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Example sentences for "expend"

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expelled; expelling; expels; expence; expences; expended; expending; expenditure; expenditures; expends
  1. As for wanting the Moon--I think that you must have seen many old Japanese pictures of apes clutching at the reflection of the Moon in water.

  2. The gay young men expend much money in these low contests: the birds are fought with or without artificial spurs, according to the views of the contending parties.

  3. In rich families it is an office of great trust, as they expend large sums and might be much imposed upon were their servants faithless.

  4. Her vivacity, having nothing to expend itself on, often turned to desperate fits of discontent and ennui, but now, coming home was a holiday and change.

  5. Cecil allowed the first torrent of words to expend itself, but, in reply to the contemptuous query of "What earthly use could she be?

  6. In vain did it double the bounty on imports, resort to all sorts of expedients, involve itself in debt, and expend over forty millions of francs to furnish France with wheat.

  7. I thought that our property would be the last violated because the people owed us some return for staying at home in the country to expend among them the few resources that remain to us.

  8. I had ordered my men to reserve their fire, and not to expend any ammunition until the command should be given.

  9. Rain had fallen in the vicinity; but this unfortunate locality is very subject to droughts, as the rain-clouds are attracted by neighbouring mountains, where they expend themselves.

  10. God requires us to submit to his afflictive dispensations, and to expend our indignation and impatience upon our own sins; and, since he determines to afflict his church in the present state, submission tends to glorify his name.

  11. Nay, I should not have hesitated to expend every farthing of my patrimony, if so I might acquire, what is far better, a contempt for it.

  12. From henceforth it is invited, by an allied army of terrified journalists, to expend these stupendous and irresistible energies on just Nothing.

  13. It is evident that this force can have no effect in turning the crank round, but will expend its whole energy in producing an upward strain on the axle K.

  14. When the steam presses on the top of the piston, it will expend its force in drawing the end H of the connecting rod upwards, by which the crank-pin I will likewise be drawn upwards.

  15. It is evident that such a force could have no tendency to turn the crank round, but would expend its whole energy in pressing the axle K downwards.

  16. As the piston and all the matter which it has put in motion must at this point come to rest, the momentum of the moving mass must necessarily expend itself on some part of the machinery, and would be so much mechanical force lost.

  17. But where, and how, can this unfortunate creature of God, this multiple source of income and profit for men, further pay and expend his strength, for becoming a still further source of income in favor of the propertied men?

  18. But the principal point is this, that neither one of them has the right to expend or apply his labor energy anywhere without paying for it to those that may not labor at all and live.

  19. They wend their way slowly out of the grounds, up the narrow lane, to their carriages, and then, though breathing freer, they continue so absorbed in admiration that they have no energy to expend in regrets over the shortness of their stay.

  20. Both heart and intellect anguished to be allowed full scope to expend their uttermost capacities in the service of love.

  21. She was reluctant to spend any of her limited capital in so seemingly frivolous a manner, and was anxious to expend as small a sum as possible on this preliminary.

  22. Question them, and you will learn how they expend those five shillings.

  23. Though large farms have more economic advantages than small, the latter have nothing to expend for superintendence and get much more work from each person occupied.

  24. James found with delight that it would be unnecessary for him to expend a farthing in buying votes.

  25. James ordered an estimate to be made of the cost of such a procession, and found that it would amount to about half as much as he proposed to expend in covering his wife with trinkets.

  26. I should have fired oftener, but was unwilling to expend more of my powder.

  27. Lejoillie shot one of the fellows, who refused to get out of our way; indeed, had we not been unwilling to expend our ammunition, we might have killed scores of the monsters.

  28. We agreed at last that, although they might not hear our voices, they might hear the report of our guns; but that we might expend our powder with some benefit to ourselves, we agreed to wait until we saw an object to fire at.

  29. I hope these dissensions may expend themselves without injury to the country.

  30. The President has decided that such agents have no right to expend any money but that contributed.

  31. That must bring a suit of clothes pretty cheap in a colored family; they really expend nothing but buy the cloth themselves?

  32. It was not sufficient that the Federal government should expend its blood and treasure to unfetter the limbs of four millions of people.

  33. What must an elector think when he sees three or four gentlemen, none of them previously observed to be lavish of their money on projects of disinterested beneficence, vying with one another in the sums they expend to be enabled to write M.

  34. On the other debateable points connected with the mode of voting, it is not necessary to expend so many words.

  35. Eardley Wilmot tells us that the British ships which attacked the Sebastopol forts in October 1854 'could only afford to expend seventy rounds per gun.

  36. In case we were at war, a single action might cause us to expend in a few hours as much as half a dozen quarterly peace allowances.

  37. It might have been demonstrated that it is really much more costly than the figures given make it out to be, because ships obliged to go to a base must expend coal in doing so, and coal costs money.

  38. If we could know that a part of the money we expend for tea and coffee goes to buy powder and balls, and that it is Mexican blood which makes the clothes on our backs more costly, it would set some of us athinking.

  39. You entitle your piece, "My Mother's Grave," and expend four pages of useful paper in detailing your emotions there.

  40. At the worst, these cities would serve as pledges for the repayment of whatever sums the King of Spain might expend in maintaining the Roman Catholic faith in France.

  41. They may expend more labour and skill; but it is spent in destruction.

  42. These things are too shocking for pure Christian women to know, so they expend their prayers and pelf on the "poor heathen" who have never heard that Adam ate an apple, or that the whale swallowed Jonah.

  43. No doubt Providence softened their solitude by providing them with something on which to expend their mother love.

  44. It is not commendable for the women of this Republic to expend much enthusiasm on political parties as now organized, nor in national celebrations, for they have as yet no lot or part in the great experiment of self-government.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "expend" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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