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Example sentences for "expelling"

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expeditious; expeditiously; expel; expell; expelled; expels; expence; expences; expend; expended
  1. This man first formed the project of expelling the English, and asserting the independency of his native country.

  2. All the air-breathing Vertebrata necessarily possess an apparatus for inhaling and expelling air, with a pipe capable of being closed at one end.

  3. Campbell states, when with others, "It is rare to find more than one male with a whole herd of females"; the larger males expelling or killing the smaller and weaker ones.

  4. In Africa they were successful in expelling the garrisons placed in some of the coast towns by the Norman kings of Sicily.

  5. All over the earth we meet with such periodically recurrent ceremonies of expelling demons and ghosts, who usually are given a meal before being hunted back into their graves.

  6. The Saxon King, Egbert, lived chiefly at Old Sarum, as did several other kings, and in 960 Edgar held a national council in the city, to consider the best means of expelling the Danes.

  7. Breathing now takes place by drawing water in at the mouth, passing it through the chambers and over the gills, and expelling it through a small hole which opens in the form of a short tube on the left side of the neck (shown in fig.

  8. Improvements in the mode of attacking and expelling them, therefore, should be gladly received, and widely made known.

  9. Was it not calculated to prevent the squadron from ever again assailing an invading enemy, or again expelling him from the shores of the empire?

  10. His name having, on the 25th of June, been struck off the list of naval officers in the Admiralty, the Knights Companions of the Bath promptly held a chapter to consider the propriety of expelling him from their ranks.

  11. When Berlin was subject to a state of siege, the President of the Police claimed the right of expelling from the capital obnoxious Socialist members.

  12. In another voyage, which he made afterwards to Denmark, Canute attacked Norway, and expelling the just but unwarlike Olaus, kept possession of his kingdom till the death of that prince.

  13. Mr. Shuffles went to Brockway full of wrath, and threatened the new head of the institution with the loss of a large number of his scholars if he disgraced his son by expelling him.

  14. There is no such thing as expelling a fellow in this institution now.

  15. IT hath obtained with many, that Nature, or the Soul of the World, hath impressed upon some certain Bodies a very diffusive magnetick Vertue; whereupon some Adepts have ascribed to many of these Bodies a Faculty of expelling Poisons.

  16. One mid-term my mother got a letter from the head-master saying he regretted that he had been under the painful necessity of expelling Francis Carville from the school.

  17. They gradually extended their conquests, and in fifteen years became masters of three-fourths of Italy, leaving only a few strips of land, mainly near the sea, to the Greeks whom they never succeeded in expelling altogether.

  18. In 1255 they made alliance with Sienna, the following year with Arezzo, severely blamed their captain, Count Guido Guerra, for expelling the Ghibellines from the latter city, and compelled him to recall them.

  19. Nature is sometimes slow in expelling the afterbirth, but caution should be exercised in the matter of using force to assist Nature in this matter, for injury to the Uterus has often resulted from malpractice in such a case.

  20. The muscles of the healthy womb are capable of a tremendous pressure and resistance, and are capable of expelling the child with but slight labor at the time of delivery.

  21. There will be the pop-gun, with its ramrod and its two plugs of tow, the hinder one expelling the foremost by the elasticity of the compressed air.

  22. At Ureparapara the mode of expelling the ghost from the village is as follows.

  23. Missiles to be hurled at the lingering spirit are collected in the shape of small stones and pieces of bamboo, which have been charmed by wizards so as to possess a ghost-expelling virtue.

  24. As is well known, there are two methods of inhaling and expelling the air from the lungs.

  25. The one is produced by vibrating the air in the cavities, the twang by expelling it from them.

  26. Albuquerque proposed immediately to have dispossessed them by means of his troops; but the king and governor found other means of expelling these men from the city, who to the number of 700 men went to Persia.

  27. Towards the close of the viceroyalty of Don Duarte de Menezes, Raju who had usurped the sovereignty of Ceylon, determined upon making a conquest of the Portuguese fortress of Columbo, with a view of expelling them from that island.

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