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  1. John Wheelwright was expelled from Massachusetts for sympathy with Mrs. Hutchinson.

  2. But his drunkenness and other public vices, caused him to be interdicted, and expelled from that place, in the month of September, 1855.

  3. About the same time, a priest, who had been expelled from Belgium, for a great scandal, was sent to Kankakee, as the curate of the French Canadians of that interesting young city.

  4. Expelled with contempt by my former Roman Catholic friends; repulsed with still more contempt by Protestants; where could I go to hide my shame and drag my miserable existence?

  5. And they cast him out:" that is, expelled him from the synagogue, as they had resolved to do to any one who should confess that Jesus was the Christ.

  6. This made the Jews very angry, and they "stirred up the devout and honourable women, and the chief men of the city, and raised persecution against Paul and Barnabas, and expelled them out of their coasts.

  7. But Luther extended his severity to the Jews themselves; so that, according to his doctrines, no reproach can be made against the sovereign who expelled the Jews from their dominions.

  8. These treated them as saboteurs, "enemies of the people," deprived them of their salaries, and expelled them from their lodgings.

  9. The paper had a very brief life, and Herzen himself was soon expelled from France, going to Switzerland, of which country he became a citizen.

  10. He was once expelled from the Methodist Church, and afterwards he was expelled from the Presbyterian Church.

  11. In addition to a brief chorus for some Moors who were expelled from Granada, to be sung on their departure from the familiar home country, and a short orchestral piece by way of conclusion, I also dashed off an overture for my friend's play.

  12. About six or seuen yéeres after this battell, king Ardulfe was expelled out of the state.

  13. This Altred reigned ten years ouer the Northumbers, and was then expelled out of his kingdome by his [Sidenote: Henr.

  14. Northumbers, the which had latelie expelled king Osbright, that had the gouernement of those parts, and placed one Ella in his roome: howbeit now they were constreined to reuoke him home againe, and sought to accord him and Ella.

  15. Egbert king of Northumberland expelled from his kingdome.

  16. After that Kenelme was thus made awaie, his vncle Ceolwulfe the brother of king Kenulfe was created king of Mercia, and in the second yéere of his reigne was expelled by Bernwulfe.

  17. The first part of this dream being interpreted, was a warning, that he would be expelled from his kingdom by one whom he accounted as stupid as a sheep; and the solar phenomenon portended a popular change in the government.

  18. Maffei brings them directly from Canaan, and supposes them to have been the race expelled from that region by the Moabites, or children of Lot.

  19. The House expelled him again, and this farce of expulsion and reëlection was enacted four distinct times, until at last his election was declared null and void.

  20. The three sons of Saberht, however, expelled Mellitus from his see, and even after their death in battle against the West Saxons, Eadbald of Kent was unable to restore him.

  21. The oil of lavender is then expelled as before by gently heating the plate, but it is not smoked.

  22. Aldobrandino and Francesco, who were to have shared in the government, were expelled and became his bitter enemies.

  23. Novello, but Salinguerra Torelli usurped all power in Ferrara and expelled Azzo (1222).

  24. I think you girls are beastly to laugh when I am probably being expelled this minute.

  25. You don't suppose I'm going to be suspended or rusticated or expelled or anything like that, do you?

  26. He was entered at University College, Oxford, but was shortly expelled as an atheist.

  27. He was expelled from Westminster School for writing an article against school flogging.

  28. The fact that she succeeded in carrying away a chalice appears exceptional, for the inmates of convents who were expelled seem as a rule to have taken with them nothing except perhaps their books of devotion.

  29. For trespasses such as hers the rule of Gilbert decreed life-long incarceration, but the canon for a like trespass suffered no punishment beyond being expelled from the settlement.

  30. The closing paragraph of Maurice's letter is remarkable because in about a twelvemonth he himself was expelled from King's College.

  31. I know one of the expelled students, and have every reason to think highly of his earnestness and truthfulness.

  32. The prince did not judge it expedient to discuss the subject, but he related the incident to the lieutenant of police, and the next day these promenaders were more rigorously expelled than ever.

  33. And were once a nest of pirates, but the English expelled them, and established a colony in 1720.

  34. Jean expelled him in 1131, when he went to Cluny and was detained there till he swore to the abbot that, if permitted to return to England, he would procure the subjection of Peterborough as a priory to Cluny.

  35. And the king ruled the realm with her as consort, but once on a time he was expelled from his kingdom by his powerful relations, who banded together against him.

  36. So the general went and communicated that order of the king's, and expelled Mrigankadatta from the city, together with his ministers.

  37. When the king went to heaven, his younger son, named Satyadhara, expelled the elder son, named Siladhara, from the throne.

  38. Whatever is the difference between bein’ expelled and bein’ suspended?

  39. He received with welcome his father and mother, and maintained them during their lives in the mansion-house from which they had formerly expelled him, and from which their own extravagance had driven themselves.

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