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concentration; concentrations; concentrative; concentrator; concentred; concentrically; concept; conceptacle; conceptacles; conception
  1. Consider the probable arguments on the other side and what reply can be made.

  2. As for the child, he gave himself wholly to the enjoyment of a stick of candy.

  3. Prepare a written argument for or against one of the propositions in Section 75.

  4. But the usual type has two or more concentric medallions of different colours covered with the small Herati designs so distinctive of the Feraghans.

  5. The field is occupied by concentric diamonds with stepped sides.

  6. They may be conveniently divided into two groups: one represents the entire field covered with floral designs, and the other represents a field of uniform colour with a medallion at the centre, or with two or more concentric medallions.

  7. The Sarouk and Kashan may be distinguished from all others by their short velvety nap; dark rich colours; fields of graceful foliated stalks and floral forms resting on concentric medallions; and the fine, firm, texture of the weave.

  8. In others, a small diamond occupies the centre and is surrounded by a series of concentric medallions.

  9. Many of them follow the same patterns of concentric medallions, but the lines of others are more artistically drawn.

  10. The Gorevans and Serapis have several concentric medallions, in which are designs of archaically drawn leaves, and have generally the so-called turtle border.

  11. Even when the patterns represent large medallions or stars, they contain smaller concentric forms, or are divided and redivided into smaller stars, diamonds, or tessellated figures, so that the effect is the same.

  12. The field is generally covered with a number of concentric hexagonal-shaped medallions, of which the longer sides of the largest are often marked with conspicuous indentations such as are not seen in classes made in other districts.

  13. Jean-Christophe was devoured with impatience for the rest of the week.

  14. All the family walked round Jean-Christophe and declared that he was superb.

  15. Jean-Christophe no longer knew what he was doing.

  16. Thereafter, under this arrangement, he went regularly twice a week in the morning, and very often he went again in the evening to play and talk.

  17. The Princess laid claim to a knowledge of music.

  18. He used to laugh heartily at Melchior's crazy antics and stupid jokes; he sang and danced with him; and he was put out when his mother in an angry voice ordered him to cease.

  19. Jean-Christophe did not fail him; they understood each other.

  20. He was silent, and after they had walked a little he sighed heavily.

  21. The old man was burning with the desire to tell a story; but he wanted it to appear that the child had asked him for one.

  22. One sings when one wants to sing, when one has to sing.

  23. Hassler took him by the chin and lifted his face up.

  24. He despised them, and yet went on letting himself be taken in from his unconquerable tendency to trust and to love.

  25. This continual expectation became at length a physical torture, an actual illness.

  26. And as he used to forget it with each new attempt, he never succeeded in resigning himself to it.

  27. They trampled the flowers, and bent down over the old man.

  28. They are usually more or less opaque and reddish-brown or yellowish in colour, whilst they have often a marked zoned structure, the concentric bands conforming to the irregular contours of the lakelet.

  29. In places they exhibit a spheroidal and concentric structure, and are penetrated by cracks containing some calcite, but mostly filled with a white zeolitic mineral.

  30. The magma-lakelet is pale yellow in the slide and displays concentric lines of congelation.

  31. In the less glassy rock it displays numerous small irregular cavities either filled with fibrous viridite or calcite or showing concentric zones of the two minerals.

  32. These chevron beads have been made from canes built up of concentric layers of coloured glass.

  33. Greenish glass, incised with a series of concentric rings.

  34. By 1855, at least, a modified form of the concentric ring cancellation was introduced.

  35. The first one so supplied was the "concentric rings" cancellation, consisting of seven concentric circles and having an outer diameter of 18 mm.

  36. The stamp is a little heavily cancelled by the concentric rings type of obliteration in black.

  37. A new cancellation, which seems to have been for the Dominion as a whole, consisted of two heavy concentric circles containing a number.

  38. But Newton proved that a sphere of uniform density, or made up of any number of concentric shells of uniform density, attracted a body outside itself, just as if its entire mass was concentrated at its centre.

