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Example sentences for "devoured"

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  1. Yet the least destitute among them were forced every winter to lodge soldiers in their houses, for each of whom they were paid fifteen france a month, in return for substance devoured and wives and daughters debauched.

  2. The Pope shoulde rather have sent into the West Indies store of godly pastors of his owne coste freely, then to have geven them and their gooddes wrongfully to be eaten upp and devoured of such insatiable and gredy wolves.

  3. As the cold was still with them, though the snow had thus far amounted to but little, Step Hen insisted on starting a small fire, at which they could sit, and be comfortable, while they devoured the food provided for the midday meal.

  4. He kissed it again and again; he devoured it over and over; he held it in the palm of his hand, and softly laid his cheek upon it.

  5. The soul of the saint and the heart of the man made duel together; and the man won, and exulted in it, and wondered how he dared; but his gaze devoured her willfully.

  6. Another fable of the same collection tells of a Brahman who, having succeeded in rearing a flourishing garden of melons, found them all devoured as soon as ripe by a party of apes, nor was he able by any means to get rid of them.

  7. But when thou art devoured by the Schimnus, then shall thy mother grieve even as I; and belike she is young and has many years before her, whereas my life is well-nigh spent, and what matter if I go down to the grave in sorrow?

  8. Even as my mother killed and devoured his mother, so also will I kill and devour him.

  9. But the dogs were swifter than he and overtook him, and, springing upon him, tore him in pieces and devoured him.

  10. But I have every day in sorrow and agony to send a tribute of one hundred subjects, with a nobleman at their head, to be devoured by the Schimnus.

  11. In some parts of Central America the bodies of men of high standing who had committed a crime were, like those of the common people, exposed to be devoured by wild beasts.

  12. And among the Kwakiutl Indians the taboos imposed upon a cannibal are more obligatory when he has devoured a corpse than when he has contented himself with taking bites out of a living man.

  13. So also the Samoyedes and Mongols held it to be good for the deceased if his corpse was soon devoured by beasts,[63] and the Kamchadales regarded it as a great blessing to be eaten by a beautiful dog.

  14. Some North American Indians believe that if, when travelling, they mention the names of rocks or islands or rivers, they will have much rain or be wrecked or be devoured by some monster in the river.

  15. Among the Botocudos warriors devoured the bodies of their fallen enemies in the belief that they would thus be safe from the revengeful hatred of the dead.

  16. Among the Kafirs instances are not rare in which the dying are carried to the bush and left to perish, and among some of them epileptics are cast over a precipice, or tied to a tree to be devoured by hyenas.

  17. Among the Wadshagga married persons are buried in their huts, whilst the bodies of unmarried ones and especially children are put in some hidden place, where they are left to rot or be devoured by beasts.

  18. At Benin he saw "a young woman lashed to a scaffolding upon the summit of a tall blasted tree and being devoured by the turkey-buzzards.

  19. In Dahomey "the body of any person committing suicide is not allowed to be buried, but thrown out into the fields to be devoured by wild beasts.

  20. The satisfaction demanded by the latter was, that they every nine years should send seven boys and as many girls to be devoured by the Minotaur, and that this should be done as long as the monster lived.

  21. I told him that, however, it would do us this good, for we should not be devoured or destroyed immediately; so I begged hard for the gun.

  22. The wolf came, and as in the last story, blew down the four houses and devoured their occupants.

  23. And thus the abbot learned that he was wrong in accusing his dumb friend of having devoured his charge.

  24. He ordered them to be scourged and torn with hooks, and then to be devoured by the beasts.

  25. Sure 'tis not devoured by a crocodile he is, or Pat would be in a terrible rage.

  26. The next den was the abode of Gluttony, where Dives and his companions, wallowing on their bellies, devoured dirt and fire alternately, with never a drop to drink.

  27. For such a recluse, Lady Lorrimer was a wonderful gossip, and devoured all mamma's news, and told her old stories of all the old people who figured in such oral history.

  28. The horses took their final grooming with coltish impatience, and devoured their grain in blissful ignorance of the sufferings in store for them.

  29. Again, when the locusts came in such swarms as to blacken the whole valley, and fill the air with a living fog, God sent millions of strange new gulls, and these devoured the locusts, and saved us from destruction.

  30. At the bottom of their hearts, they were devoured by a feeling of impatience that stiffened and strained their nerves.

  31. In despair, they sought to find within them a little of that passion which formerly had devoured them.

  32. They must have been devoured by secret impatience all the evening.

  33. So they devoured all but two and the two that were saved are the morning and evening stars.

  34. Every year they hatched their eggs and reared the young: but every year when the young were half grown, a snake came and devoured them.

  35. The Raja agreed, but this prince met the same fate as the first; and in succession, all the sons of the Raja, except the youngest, went with the tigress and were devoured by her.

  36. The tigress being thus satisfied that the prince had no superhuman powers sprang upon him and killed him and devoured his body.

  37. His eye devoured the beloved shore: he hugged the treasure his own ill luck had jeopardised--but Robarts had sailed it safe into British waters--and forgave the man his ill manners for his good luck.

  38. They devoured one another with their eyes in silence; and then Julia rose slowly to her feet, and began to tremble from head to foot, as she looked at him.

  39. With bounding heart he broke the seal, and devoured the contents.

  40. On this her eye devoured it; and in one moment she saw that the writer declined, politely but peremptorily, the proposed alliance between his son and her daughter.

  41. Earthquakes have riven it, hurricanes unroofed it, and time devoured it, but it is still magnificent in its ruin.

  42. He was devoured with ennui, to say nothing of shyness, until he summoned up courage to talk to her, and then he seemed to me quite like any ordinary young spark.

  43. Many had been dragged from under the snow and devoured by wolves.

  44. Many soldiers crowded round the fires and stood stunned and confounded by the awful calamity; many broke into the officers' marquees and sought for drink, or devoured the food which the rightful owners had left when the drums beat to arms.

  45. The savage Chippewas from the far-off north devoured one of the slain soldiers, probably in a spirit of ferocious bravado; the other tribes expressed horror at the deed.

  46. Toby was so much at his ease by this time that the appetite which had failed him at supper had now returned in full force, and he devoured the doughnut in a most ravenous manner.

  47. Toby shook his head, and devoured this second cake as quickly as he had the first, craning his neck, and uttering a funny little squeak as the last bit went down, just as a chicken does when he gets too large a mouthful of dough.

  48. If a vertebrate fish should die a natural death, which of itself must be a rare occurrence, the carcass would soon be devoured whole or bit by bit by other creatures near by.

  49. The egg thus laid upon the poplar leaf remains in position for a week or more, unless it should be devoured by some wandering ant or discovered by some tiny parasite.

  50. They are also greedily devoured by toads, but of course they do not often come within the reach of these useful animals.

  51. But the report goes, that before he was sent for by Caesar, he seemed to see nine ears of corn, full and large, but devoured by oxen.

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