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Example sentences for "exchanging"

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exchangeable; exchanged; exchanger; exchangers; exchanges; exchaunge; exchequer; exchequers; excidio; excipt
  1. They sauntered about the first room, exchanging a few idle remarks.

  2. Alike those who ingenuously admired and those who wished to seem indifferent paid the homage of observation to Mrs. Elgar, as she stood exchanging greetings with the friends who came forward.

  3. At the place indicated stood Elgar beside the carriage, and without exchanging a word they took their seats.

  4. The hush of sunset was on the forest, as they walked onward, side by side, exchanging their mutual histories.

  5. I mention this because yesterday some one who'd run across you at Yemassee told me that you and Helen were exchanging the grip of the third degree under the breakfast-table, and trying to eat your eggs with your left hands.

  6. You're not even exchanging one set of worries for another, because a good boss has to carry all his own and to share those of his men.

  7. They carefully wrapped themselves in their cloaks to guard themselves against the damp sea breeze; they leant against an old gun that served to tie boats up, and remained motionless as statues, without exchanging a syllable.

  8. Tranquil and his comrades regarded each other in amazement, but without exchanging a word.

  9. The first arrivals were already in the library, exchanging fragmentary news of the absentees, when their host appeared with a preoccupied frown and a jejune apology for his lateness.

  10. They crossed the hall in silence, and, without exchanging a word, entered one of the rooms reserved for the private use of the members of the club, and which the servant opened for the two gentlemen at a sign from Brandow.

  11. At the corners of the different streets groups of citizens were exchanging congratulations; and within the palace all the courtiers were commenting upon the approaching triumph of M.

  12. In another instant, and without exchanging a word, they separated; but the die was cast, and the precaution came too late.

  13. Why--for the pleasure of exchanging our ideas, you know.

  14. It struggled onwards, the men exchanging neither words nor looks; whole ranks marched touching elbow, day after day and never raising their eyes from the ground, as if lost in despairing reflections.

  15. After exchanging greetings and vows of fidelity to their class-interests, under the name of patriotism, they adjourned their assembly to the 25th, when they were to meet at Cap Francais.

  16. He detected in each the secret eagerness with which they looked forward to displaying their military accomplishments to those with whom they were always exchanging thoughts over the ridge.

  17. She had a feeling that they were exchanging a meaning smile behind her back.

  18. They parted without exchanging addresses or inviting each other to call.

  19. And the couple on the seat in front of him, exchanging class pins, was only a repetition of a scene he had witnessed dozens of times.

  20. With the curtains drawn and the candles in the quaint pewter sticks lighting up the claw-footed mahogany furniture, it was an ideal place for the exchanging of bedtime confidences.

  21. The fair cousins, after exchanging looks which implied a fear that her mind was wandering, answered her in soothing terms, and finally prevailed upon her to accompany them to the banqueting- hall.

  22. He laughed like a man who had checkmated another, and there was a sheepish exchanging of glances when he had retired to the cabin.

  23. And so he waited and watched Juan, who had crawled to the starboard rail, and was exchanging some whispered words with Miguel.

  24. The proprietor, a portly and greasy man, with bald head and side whiskers, was standing at the door exchanging views as to business with his next-door neighbor, a greengrocer.

  25. The two men, without exchanging a word to Philip's hearing, went to a brougham standing at some little distance.

  26. We are exchanging musical treats," said Coristine in defence.

  27. It did not occur to either of them to ask when Mary had set out; they contented themselves with exchanging a glance of disapproval.

  28. We were quickly on board, and rapidly exchanging accounts with each other.

  29. I continued walking the deck, talking to Dick, and occasionally exchanging a word or two with old Tom.

  30. Unless weddings are arranged by exchanging girls between two families, a high bride-price, often amounting to as much as Rs.

  31. Such practices as exchanging girls between families or marrying two sisters are, as a rule, prohibited.

  32. The practice of exchanging girls between families is permissible.

  33. The practice of exchanging girls between families is also permitted there.

  34. The three returned to Don Pedro's house without exchanging a syllable.

  35. The vaquero, having finished his part in the scene, thought it prudent to disappear, but not without exchanging a glance of intelligence with the capataz, who smiled grimly under his gray moustache.

  36. Don Fernando and Don Estevan rode side by side, without exchanging a syllable, each sufficiently occupied by his own thoughts.

  37. Without exchanging a word, the two mounted the magnificent mustangs that were waiting for them, and disappeared amongst the foliage.

  38. The sentries, after exchanging a few words with their guide, allowed the three to pass, a few paces farther on, Don Estevan halted, and stopped his companions.

  39. For a time he had little success at the bar, and came near to exchanging it for the career of a college tutor, but he was induced by his friends, who recognized his talents, to persevere.

  40. Not a word did Major Warfield say at supper in regard to the new inmate of the Hidden House, for he had particular reasons for keeping Cap in ignorance of a neighbor, lest she should insist upon exchanging visits and being "sociable.

  41. And Clara and Capitola related to each other all that had happened to each after their exchanging clothes and parting.

  42. The yacht had now approached so near that Colonel Harris and Harry Hall saluted each other, and in five minutes the Harris and Hall parties were exchanging cordial greetings on the deck of the "Hallena.

  43. Sometimes he would put a case in the charge of one of them, but they were accustomed to exchanging information and advice.

  44. There were half a dozen Greenies eating plain, wholesome meals at plain, sturdy tables and exchanging a plain, honest word now and then.

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