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  1. Beyond the line is a small backwater known as Cuckoo weir, the bathing place of the lower boys.

  2. It is in secluded places like this that the dainty nest of the reed-warbler may be seen, swinging so lightly upon its supports that it is extraordinary to think that so large a bird as the cuckoo should dare to deposit its egg there.

  3. The river winds giddily in and out between the end of this island and Upper and Lower Hope, which lie between it and Cuckoo weir.

  4. Among others which may be recognised are the yellow iris, the cuckoo flower, the water villarsia, the purple orchis, and the willow weed.

  5. Of the wandering falcon The cuckoo complains, He has torn her warm nest, He has scattered her young.

  6. But under his distracted heart there was a little chick of frightened joy, like a young cuckoo hatched in a wagtail's nest.

  7. A cuckoo was passing over the house and calling.

  8. For after twenty-three years of marriage, the note of loverly extravagance is as rare as the note of the cuckoo in July.

  9. The next morning the papers announced that the Cuckoo had been heard in Devonshire--possibly a different one, but in no way superior to ours except in the matter of its Press agent.

  10. The other day we heard the Cuckoo in Hampshire.

  11. One cuckoo of my experience that nested in an old orchard, adjoining a potato patch, frequently went there caterpillar-hunting, and played havoc with one wherever found.

  12. The shy, deep wood habits of the cuckoo prevent it from coming close houses and into gardens, but robins will take these big caterpillars from tomato vines.

  13. For the cuckoo sings till the greenwood rings, And it is the month of May!

  14. Now it was early summer-time, and the cuckoo was calling all the day and most of the night.

  15. It seemed a little queer that our friend in the bowler hat should move and breathe within one short flight of a cuckoo from this home of Pan.

  16. Aye, sir, Davie's expectin' to hear the cuckoo to-night.

  17. We've been married fifty years this spring, an' every spring we've listened for the cuckoo an' not one missed.

  18. At dawn Annie stole out to sing her cuckoo song.

  19. Completely engrossed in what she was to do, she did not think to look about her, she did not listen for possible approaching footsteps, and even Davie had slipped in importance a wee bit behind the cuckoo song.

  20. The Cuckoo is one of the most solitary birds of our forests, and is strangely tame and quiet, appearing equally untouched by joy or grief, fear or anger.

  21. With me, the Cuckoo does not arrive till June; and often the Goldfinch, the King-Bird, the Scarlet Tanager delay their coming till then.

  22. Shqueal, Vasantasenā, shqueal for your cuckoo Parabhritikā, or for your blosshom Pallavaka or for all the month of May!

  23. While away beyond the weir Calls the cuckoo loud and clear, Something mystic and remote, Ringing in his fairy note.

  24. My love and I we still be two, And will be, many Springs; I think the saddest sound on earth Is when the cuckoo sings.

  25. For it was just a year ago, That to my love I said, “When next we hear the cuckoo call, Then you and I will wed.

  26. I never smell the hawthorn bloom, Or hear the cuckoo sing, But I am minded of my love, And Malvern Hills in Spring!

  27. This the Cuckoo cannot tell; But a startling sound had birth, As the Bird must know full well; Only in the edition of 1807.

  28. B] Compare the lines in The Cuckoo and the Nightingale, vol.

  29. Like the voice through earth and sky By the restless Cuckoo sent; 1807.

  30. In Cornwall, on 28th April, there used to be held a so-called Cuckoo Feast.

  31. I think the matter might easily be determined whether a cuckoo lays one or two eggs, or more, in a season, by opening a female during the laying-time.

  32. The Alauda pratensis of Ray was the poor dupe that was educating the booby of a cuckoo mentioned in my letter of October last.

  33. Does each female cuckoo lay but one egg in a season, or does she drop several in different nests according as opportunity offers?

  34. I went to see this extraordinary phenomenon, and found that it was a young cuckoo hatched in the nest of a titlark; it was become vastly too big for its nest, appearing ".

  35. The cuckoo is an uncertain customer and requires some looking after; but the swallows are marvellously punctual.

  36. The hearing of the earliest cuckoo meets with its reward, quite apart from the gratifying of an aesthetic sense by the quoting of Wordsworth.

  37. As soon as this call is heard, the players run back and pound the cuckoo on the back until the last one is in.

  38. This last one becomes the cuckoo for the next repetition of the game.

  39. Oh, boisterous the cuckoo shouts, forestalling, Stalling A progress down the intricate enthralling By-paths where the wanton-headed flowers doff their hood.

  40. He died that Summer, and that is how I remember The cuckoo calling, the children listening, and me saying, "Nay.

  41. And when in June Once more the cuckoo spoils his tune, She laughs at sighs; And yet she says she loves me till she dies.

  42. Yet she has fancied blackbirds hide A secret, and that thrushes chide Because she thinks death can divide Her from her lover; And she has slept, trying to translate The word the cuckoo cries to his mate Over and over.

  43. But only one Indian knew how the cuckoo came to be, and why it is too lazy to build a real nest.

  44. The advent of the cuckoo has already been mentioned.

  45. How exemplary the fondness of the cuckoo for its mate!

  46. Some comment of mine upon a specimen of that dismal songster, the cuckoo clock, which stood on his mantel, had started him into one of his learned expositions.

  47. When the cuckoo sounded," continued the collector without the slightest change of intonation, "she used to imitate it to puzzle Willy Woolly.

  48. When it sees a babbler approaching with food, the cuckoo cries out and flaps its wings vigorously.

  49. The Indian cuckoo does not call so frequently as formerly, but, by way of compensation, the pied crested cuckoo uplifts his voice at short intervals.

  50. The Indian cuckoo no more raises its voice in the plains, but the pied crested-cuckoo continues to call lustily and the pied starlings make a joyful noise.

  51. The pied cuckoo has a peculiar metallic call, which is as easy to recognise as it is difficult to describe.

  52. Like all its family the young hawk-cuckoo has a healthy appetite.

  53. The voice of the pied crested-cuckoo no longer falls upon the ear, nor does the song of the magpie-robin.

  54. The third of the cuckoos which enlivens the hot weather in the plains is the Indian cuckoo (Cuculus micropterus).

  55. This is the pied crested cuckoo (Coccystes jacobinus).

  56. The young cuckoo does not seem to be able to distinguish its foster-parents from other crows; it clamours for food whenever any crow comes near it.

  57. The call of this cuckoo is melodious and easily recognised.

  58. It may be noted, in passing, that this cuckoo does not extend far into the Punjab.

  59. In the hills the woods resound with the cheerful double note of the European cuckoo (Cuculus canorus).

  60. The next cuckoo is not one whit less vociferous than the last.

  61. Thus is the cuckoo looked upon as a prophetic bird, or perhaps a mediator between the man and his gods.

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