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Example sentences for "expends"

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expend; expended; expending; expenditure; expenditures; expense; expenses; expensis; expensive; expensively
  1. It was not ordinary fatigue, which expends the strength in order to renew it; it was the remnant of possible motion; it was exhausted life falling drop by drop in crushing efforts which will not be made again.

  2. These twenty-five millions, employed in assistance and enjoyment, would double the splendor of Paris, and the city expends them in sewers.

  3. However, it cannot be absolutely fair as long as South Carolina expends less money per capita in the education of its Negro population than in the education of its white population.

  4. It would appear to be elementary that the more the Government expends the more it must require every producer to contribute out of his production to the Public Treasury, and the less he will have for his own benefit.

  5. Yet that their acting with similar or dissimilar degrees of energy, depends on the greater or less quantity of sensorial power, which the primary part of the train expends in its exertions.

  6. Never was any power more prodigal of outward decorations than the Muscovite; Russia is of all countries that which most lavishly expends its money to please the eye.

  7. The whole force of the industry of this group expends itself simply in making good the loss that the withdrawal of the A''' for use occasions.

  8. What the series of engines yields over and above what it expends in maintaining itself it gives to its owners as an income.

  9. Such a person invariably expends his physical energy more slowly.

  10. He expends what little energy he has in mental activities so has none left for violent physical exertion.

  11. The "Flash in the Pan" ΒΆ The red-haired man's temper usually expends itself instantly.

  12. The man who needs a little fuel for his own use, expends much labour in opening the neighbouring vein of coal; but to enlarge this, so as to double the product, is a work of comparatively small labour.

  13. That other portion which he expends on fashioning and exchanging the products of the machine, produces temporary results and gives him wages alone.

  14. The rent is nearly five hundred pounds; from five to seven servants are kept; the master expends from twelve to twenty-four hundred pounds a year.

  15. It was not ordinary fatigue which expends the strength only to renew it; it was the remnant of all movement possible to him, it was life drained which flows away drop by drop in overwhelming efforts and which will never be renewed.

  16. It expends income in different ways from those which would be chosen by the individual.

  17. If the State expends its revenue judiciously, the value expended will reappear and be replaced, in some form or other, in the hands of the proprietor, the capitalist, or the labourer.

  18. If, on the other hand, the State expends its revenue injudiciously, it is a misfortune.

  19. As often as an agriculturist expends capital in permanent ameliorations, it is certain that the successive crops are burdened with the interest of that capital.

  20. How it expends its might in attempting to open even a slight gap, that one of the true believers might see a glimpse of heaven before he dies!

  21. No doubt, every living cell expends energy without ceasing, in order to maintain its equilibrium.

  22. The productive energy of Grecian philosophy expends itself with Aristotle, contemporaneously and in connection with the universal decay of Grecian life and spirit.

  23. Whatever amount of power an organism expends in any shape is the correlate and equivalent of a power that was taken into it from without.

  24. Whatever energy the soul expends must first be "taken into it from without.

  25. All the talent she expends in her effort to equal man in the other arts, is never worth the spirit and conception wrought out through a bit of stuff in her skillful hands.

  26. An engine that expends all its steam in whistling, has nothing left with which to turn wheels.

  27. This operation he repeats until thirty liquation cakes have been made, on which work he expends nine hours, or at most ten; if more than thirty cakes must be made, then he is paid for another shift when he has made an extra thirty.

  28. In De Ortu et Causis he expends much thought on refutation of theories advanced by Avicenna and Albertus, but of the others we have found no mention, although their work is, from a chemical point of view, of considerable importance.

  29. Our government expends about the same amount of money as the other leading nations of the world in the preparation for war in the future, but for the expenses of wars that are past it expends more than all the other nations combined.

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