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Example sentences for "catastrophic"

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  1. Civilisation presented itself as some catastrophic product as little concerned with men--save as victims--as a cyclone or a planetary collision.

  2. Mr. Fotheringay stood with an extended forefinger and the knitted brows of one anticipating a catastrophic smash.

  3. She had that catastrophic and public failure which is, as much as a medal or a testimonial, the badge of the brave.

  4. In any case, whether the change is to be catastrophic or evolutionary, the journey will be a long one, and every attempt to hurry it will only prolong it further; it will throw us back for years, or it may be decades.

  5. Reinke, have been so much impressed by the mental difference between man and the beasts that they have assumed the gulf to have been bridged by a catastrophic or miraculous act and not by any evolutionary process.

  6. I propose catastrophic health insurance for everybody covered by Medicare.

  7. I will submit legislation shortly to help free the elderly from the fear of catastrophic illness.

  8. But I do envision the day when we may use the private health insurance system to offer more middle-income families high quality health services at prices they can afford and shield them also from their catastrophic illnesses.

  9. And we will submit legislation to provide catastrophic illness insurance coverage for older Americans.

  10. The burden of catastrophic illness can be borne by very few in our society.

  11. The world recognizes the catastrophic nature of nuclear war; yet it sees the wondrous potential of nuclear peace.

  12. Our concern in our relations with both these nations is to avoid a catastrophic collision and to build a solid basis for peaceful settlement of our differences.

  13. Yet we realize that there is uneasiness in the world because of a belief on the part of peoples that through arrogance, miscalculation or fear of attack, catastrophic war could be launched.

  14. I shall propose a sweeping new program that will assure comprehensive health insurance protection to millions of Americans who cannot now obtain it or afford it, with vastly improved protection against catastrophic illnesses.

  15. I think we should protect our children and their families from the costs of catastrophic illness.

  16. When catastrophic change burst in upon the ages of uniformity, and sounded in the ear of every living thing the words "Change or die!

  17. Mr. King, on the other hand, insists that in so doing they have taken too little account of catastrophic changes, that is, widespread and sudden movements of sea and land.

  18. Mr. King refuted the doctrine of slow evolution as taught by Huxley and Darwin, and declared that the surface of the earth and climate had been subject to sudden and catastrophic mutation, which included in its environment all types of life.

  19. Periods of calm, like the present, are suddenly terminated by brief catastrophic epochs.

  20. It was primal and catastrophic in that it made something completely new.

  21. In addition to casualties, a nuclear weapon detonation can generate an EMP that may cause catastrophic failures of electronic equipment components and may adversely affect the capability of all units in the area of the detonation.

  22. In addition to the casualties, a nuclear weapon detonation can generate an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that will cause catastrophic failures of electronic equipment components.

  23. Early reaction to a catastrophic event would likely be characterized by delays, ineffective response, and ineffectively coordinated delivery of support.

  24. Since we have not recently experienced a catastrophic earthquake in the United States, there are many unknowns which must be estimated with best judgment.

  25. Develop improved mechanisms for the coordination of medical and mortuary activities following a catastrophic earthquake.

  26. It is also called a "response plan" since it describes the operations to be undertaken to deal with catastrophic situations.

  27. In the event of a catastrophic earthquake, a substantial number of Federal agencies would provide support to and be coordinated by FEMA.

  28. Issue=: The leadership role of the Federal Government in preparing for a catastrophic earthquake in California and how this leadership role is to be exerted require clarification.

  29. The State of California Office of Emergency Services (OES) and FEMA conducted an analysis of the readiness capability for potential catastrophic earthquakes in California at the Federal, State, and local government levels.

  30. Issue=: The possibility of a credible, scientifically-based prediction of a catastrophic earthquake poses serious challenges to government and our society.

  31. Given the assumptions, the practices and the institutions of civilization, the catastrophic losses of the present century could have been foretold and, with competent leadership and disciplined followership, could have been averted.

  32. We know that Roman civilization passed through a completed cycle of population expansion to an optimum, followed by a catastrophic population decline.

  33. With respect to the diluvial invective which overflowed thirty-three pages of this Review last January, I doubt not that it has a catastrophic importance in the estimation of its author.

  34. All this Jesus did not purpose to bring about by any arbitrary action of His own, but left it to His heavenly Father, who alone knew the right moment for this catastrophic change (Mark xiii.

  35. In catastrophic moments many barriers go down; deference to superior officers among the earliest.

  36. And for this cause it wanted but five minutes of midnight when Kent burst into Loring's bedroom on the third floor of the Clarendon, catastrophic news in hand.

  37. The characteristics and development of the apocalyptic, catastrophic type of hope.

  38. But this much I can say: the catastrophic results of that man's actions could not have been worse if he had been a saboteur.

  39. Moriarty, Sanitary Commissioner of New York, declared in his press conference that the catastrophic bursting of the watermains was caused by failure of the remote-controlled automatic mainstem valves.

  40. But if so, tumultuously, and under stress of catastrophic impulsions.

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