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Example sentences for "demolished"

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demographic; demoiselle; demoiselles; demokratische; demolish; demolisher; demolishes; demolishing; demolition; demolitions
  1. You have broken down a score of huge trees and demolished a house.

  2. Almost three hundred years after those stupendous events, the profane chapel of Venus was demolished by the order of Constantine; and the removal of the earth and stones revealed the holy sepulchre to the eyes of mankind.

  3. Many of the shops in Oxford Street had their roofs damaged or their fronts blown out, while a huge block of flats in Great Russell Street was practically demolished by three shells striking in rapid succession.

  4. Several of the houses in Elgin Avenue had their fronts torn out, and in one, a block of flats, there was considerable loss of life in the fire that broke out, escape being cut off owing to the stairs having been demolished by the explosion.

  5. There was a searchlight on the knoll, but at the first sweep of its ray it was absolutely demolished by a blizzard of shrapnel.

  6. Douglases, who were then keepers of Ettrick Forest, and whose peel-tower was not demolished till 1814.

  7. And those who talked thus were well aware that the enemy would have devastated, pillaged and burned all France and demolished Paris before it ventured between their hedges and among their furze bushes and in their sunken pathways.

  8. If it had driven you under ground about forty feet, I'd have been glad, even if it had also demolished the building.

  9. The bear had smashed the mirror, torn up six or seven chairs, knocked over the lamp and demolished all the crockery in the pantry.

  10. A chief in Bacoag orders his rice to be cooked with portions of a demolished crucifix, which in burning emits a different colored flame than ordinary wood, without being consumed.

  11. Its fortifications and citadel were demolished by Louis XIII.

  12. In many places the corbelled battlements were demolished or mutilated.

  13. One afternoon he was sitting dreamily in the recess of a window of St. Margaret's Tower, which stood upon the western verge of the castle rock, but was demolished during the long siege of 1573.

  14. The former of these errors was demolished by Copernicus' System of the Universe in the beginning of the 16th century, the latter by Lamarck's Doctrine of Descent in the beginning of the 19th century.

  15. But as they who demolished the bridge called upon them to retire, he obliged them also to withdraw to a place of safety on a small portion of the bridge still left.

  16. The Portuguese first looted the temple, putting its devotees to the sword, and then entirely demolished the edifice, leaving it a shapeless mass of ruins.

  17. Strangers express great surprise that these rocks, which could so easily be demolished by well-known and inexpensive means, should still be permitted to threaten navigation.

  18. The French, having demolished the works at Oswego, returned to the eastern part of the province.

  19. The militia immediately set fire to the buildings, and demolished a large portion of the walls of the fort.

  20. Cornwallis dismantled the fort and demolished the works.

  21. Its sittings were in the old court-house, which stood in the center of the public square, and was demolished in 1841.

  22. I was disappointed, for improvement had demolished the venerated building, and stately edifices, dedicated to traffic, occupied its place.

  23. On the following morning, when they discovered that the judge had escaped, they beat Fanning again, demolished his costly furniture, and pulled down his house.

  24. Besides this are various apartments with finely sculptured wooden panels and rafters of the same epoch, all of which accessories were brought thither from the nearby Chateau de Courcelles-les-Ranges, demolished during the Revolution.

  25. There is this much to say for it, however, and that is that its stern, grim walls which still stand remain as silent witnesses to the fact that it was not despoiled from without but demolished from within.

  26. The most ancient of the elements which formerly made up the collective block of buildings was the Sainte Chapelle, which was demolished in 1802, and the rez-de-chaussee of the Tour de Bar, which still exists.

  27. These walls and bastions were demolished later, and the city was almost alone among those of Burgundy to freely open its doors to the Ligueurs and Henri IV.

  28. But it met with an effective reverse at the hands of modern science in the second half of the nineteenth century, which entirely demolished the theses of the system of practical reason.

  29. And in the cities of Manasses, and of Ephraim, and of Simeon, even to Nephtali he demolished all.

  30. And Abimelech assaulted the city all that day: and took it, and killed the inhabitants thereof, and demolished it, so that he sowed salt in it.

  31. And he demolished the tower of Phanuel, and slew the men of the city.

  32. And when he had destroyed the altars, and the groves, and had broken the idols in pieces, and had demolished all profane temples throughout all the land of Israel, he returned to Jerusalem.

  33. At that moment a head was thrust out of an upper and partly demolished window and a voice cheerily called: "Good-morning, girls!

  34. And when I found you were going to be cheated out of the money you should have had for the sale of this property I decided to stop it from being demolished if I could.

  35. It was demolished in 1830, but remains of it still subsist.

  36. Four days after the signing of the edict, and on the very day of its formal registration, the Protestant temples were demolished by the mob, who could not wait for official measures to be taken against the buildings already condemned.

  37. These, however, have been demolished by revolutions and by time.

  38. The little booths with desks in front where he exercised his strange profession have disappeared as Paris has been demolished and rebuilt.

  39. We found that a recent storm had demolished a part of the old structure, and nearly a dozen of the bodies had fallen to the ground.

  40. It killed and wounded about a hundred of the negro stevedores and other persons near-by, demolished some ordnance wagons, and did great damage to the wharf and adjoining vessels.

  41. A chalk-built vault had been demolished by the workmen before it could be properly examined.

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