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Example sentences for "exude"

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  1. I have no doubt many humming-birds suck the honey from flowers, as I have seen it exude from their bills when shot; but others do not frequent them; and the principal food of all is small insects.

  2. A3] for the ground to exude a stench after rain.

  3. Note: Resins exude from trees in combination with essential oils, gums, etc.

  4. Defn: To exude or from gum; to become gummy.

  5. They are pleasant to the taste, and very nutritious; for if one be left on a sheet of note-paper when the sun is shining brightly on it oil enough will exude to make a spot a couple of inches in diameter.

  6. A good water-skin should be porous, to allow the water to exude sufficiently to moisten the exterior; thus the action of the air upon the exposed surface causes evaporation and imparts to the water within the skin a delicious coolness.

  7. In the most intense cases, within from twenty-four to forty-eight hours bloody serum may exude through the skin over the swollen parts, and finally large gangrenous sloughs may form.

  8. If the vesicles break, they exude a slight, gummy discharge which concretes into a small, hard scab.

  9. It is characterized by the formation of neoplasms, or nodules, of connective tissue, which degenerate into ulcers, from which exude a peculiar discharge.

  10. The fungus forms fruiting bodies some distance back from the advancing cankers, and the spores may exude from bark crevices as orange curl-like masses during moist weather.

  11. During moist weather, thin threads of spores exude out from the pycnidia.

  12. Various other plants also exude resin from wounds, and in some cases the flux seems to be increased by degeneration of the tissues, e.

  13. It commonly happens that the external apertures show up clearly, owing to the brown dust and excrement, sometimes accompanied by turpentine, which exude from them.

  14. When the water, or dilute solution of various substances, begins to exude under pressure from the living root-hair, what is to prevent its escape into the soil?

  15. The stems of Pines and other conifers are apt to exude resin from any cut or wound made by insects, or by the gnawing of other animals; but in many cases the flow is due to fungi, e.

  16. The milk-white sap immediately begins to exude into pieces of bamboo tied below, over little clay cups set under the gashes to prevent their trickling down the stems.

  17. The flesh becomes red when broken because it is saturated with red juice, although it does not exude milk.

  18. The gills remain free and do not exude drops.

  19. The gills of some species exude watery drops in moist weather.

  20. Fluid and cells from the adjacent blood vessels exude into the cavity, and lead to variations in the character of its contents.

  21. As time goes on several points of suppuration appear, and when these burst there are formed a number of openings in the skin, giving it a cribriform appearance; these openings exude pus.

  22. During the summer months large masses, of a clear amber-colour, exude from the stem and branches.

  23. Nearly all the eucalyptus species exude gum, which the natives utilise in the fabrication of their various weapons as Europeans do glue.

  24. The myall and mimosa also exude gum; these the natives prefer before all other kinds when obtainable, they being less brittle and more adhesive than any of the others.

  25. There are a few of the species of the genus Mycena which exude a watery or colored juice where wounded, but these are easily told from Lactarius because of their small size, more slender habit, and bell-shaped cap.

  26. Wounds exude a "serum-like juice," and the wounds soon become black.

  27. The =gills= are said to exude watery drops in wet weather.

  28. A few of the plants exude a colored or watery juice when bruised, and should not be confounded with species of Lactarius.

  29. They all exude resin occasionally from their leaves and branches, but none of them produce turpentine.

  30. Ledon, exude from their stems and leaves, a kind of gum or resin called Ladanum or Labdanum, which is used in medicine.

  31. The snail is very careful not to exude more of its moisture than is necessary.

  32. They do not drink (he observes), but imbibe moisture in their bodies during rain, and exude it at regular periods afterwards.

  33. The stinging hairs of the nettle which exude an irritating acid when touched are a familiar example of protection against vegetarian animals.

  34. The young shoots of some species are cut when tender and eaten like asparagus; the seeds also are sometimes used as food, and for making beer; some species exude a saccharine juice at the nodes which is of domestic value.

  35. Perspiration is performed by the terminations of minute arteries in every part of the skin, which exude the perspiration from the blood.

  36. The minute vessels of the stomach inhale or absorb its fluids, which are carried into the blood, just as the minute extremities of the arteries open upon the inner surface of the stomach, and there exude the gastric juice from the blood.

  37. The leaves of this Fucus are very sweet, and, when washed and hanged up to dry, will exude a substance like that of sugar.

  38. The function of the ovaries is to furnish ova or germs, and the functions of the uterus or womb are to secrete mucus; to exude the menses; to secrete the decidua; to contain and nourish the foetus and to effect its expulsion.

  39. The pimples contain no pus, but if opened, they exude a small quantity of blood and serum.

  40. That young missionary seemed to exude tracts--I didn't know one missionary could hold so many.

  41. A stem of grass was also found to exude at the tips of one or two blades when pressure was applied.

  42. All were found to exude a watery liquid after being subjected to pressure for some hours, and a broccoli leaf got studded all along its edge with drops, and presented exactly the same appearance it did on dewy nights.

  43. Others take the precaution to baffle ant visitors by holding an extra quantity of dew on the basins of their leaves, while still others exude a sticky fluid from their stems which glues the poor ants to the spot.

  44. Besides the sweat glands there are glands which exude fatty substances upon the skin, keeping it suitably lubricated and somewhat impervious to water.

  45. It seems impossible to get this wood so seasoned but that a certain amount of resin will continually exude from it; and insects in boxes of this material are very apt to soften and become greasy.

  46. If placed in a cyanide bottle, especially in the case of Locusts (Acrididae), they are apt to exude colored juices from the mouth, so that the specimens become soiled.

  47. And thorough all the land in deadly wise Shall scatter venom, to exude again In pestilence of men.

  48. And thorough all the land in deadly wise Shall scatter venom, to exude again In pestilence on men.

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