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  1. My, when he started off with "The Stars and Stripes Forever" you might have thought he was six, with a drum major prancing along in front!

  2. After that Doc became an institution, with a pretty Kanaka girl to carry the drum and pass round the saucer; and every night when he hadn't a special engagement he would make the round of the bars, picking up what little he could.

  3. What if he didn't make a whole band out of himself, with a harness holding a comb across his mouth, and a bass drum for him to kick with one foot and a tambourine to frisk with the other.

  4. Enter, with Drum and Colours, Edmund, Regan, Gentleman, and Soldiers.

  5. Edmund] Let the drum strike, and prove my title thine.

  6. Enter, with Drum and Colours, Cordelia, Doctor, and Soldiers.

  7. Enter, with Drum and Colours, the Powers of France over the stage, Cordelia with her Father in her hand, and exeunt.

  8. Bid them come forth and hear me, Or at their chamber door I'll beat the drum Till it cry sleep to death.

  9. Then the voices died down a bit, and the music picked up a thumping tempo of heavy drum beats.

  10. She, who alone might have spoken truth, stood silently amidst the screaming and drum beating as the shouting went on in a frenzy to kill the enemy.

  11. When two such hearts as yours and Habrunt's beat so strongly for one another, even the deaf can hear that noble drum beat.

  12. But the monotonous sound of the Indian drum followed us mile after mile over the prairie; in fact, it followed us much better than my new spotted pony.

  13. It was built under the Mongol dynasty; a very large drum stands in the middle of the last story, and a climb of sixty-eight steps up a steep Chinese staircase gave us a fine view of the entire city.

  14. The Drum Tower was another point visited, one of the most striking objects in Peking; it is oblong and quite Chinese in character, the upper story being of wood, the lower of brick.

  15. A short distance from the Drum Tower is the Bell Tower.

  16. This is built of brick and stone, ninety feet high, and is also Mongol in origin; the bell weighs twenty thousand pounds and is still used to tell the watches of the night; the drum in the tower is struck at the same time.

  17. If the people are wanted in any large numbers, such as for the identification of bodies found, and if foul play is suspected, it is the police who beat the drum and call them in.

  18. In a fair percentage of instances, however, it will break in the opposite direction, and we have the familiar ruptured drum and discharge from the ear.

  19. Mark how the cheek of the warrior flushes, As the battle drum beats and the war torches glare; Like a blast of the north to the onset he rushes, And his wide-waving falchion gleams brightly in air.

  20. When the sacred drum begins with its low monotonous "tum-tum-tum!

  21. It sounded for some minutes before one awakened to the fact that it was the rolling of a drum that was heard.

  22. The drum beat louder, and now I saw as we went up the hill that we came to an occasional guard or sentry posted at some tree by the roadside.

  23. Put one so close to your right ear that it will snap the drum merely from the concussion of the air.

  24. The drum was a hollow piece of wood, probably made of a section of the stem of a well-grown tree.

  25. The drum was carried between two men, who beat with their knuckles upon this vile instrument of torture to the senses.

  26. I was about to remonstrate with my guard as to this, when there was a sudden beating of a drum and a call to arms.

  27. They still heard, however, at a distance, the shouts of the soldiers as they hallooed to each other upon the heath, and they could also hear the distant roll of a drum beating to arms in the same direction.

  28. The roll of the drum and shrill accompaniment of the fifes swelled up the hill-died away--resumed its thunder--and was at length hushed.

  29. The trio were engaged in very lively discourse, apparently delighted with each other, and the kind host was pressing a third bottle of Burgundy, when the sound of a drum was heard at some distance.

  30. Well, live long enough, and you'll hear a drum beat.

  31. He walked firmly, with the port of a man who hears a distant drum beat to action.

  32. One day I told him that he was clever at everything which he undertook, and that, although he had never been taught, he played the drum better than the master of that instrument.

  33. The drum upon which the rope is wound in a capstan, crane, or the like.

  34. Hearing the drum of a motor, he extinguished his light, then sprang to the door just in time to see the plane land.

  35. We had aboard trumpet and drum and viol, and he would have frequent music.

  36. At last, to drum and trumpet, we passed from shining beach into green forest.

  37. He sent his voice, which he could make deep as a drum and reaching as one of those great shells.

  38. Proclamation was at once made by beat of drum that the orders of Sunday would be immediately put in execution.

  39. Proclamation was made by beat of drum that unless the heads submitted before sunset, their houses would be pulled down on the following morning, the sites sold by auction, and the rebels and their families banished for ever.

  40. Then he cracked his whip; the fife and drum struck up a merry tune, the dogs steadied themselves on their hind legs, and the dance began.

  41. I have heard that a paper was found in her desk after her death, declaring her conviction that the drum was for her.

  42. Mary screamed, "why, of course I am, did I not tell you he marched up and down here playing on his disgusting bagpipes, which nearly broke the drum of my ear.

  43. Then the drum began to utter its spasmodic signal, and the herald's voice sounded faint and far off as he descended the path to the second group of tepees.

  44. The dancers took their seats, whispering and muttering, the drum ceased, and the singers, turned into bronze figures, stared solemnly.

  45. The curves are obtained directly, by tracing the excursion of the galvanometer spot of light on a revolving drum (fig.

  46. The galvanometer spot is thrown down on the drum by the inclined mirror M.

  47. The recording drum had a fast speed of six inches in a minute, one of the small subdivisions representing a second.

  48. Ned watched the soldiers until the last of them had passed the window, and then he listened to the music, the sound of drum and fife, until it died away, and they heard only the usual murmur of the city.

  49. The throb of a drum came from the street below, and presently the shrill sound of fifes was mingled with the steady beat.

  50. Most likely the enemy will attack us in the forest, and what good will forming in line, or wheeling on a flank, or any of the things which the general is trying to drum into their heads, do to them?

  51. A minute later, a drum was heard to beat sharply, and then, in the faint light, a number of French soldiers could be seen, running at full speed towards the shore.

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