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Example sentences for "bleeders"

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bleats; blebs; bled; bleed; bleeder; bleeding; bleedings; bleeds; bleeged; bleeve
  1. Latterly they have been found useful to carry gold-diggers and balata-bleeders into the interior, for they are well accustomed to navigate the rapids.

  2. The gold and diamond diggers and balata-bleeders are also black men under white superintendence.

  3. As a huntsman he must have a sort of game preserve, which is impossible where gangs of wood-cutters and balata-bleeders carry on their work.

  4. MacCormac observed five bleeders at St. Thomas Hospital, London, and remarks that one of these persons bled twelve days after a tooth-extraction.

  5. Bleeders do not necessarily die of their early bleedings, some living to old age.

  6. Time was when the balata-bleeders bound for Essequibo grants were obliged to follow this route; but many were the lives that were lost in the dangerous falls that block the lower part of the river.

  7. Page 42] Most of the balata-bleeders are negroes, the present-day natives of the Colony.

  8. The balata-bleeders leave Georgetown, the capital of British Guiana, in the early morning, and go by steamer up the Demerara River.

  9. He is still more surprised when he learns that a large party of balata-bleeders is about to set forth in these boats on a two, three, or four weeks' journey.

  10. The Gory Bleeders thought it too, and warned him to take care In case the Crimson Streak got scent of Billy’s square affair.

  11. It is almost certain that this mound had never been visited from the time of its erection till its discovery last year by chicle bleeders looking for sapodilla trees in this very remote corner of Yucatan.

  12. The dangers posed by untutored and unskilled bleeders were noted periodically.

  13. Untutored bleeders could employ a spring lancet on those veins that stood out prominently and be fairly confident that they could remove blood without harming other blood vessels.

  14. He clapped his bleeders to his prad; be put spurs to his horse.

  15. The toby gill clapped his bleeders to his galloper and tipped the straps the double.

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