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Example sentences for "gobble"

Lexicographically close words:
goatskin; goatskins; goatsucker; goatsuckers; gobbets; gobbled; gobbler; gobblers; gobbles; gobbling
  1. There were no boys to throw stones and no hungry Mink to gobble up foolish Frog-babies who were taking a sun bath!

  2. Reddy Fox and Hooty the Owl are coming to the Brown Pasture to gobble up you and Mrs. Bob White and all the little Bob Whites.

  3. It's like sampling a box of candy--you may find the sample extremely pleasing and gobble it up ferociously, but if you were to gobble up the whole box with equal voracity it might prove hateful to you.

  4. A bird who can gobble is qualified to teach crowing.

  5. You, walk among the roses and verbenas, and gobble every creature threatening them.

  6. How could Mr. Gobble have lost that verdict?

  7. I own it's a gobble I picked up somewheres, but I didn't know 'twas his.

  8. I should know that gobble among five hundred.

  9. In fact an unmistakable gobble was just then heard farther on in the woods.

  10. And they will gobble snails, shells and all, no matter what Betty said.

  11. The great bird said nothing but "gobble gobble!

  12. I say, Major," said Jeekie, "if you gobble chop so fast you go ill inside.

  13. Our difficulties as to capital are at an end, for a full third of it is guaranteed in Paris, and I expect that small investors and speculators for the rise will gobble a lot more.

  14. If the Rooster should gobble I must know where to find you.

  15. One day in the middle of the summer the lord of the turkey flock was feeding behind the barn when a loud gobble brought his head up with a jerk.

  16. But everybody else complained about the noise that Turkey Proudfoot made, and said that if he must gobble they wished he would go off by himself, where people didn't have to listen to him.

  17. Thereupon he burst into a deafening gobble and took one step towards the geese.

  18. If I spoke to him he'd be sure to gobble and scare away all the mice in the neighborhood.

  19. Who knew but that a gobbler would gobble up young Master Meadow Mouse if he had a chance?

  20. If they didn't, Turkey Proudfoot fought them until they were ready to gobble for mercy.

  21. You weren't trying to gobble a moment ago, were you?

  22. But that annoying gobble sounded again and brought him back into the yard even faster than before.

  23. And though he had intended to march off without saying a word, this last outburst so filled him with rage that he couldn't resist spinning about to glare and gobble at his tormentors.

  24. And so I'll gobble you up,' said the cat.

  25. Now I'll take and gobble you up,' said the cat.

  26. Thus, there are some readers who gobble a book, as Boswell tells us Dr.

  27. This meant that they accused one another of being ever hungry for bundles of raw material, ever eager to "gobble up all the work in the shop.

  28. He does not like Billy Mink, who has been known to gobble up some of Grandfather Frog's children when he thought that no one was looking.

  29. Then Johnny Chuck told Bumble the Bee how Granny and Reddy Fox were waiting for him to come out for his breakfast and how they had planned to gobble him up for their own breakfast.

  30. He was almost sure that Old Whitetail was waiting just outside to gobble him up.

  31. It was real ungrateful of him, too, for I was doing it for his sake and he squealed and did his ears funny and looked like he wanted to gobble me up.

  32. If he heard the distant woodpecker, pounding away with his beak, on the old hollow top, he would stretch up his neck and gobble again as cheerfully as before.

  33. All fine fun this, till some fine day we Yankee storks will come down and gobble them all up, and make clear work of it.

  34. Now, I'm coming to gobble you up," said the Troll.

  35. The Princess kept on begging him so prettily to go away, lest the Troll should gobble him up, but Halvor said: "Let him come as soon as he likes.

  36. But now you'd best be off about your business, if you don't want the Troll to gobble you up; for here lives a Troll with three heads.

  37. Now, I'm coming to gobble you up," roared the Troll.

  38. He will just gobble her up: and she is much too good for such a fate.

  39. I should think a long line, like the German one you were telling me about, could come on both sides of that point, or 'second base' army and gobble it up.

  40. It was clear, then, that Austria intended to use the assassination as a pretext to gobble up Servia in the same way that she had gobbled up Bosnia and Herzegovina six years before.

  41. Sir Gobble Grist" was the aged swain of parental choice, but, as is not uncommon in such cases, the choice was not favoured by one of the parties concerned in it.

  42. De lion what come here ebery night, gobble up some poor soul, den smack his lips and go away back to de jungle.

  43. Suppose massa want to fight, den Raggy fight; suppose we fight, dey gobble us all up plenty quick; suppose we not fight, den dey make much of us and give us curry and chicken.

  44. And lest marauding wolverine or lynx should come first and gobble up priceless ermine, the trapper comes soon.

  45. Oh," she thought to herself, "if only I could get free, the first thing I would do would be to gobble up that horrid little mouse.

  46. Yet he hid from the owl and the cat, because he knew full well that, tough though he was, they would gobble him up if they happened to be hungry.

  47. If you were hungry, you wouldn't hesitate to gobble me up.

  48. I must, may the wolf gobble you up, you naughty children!

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gobble" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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