  39. At the summit of this trunk, cut off within a foot of the ground, you could very easily distinguish the works wrought by the scolyti and weevils, the former inhabitants of the tree, in conformity to the concentric arrangement of the sap.

  40. The numerous avenues which lead to the surface spread out in radii like a fan; they start from a concentric point, and extend to the circumference.

  41. Continuation of experiments for investigating the cause of colored concentric rings and other appearances of a similar nature.

  42. Experiments for investigating the cause of the colored concentric rings discovered by Sir I.

  43. Why not, for instance, call them Concentric Comets, or Planetary Comets, or Cometary Planets?

  44. Supplement to the first and second part of the paper of experiments for investigating the cause of colored concentric rings between object-glasses, and other appearances of a similar nature.

  45. Enclosures of other minerals, arranged in concentric zones, are frequently present in the crystals.

  46. For the purpose of a standard condenser a number of concentric metal tubes may be arranged on an insulating stand, alternate tubes being connected together.

  47. Then come two concentric forecourts of the temple.

  48. From the prime conductor of an electric machine suspend six concentric hoops of metal at different distances from each other, in such a manner as to represent in some measure the proportional distances of the planets.

  49. Work from the center along concentric rings outward, then reverse.

  50. With a pencil compass put on a series of concentric rings about 1/2 in.

  51. Fasten the block solidly, as in a vise, and while holding the copper on the hollowed end of the block, beat with the mallet along the concentric rings.

  52. The accompanying illustration is from a photograph taken with an exposure of about three hours, and the trace of the stars shown on the plate by a series of concentric circles are due to the rotation of the earth.

  53. Then layoff a concentric circle of 1/4 in.

  54. The strictures are often multiple and their lumina are rarely either central or concentric (Fig.

  55. Concentric funnel-like compression stenosis, while rare, may be produced by annular growths.

  56. Strictural lumina are much more apt to be concentric as approached from below because there has been no distortion by pressure dilatation due to stagnation of the food operating through a long period of time.

  57. It consists in employing concentric tubes, one within the other, leaving a space for the rise of water between them, and reaching each to the sheet from which it is intended to draw.

  58. A special feature of this pipe is its decoration, which includes groups of concentric circles.

  59. Column after column of the enemy was streaming toward me; gun after gun poured its concentric shot on us, from every hill and spur that gave a view of any part of the ground held by us.

  60. Continuation of Experiments for investigating the Cause of Coloured Concentric Rings, and other Appearances of a similar Nature.

  61. Supplement to the First and Second Part of the Paper of Experiments for investigating the Cause of Coloured Concentric Rings between Object-glasses, and other Appearances of a similar Nature.

  62. Experiments for investigating the Cause of the Coloured Concentric Rings, discovered by Sir Isaac Newton between two Object-glasses laid one upon another.

  63. Central capsule with concentric nucleus and nucleolus; the protoplasm is radially striped.

  64. The central shell-cavity encloses the spherical central capsule and the concentric nucleus.

  65. The interval between the two concentric shells is filled up by the hyaline calymma.

  66. His burner consisted of two concentric metal tubes between which the wick was located.

  67. He is said also to have made a lens from a solid piece of glass by grinding it in concentric steps similar to the designs worked out by Fresnel seventy years later.

  68. Various arrangements of the jets, such as concentric rings forming a stepped cone, were devised.

  69. They were at first ground from a solid piece of glass, in concentric zones, in order to reduce the thickness.

  70. The habitable part of this building is formed by two concentric rings of copper, marked a f, a f, the one upon the outside, and the other upon the inside, of the main columns.

  71. Concentric cracks surround the rim, and from time to time the basin is enlarged as great slices are detached from the vertical walls and engulfed.

  72. The moraines of the Wisconsin drift lie upon the country like great festoons, each series of concentric loops marking the utmost advance of broad lobes of the ice margin and the various pauses in their recession.

  73. Most agates are banded amygdules in which the silica has been laid in varicolored, concentric layers (Fig.

  74. Corals and shells have been pounded by the waves to calcareous sand, and each grain has been covered with successive concentric coatings of lime carbonate deposited about it from solution.

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