan knew him: and though they remarked his curious habit of wearing a fingerless glove on his right hand, no one connected it with the half-forgotten story of the stolen diamond.

  15. He waved his right hand airily, and the boy noticed that it was covered from wrist to knuckles with what appeared to be a fingerless glove of black velvet.

  16. Fingerless gloves of sealskin and chamois, with an inside lining of sheepskin and at the wrists bordered with long-haired fur.

  17. For outside work these thick gloves were too inconvenient; then fingerless woollen mittens were used.

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