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Example sentences for "desecrate"

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descubrio; descubrir; desde; desdits; dese; desecrated; desecrating; desecration; deseo; deserit
  1. And in this way,' demands Mr. Million severely, 'you would desecrate the Sabbath!

  2. He would desecrate the Sabbath-day by opening museums and picture-galleries, and he would curtail the liberty of the subject by closing public-houses, and depriving the working man of his beer!

  3. Look down, that no profane glance may desecrate the letters which God and the sun have created!

  4. Nature has ordained that no one shall desecrate by his presence the last death-agony of the king of the desert.

  5. The hand of time has left its mark plainly imprinted on all Mediterranean Africa, and not even the desire for up-to-dateness on the part of its exploiters will ever efface these memories, nor further desecrate the monuments which still remain.

  6. I would write more than one poem, I think, about the green country and the shame it is that those who should love and protect it desecrate it as they do.

  7. Such people touch no foot of land that they do not desecrate and defile.

  8. We select the Fourth of July," read this pronunciamento, "not to desecrate it with unhallowed shouts .

  9. These preachers had been led by an atrocious falsehood "to desecrate the pulpit, and prostitute the sacred desk to the miserable and corrupting influence of party politics.

  10. Why does the master of the house permit his servants to so desecrate this beautiful home?

  11. My soldiers have a profound respect for true greatness; they will not dare to desecrate this sanctuary.

  12. Tell her that I desire her to abstain from such follies; she must not desecrate the buskin by the minauderies of a soubrette.

  13. Yes, to-morrow we must desecrate the sacred cause of the fatherland by an assassination," said Alfred, sighing.

  14. I will know if these Northern robbers and vandals are to be allowed to desecrate the streets of Augusta.

  15. They did not allow any more “Yanks” to desecrate their sacred streets that day.

  16. This marvel having, however, of late years been suspended, many discern another omen of the approach of the long-predicted period when unbelievers shall desecrate the hallowed soil.

  17. An idolater may desecrate his own idol, or the idol of his companion.

  18. But Israel must not desecrate the idol of an idolater.

  19. But he gave no word of dissent from their purpose, and an inscrutable smile was accepted by the lovers as a token that here had been no footprint of guilt or sorrow to desecrate the site of their temple of happiness.

  20. Five thousand more of them are on their way to complete the destruction of our city, to murder our wives and our children, and to desecrate our homes.

  21. When Omar died, Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexandria had fallen beneath his arms; the sepulchre of Christ was in his power; the patriarch of the holy city trembled lest the chalif of Mohammed should desecrate it to be a mosque by praying in it.

  22. Who, exclaimed the King, when the Council was ended, shall first desecrate the altars and the temples?

  23. Mr. Nash laughed, and over his glass and clay pipe, confided to his fellow-conspirators that he had a few little properties in that bag, and was much afraid that some of them would compel him to desecrate the Sabbath.

  24. You are like a caterpillar; you desecrate the living leaf you touch.

  25. More fit by far the ignoble we replace By objects suited to such visitant, Than that we desecrate her dignity By neighborhood of vulgar table, chair, Which haply helped old age to smoke and doze.

  26. He has stolen twenty pounds, and yet he is to be allowed to desecrate the Church, and imperil the souls of the people!

  27. This is Thursday, and of course the man must not be allowed to desecrate the church of Hogglestock by performing the Sunday services.

  28. Do not desecrate this room by your cold and egotistic thoughts, and by your heartless calculations!

  29. I wouldn't let their hands desecrate the chapel!

  30. And I wouldn't let them desecrate the cabin," declared Judith.

  31. I beg of you all to disperse to your homes and don't desecrate the Sabbath by such a scene as this.

  32. To shield from wrong the mother who gave you birth; That never violent hand on her be laid, Nor base foot desecrate her hallowed hearth.

  33. But ye that hither draw To desecrate my fee, Nor yet have held in awe The justice that makes free,-- Avaunt, ye darkling brood!

  34. It was part of his trade to despise and desecrate the scrolls and trumpets of old tombs, the paths worn by the feet of worshippers and mourners, and the offerings and the inscriptions of bereaved affection.

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