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Example sentences for "devours"

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devoured; devourer; devourers; devoureth; devouring; devout; devoutest; devoutly; devoutness; devra
  1. I am like one who, spent with hunger, falls asleep in exhaustion and sees before him sumptuous viands and sparkling wines; he devours with rapture the aerial gifts of the imagination, and his pains seem somewhat assuaged.

  2. The hairy woodpecker devours many of the above fruits, as well as those of spicebush, sour gum, cherries, grapes, blackberries.

  3. The flicker devours most of the fruits listed for the two woodpeckers named above, also hackberry, black alder, green brier, bayberries.

  4. The cedar bird devours many species of hard-seeded fruits.

  5. Thus a profound and omnivorous reverie overflows the mind; it devours its objects or is absorbed into them, and the mood which this active self-alienation brings with it is called the spirit of the scene, the sentiment of the landscape.

  6. A monstrous ideal devours and dissolves itself, but even a rational one does not find an immortal embodiment simply for being inwardly possible and free from contradiction.

  7. The raccoon instantly seizes the crabs in its mouth, removes them to a distance from the water, and greedily devours its prey.

  8. He defrauds even the gods; Vishnu gets the barren prayers while the Brahman devours the offerings.

  9. In general, the predator is bulkier than his prey, since he overcomes him and devours him.

  10. The Basutos have a saying that "cunning devours its master.

  11. One of them said: "When it thunders every one trembles; if there are several together, one asks the other with uneasiness, Is there any one amongst us who devours the wealth of others?

  12. He possesses the voracious appetite of the hog, and devours indiscriminately everything that comes in his way.

  13. Thus does the Desert show itself more relentless than even the hungry ocean, which at least devours its victims whole, and affronts the eye with no traces of its murders.

  14. In vain does the hedge-hog roll itself up into a ball to oppose him; he teases it until it is obliged to appear uncovered, and then devours it.

  15. The length of this bird is three inches; it lives partly on honey obtained from flowers, but devours also great quantities of very small insects.

  16. But if a small bird is presented to it, the owl tears it up and devours it piecemeal.

  17. It is said to be as destructive in a farm-yard as any fox, for it only devours the heads of the murdered fowl.

  18. With its long-jointed spiny legs held out in front like a basket, it rushes through the air, catches and devours its prey and lets the carcass fall to the ground, all without slackening its terrible speed.

  19. It is, so to say, an insect cuckoo, or worse than that, for the bird cuckoo only crowds the real children out of the nest, whereas the ichneumon fly devours them.

  20. Swung low between its legs, this creature of twilight and shade wanders in search of small insects which it catches and devours as other spiders do.

  21. Saturn, who devours his own children, is the same power whom the Greeks called Kronos (Time), which may truly be said to destroy whatever it has brought into existence.

  22. First, he devours the grandmother; that is, he wraps the earth in thick clouds, which the Evening Sun is not strong enough to pierce through.

  23. First he devours the grandmother; that is, he wraps the earth in thick clouds, which the evening Sun is not strong enough to pierce through.

  24. And I can tell you that Pigeons will fly forty miles for a breakfast: but, Sir, I am sure the Otter devours much fish, and kills and spoils much more than he eats.

  25. He devours bad boys in two mouthfuls: if you cry, he will carry you off.

  26. One devours and absorbs, another devours and does not absorb, while the third absorbs and does not devour, and there is still another fire, which neither devours nor absorbs, and furthermore a fire which devours fire.

  27. Pliny's assertion that the young bird devours its foster brothers and sisters is nearer the truth, but his account of its crowning act of impiety in swallowing its nurse, is, I need not say, altogether unfounded in fact.

  28. When successful, it brings its prize to the surface, and devours it without troubling itself about mastication.

  29. It is that the King loves no one, and that those who appear the most in favor will be the soonest abandoned by him, and thrown to him who engulfs and devours all.

  30. The King has felt for many long years growing within him the seeds of a just hatred against a man to whom he thinks he owes gratitude, and it is this internal combat between his natural goodness and his anger that devours him.

  31. And here I must make you acquainted with that great mystery which constitutes your despair, since you are ignorant of the malady that devours you.

  32. The favorites of Louis XIII resemble that woman; his attachment devours like this fire, which dazzles and consumes her.

  33. Illustration: Here are two birds, great and strong--the body and spirit; one devours the other.

  34. Illustration: Here the father devours the son; The soul and spirit flow forth from the body.

  35. They also write that the 'Tartashky Borashka' partakes of animal, as well as vegetative life, and that it eats up and devours all the grass and weeds within its reach.

  36. Within the tether of the stem it devours the herbage all around.

  37. This order devours insects, as their name tells you plainly enough.

  38. In the "Legend of Etana" the Eagle, another demon which links with the Indian Garuda, slayer of serpents, devours the brood of the Mother Serpent.

  39. The Greek Cronos devours even his own children, and, as the late Andrew Lang has shown, there are many parallels to this myth among primitive peoples in various parts of the world.

  40. It feeds upon Rabbits, Moles, Rats and Mice, and even devours Toads, Frogs and small reptiles.

  41. This Bird has an appetite so insatiable and a stomach so capacious that, in one day it devours as much food as would satisfy six men.

  42. Among the most formidable enemies of the Humming-bird may be reckoned the Monster Spider, which spins its web round their nests, and devours eggs or young; even the old Birds are sometimes its victims.

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