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Example sentences for "demolishing"

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demokratische; demolish; demolished; demolisher; demolishes; demolition; demolitions; demon; demonetization; demonetize
  1. The "regulation" allowance was only a paltry fourteen ounces, which the lightest of Light Horsemen was capable of demolishing for breakfast.

  2. A hungry man capable of demolishing a ten ounce loaf--a siege product--in ten bites might well echo wherefore indeed!

  3. The ruins of the hospital and the convent were razed about fifty years ago, and in demolishing them several objects were discovered, some of which must have belonged to the good ladies, the Hospitalières nuns.

  4. The demolishing of 116 Custom House Place and several adjacent buildings gave the chance of a life time in securing this and many other photographs.

  5. But by far the most interesting ancient hostelrie that has submitted to the demolishing mania for improvement is the Old Queen's Head, formerly situate in the Lower Street, Islington.

  6. After demolishing both the citadel and city of Artena, the legions were led back from the Volscian territory; and the whole Roman power was turned against Veii.

  7. This was the cause of the Romans demolishing that city, that it might not ever after serve as a receptacle to the enemy.

  8. Many complaints appear against the soldiers for pulling down the fences and demolishing the stone walls on the peninsula.

  9. Several riots on the wharves having occurred in consequence of the press, proclamation was issued demolishing all impressments except under the sanction of the Governor and Council.

  10. Swarming in and out of the building were the natives bearing away everything of value, while others were demolishing the searchlight, which they evidently regarded as an evil spirit, whose powers were harmless by day.

  11. The third shell struck the large wheel-house of the mystery ship, demolishing it completely.

  12. If they succeed in demolishing the Hall, I'm going to try and buy the picture of that girl downstairs," announced Terry.

  13. On the two lower floors no work of demolishing the place was visible.

  14. I again urged the necessity for demolishing all cover near the gates, but the measure was deemed too strong.

  15. As we were leaving the field and the doctor had his hands on the latch of the gate to open it, it was opened by a three-hundred-pound shell striking the post that the gate was hung to, demolishing it.

  16. But the progress of these idolaters was irresistible; and it was only by demolishing the walls and buildings of Ascalon, that the sultan could prevent them from occupying an important fortress on the confines of Egypt.

  17. I will, therefore, attempt the taking away of his life, and the demolishing of Doubting Castle.

  18. The temple was God's house, but was abused by the irreverence of those that worshipped there, even to the demolishing of it.

  19. Then they fell to demolishing Doubting Castle, that you know might with ease be done, since Giant Despair was dead.

  20. The city was in actual process of being sacked, the enemy putting the men to the sword, demolishing the fortifications, and dragging the women and children with lamentable shrieks and cries prisoners into the castle.

  21. Our eighteen-pounders were destroying the German barbed wire, while the heavier stuff was demolishing their trenches and bashing in dugouts or funk-holes.

  22. We secured the lumber for the stage by demolishing an old wooden shack in the rear of our billet.

  23. The second edition is coming out to-morrow; read the book again, and knock off an article demolishing it.

  24. That is the first manner of demolishing a book, my boy; it is the pickaxe style of criticism.

  25. Having given Milner a little while ago the opportunity of tolling the death-knell of the belfry hypothesis, I think I could not do better now than give Ledwich, in return, a triumph, by demolishing the symmetry of the anchorite vagary.

  26. Thiers was always very happy in his replies and retorts, and he never allowed if he could an interruption to one of his speeches in the Corps Legislatif to pass without seizing its meaning and at once dissecting and demolishing it.

  27. Nothing could have been finer, nothing more demolishing than the cold, grand contempt which branded De Cassagnac as a creature incapable of meriting, even by insult, the notice of a man of honor.

  28. On Sunday afternoon they, with the principal inhabitants, attacked the rioters with such vigour, while they were demolishing a house on Tombland, that they were dispersed.

  29. When luncheon was ready we abandoned the checker board with alacrity and threw ourselves very earnestly into the work of demolishing what Bill had taken so much care to prepare.

  30. All were seated upon the ground in a circle around the food, each one devoting careful attention to the work of demolishing some choice morsel with a gusto that would make Lucullus envious.

  31. It seemed to many that the premier was iconoclastic, and was bent on demolishing anything and everything which he disliked.

  32. For we were now about to taste, in a supreme degree, the double joys of demolishing a toy and playing "Hide the handkerchief": sports from which we had all perhaps desisted since the days of infancy.

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