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Example sentences for "cucumber"

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  1. Just before you take it off the fire, put in some boiled cabbage chopped small, some pickled cucumbers and walnuts sliced, some cucumber liquor, and a little walnut liquor.

  2. And Euthydemus says, in his treatise on Vegetables, that there is one kind of cucumber which is called =drakontias=.

  3. And Laches says-- But, as when cucumber grows up in a dewy place.

  4. The wild cucumber vine is best for this purpose, for it is exactly suited by nature to the conditions in a Ginseng garden.

  5. Another advantage of the wild cucumber is that it is very succulent, taking an abundance of moisture and to a great extent guards against excessive dampness in the garden.

  6. Silvey jeered, as his cucumber hit the neat lapel.

  7. Shultz lived in a brown brick, ramshackle tenement diagonally opposite the apartments in which the gang had found shelter that day of the cucumber fight.

  8. The next moment, a cucumber caught Silvey squarely in the eye.

  9. He threw his own cucumber into the gutter to show that his was a peaceful errand and walked hastily over to the sobbing figure.

  10. He crept up, unobserved by the excited Fletcherites, raided the cucumber basket of as many of the missiles as his little pockets would hold, and halted within easy distance to watch the attack on the fortress.

  11. He hurled the greeny, spiny oval against the window ledge where it burst with the peculiar "plop," which only a wild cucumber of a certain stage of juicy plumpness can make.

  12. Mosher fished another cucumber from his trousers and fired squarely at his advancing enemy.

  13. Silvey, surprised by the sudden attack from the rear, turned and received a cucumber full upon his half-open lips.

  14. Well," Silvey snapped, still angry as the others gathered around the infant, "I told him to keep out of the cucumber basket.

  15. A cucumber caught Skinny Mosher squarely below his ear.

  16. Instead of the hereditary Cucumber Salad, have young cucumbers quartered lengthwise, not sliced.

  17. The heart of the lettuce is removed and filled with cucumber salad.

  18. I am potatoes and corn and cucumber and cabbage,--like the chameleon, that takes the color of the thing it lives on.

  19. To say that Captain Curry Cucumber was wrath, would convey but a feeble idea of his state of mind and volubility of expression, when he, too, got up to go.

  20. Captain Curry Cucumber then went out of Laburnum Cottage, for good and all, and he vowed he would never set foot within another house in Bigton for social purposes or otherwise.

  21. So everything went well with Lady Inskip, and the pic-nic was voted a success, although Captain Curry Cucumber dubbed her "an infernal old harridan, by Jingo!

  22. Pass sliced lemon or cucumber pickles, also sliced, with it.

  23. Add enough from the boiling tea-kettle to keep them from burning; season with salt and pepper, and stir carefully in a tablespoonful of butter—or two, should the quantity of cucumber be large.

  24. There isn't even the picture of a cucumber in this sun-blasted town.

  25. The cucumber should be boiled for five minutes before it is fried.

  26. Boil the cucumber for five minutes before you fry it, to take away the bitter taste.

  27. Fry a large oval crouton of bread, scoop out the centre and fill it with fried slices of cucumber and truffles boiled in a little Chablis.

  28. Parmesan Spread this well over the cucumber, and put it into the oven for ten minutes keeping the rounds of cucumber separate, so as to arrange them in a circle on a very hot dish.

  29. Fill the centre with any vegetables you like; fried cucumber is excellent, but if you use it do not forget to boil it for five minutes before you fry it to take away the bitter taste.

  30. Care should be taken not to cook the cucumber too long, or it will break in pieces and spoil the look of the dish.

  31. Another interesting feature of the work was the grafting of one fruit upon another, as a tomato fruit upon a tomato fruit or a cucumber upon another cucumber.

  32. He seemed to think because a cucumber was a vegetable, and a flower was a vegetable, that a cucumber was a flower.

  33. I asked Walters if he knew much about wild flowers, and he answered something about cucumber sandwiches, which he had once eaten in large quantities owing to being forgotten at a lawn-tennis party.

  34. I'll red-hot shot you if you break my cucumber frames, young gentleman!

  35. Cucumber and beet-root may be used instead of eggs.

  36. Set at quite an angle, the water issued from the half-inch opening in the end of the horn with force enough to make the little wheel hum and send the saw through the cucumber at a rapid rate--only I had to shove the carriage along by hand.

  37. The flavour of burnet resembles cucumber so exactly, that when infused in vinegar, the nicest palate would pronounce it to be cucumber.

  38. The above, rubbed through a tamis, or fine sieve, will be entitled to be called “cucumber sauce.

  39. Cucumber in a side-plate is a laudable vegetable accompaniment.

  40. It is, in fact, superlative cucumber vinegar.

  41. Prepare some peas, lettuce, onion, and a cucumber or two, stewed in a small quantity of water for an hour.

  42. Peel and slice some onions into a small stewpan, with an ounce of butter, adding cucumber or celery if approved.

  43. For a change, the hash may be warmed up with pickled cucumber or walnut cut small.

  44. Illustration: The Cucumber Under the Brownie's Umbrella] Whenever the Indians got together for a council, the Brownies did the same thing, in the woods near by.

  45. So there were always one or two Cucumber Brownies, who set up their little umbrellas, and sold slices of Cucumber to the others.

  46. The Cucumber Under the Brownie's Umbrella 93 37.

  47. TALE 36 The Cucumber Under the Brownie's Umbrella The Indians had Brownies, only they called them Pukwudjies, and I am going to tell you a story of an Indian Brownie.

  48. The cucumber tree has been too rare in Indiana to be of economic importance.

  49. For wandering wide On the floor he spied, Last night when the cook was asleep, And rejoiced to find Some cucumber rind, And now no more he will creep!

  50. And thus tearfull-ee, He begs you and me His case as a warning to mind; Cucumber at night To regard with affright, And never to eat up the rind.

  51. Someone brought a cucumber as a present to the Sultan.

  52. He handed a piece of it to Ayaz, saying, "Eat some of this cucumber and tell me how it tastes, so that the others present may eat some of it also, and tell us if they ever ate anything like it.

  53. Ayaz saluted, and ate of the cucumber with an appearance of pleasure.

  54. For the cultivation of a garden the natives, unless the more opulent of them, seem to care little; and outside the dwelling of a blue nose there is little to be seen, unless it be a cucumber bed among the chips, or a patch of Indian corn.

  55. You know, there is no language of vegetables, which converts a cucumber into a formal declaration of attachment.

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