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Example sentences for "exchangers"

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excessively; exchange; exchangeable; exchanged; exchanger; exchanges; exchanging; exchaunge; exchequer; exchequers
  1. For there are bankers and exchangers in Holland who know the ignorance of all your present Mint men that have any place of trust, and laugh at them.

  2. Bitter complaints were made of the bad state of the gold and silver coinage, and of the enrichment of the exchangers on the Rhine.

  3. The exchangers of the metal for other articles of utility could not, without great loss of labour, be constantly employed in reducing it to the test of value, even if they had the knowledge requisite for so ascertaining its value.

  4. They would have no motive for accumulation, because there would be no exchanges; and they would consequently be even poorer and more helpless than they are now as exchangers of skins.

  5. This is in entire harmony with the opinion our Lord expressed of the exchangers when he called them thieves and drove them out of the temple.

  6. Exchangers were little more than the pawn-brokers of today and a bank was a pawn-shop where pledges were stored.

  7. And this public gain follows, must follow, individual enterprise at single points, even when the great mass of exchangers remain at the old stage of sluggishness.

  8. Higher Plants Efforts to utilize multicellular plants as photosynthetic gas exchangers have been somewhat neglected, since it has been assumed by many that algae would be more efficient.

  9. Basic Remarks on the Use of Plants as Biological Gas Exchangers in a Closed System.

  10. Exchangers will please take notice that the address of Carl Wagner is changed from Atlanta, Ga.

  11. It would be well in most cases for exchangers to have a brief correspondence by postal cards before sending their wares.

  12. We desire to call the attention of exchangers to the notice which is printed at the head of the Exchange list.

  13. It is not possible for us to rectify mistakes, nor to compel delinquent exchangers to make proper returns.

  14. With the heat exchangers off, no water was flowing.

  15. It was now time to kick on the pumps and heat exchangers and get going.

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