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Example sentences for "bleeds"

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bleed; bleeder; bleeders; bleeding; bleedings; bleeged; bleeve; bleeze; bleiben; bleibt
  1. Have I not hideous death within my view, Retaining but a quantity of life, Which bleeds away, even as a form of wax Resolveth from his figure 'gainst the fire?

  2. My cares are only for the whole: I have A heart--it bleeds within me for the miseries And piteous groanings of my fellow-Germans.

  3. My very soul bleeds for your countrymen; I suffer with them, for I needs must love them; They are so gentle, yet so full of power; They draw my whole heart to them.

  4. And yet my soul bleeds for thee--gracious heaven!

  5. By all that is holy I entreat you--spare me in this dreadful moment when my lacerated heart bleeds from a thousand wounds.

  6. It bleeds easily and has a foul discharge.

  7. It is when the Grail is uncovered and when it does so much good to all the others, that his wound always bleeds again and the pain of it is most terrible.

  8. That was years ago, and still the wound burns and stings, and still it bleeds when the King uncovers the Grail.

  9. This is most efficiently accomplished by the knife or scissors, cutting until the tissue bleeds freely, after which the raw surface is painted with undiluted carbolic acid and dressed with iodoform gauze.

  10. He laid his hand upon the shoulder of Mrs. Death, and repeated, "It bleeds for all.

  11. What makes him tell me at your father's funeral, Reginald, that his heart is large, that it bleeds for all, and that it would be better for some of us if we were in our graves?

  12. The poor creature, feeling the blow, struggles to its feet, but is so bewildered and stupefied with pain that the hunter escapes and the sufferer bleeds to death in about an hour.

  13. An artery is then cut, and the unfortunate creature soon bleeds to death.

  14. The gem of the prince falls to the ground; his nose bleeds and he dies; explanation of this myth.

  15. In the twelfth tale, a thief steals the enchanted gem from the prince; he throws the gem to the ground, the consequence of which is that the prince's nose bleeds so excessively that he dies.

  16. There is the same kind of Mortality in our Modern Tragedies, where every one gasps, faints, bleeds and dies.

  17. The most ordinary Plebeian or Mechanick in Love, bleeds and pines away with a certain Elegance and Tenderness of Sentiments which this Passion naturally inspires.

  18. I love your husband and your son, my heart bleeds for your sorrow and their doom, but at present I can do nothing, nothing.

  19. On some important message art thou bound, Or bleeds my friend by some unhappy wound?

  20. Unbathed he lies, and bleeds along the shore!

  21. That immaculate manliness we feel within ourselves, so far within us, that it remains intact though all the outer character seem gone; bleeds with keenest anguish at the undraped spectacle of a valor-ruined man.

  22. When, however, the gingival swelling bleeds very easily, and its excision thus might give rise to a profuse hemorrhage, it will be best to perform the operation with cutting instruments heated red-hot.

  23. There's people can eat it, and much good may it do them; and my heart bleeds when I think of their sufferings.

  24. Take your own Will, my very heart bleeds for thee.

  25. Colonel La Coste, my heart bleeds to tell the story.

  26. It might as well suppose that when a woman loves, she bears children for its benefit; or (in the case of the poem in question) that when a man is hurt, he bleeds for its benefit.

  27. But whether he will or not, he bleeds and writes for mankind.

  28. He lay on his couch like one who bleeds inwardly, thinking of the complacent faithfulness of that poor creature's face.

  29. Her voice has but a sole skin; it is not like a body; it bleeds to death at a scratch.

  30. But what torments must that seaman undergo who, while his back bleeds at the gangway, bleeds agonized drops of shame from his soul!

  31. My heart bleeds for the friends who love her so, and are seeking her so vainly.

  32. Now you know, Margaret, that while my heart bleeds for you both, I ask you to release my son.

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