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exudation; exudations; exudative; exude; exuded; exuding; exuere; exul; exult; exultance
  1. The surface is smooth, of a greyish colour, and exudes a small quantity of sero-purulent fluid.

  2. Clear viscous fluid exudes from it, and, when the fistula is complete and the lumen sufficiently wide, particles of food may escape.

  3. A small hemipterous insect, the larva of which, living on grass and the leaves of plants, exudes this secretion.

  4. A powerfully narcotic and intoxicating gum resin which exudes from the flower heads, seeds, etc.

  5. Every kind of alumen is from a limus water which exudes from the earth.

  6. This schist rock when rich in copper, as I have said elsewhere, exudes a substance of a nature similar to asbestos.

  7. Pure saltpetre which has rested many years in the earth, and that which exudes from the stone walls of wine cellars and dark places, is mixed with the first solution and evaporated by boiling.

  8. Later there exudes from the stab a flow of yellow, serous fluid.

  9. Finally it breaks at one or more spots, and there exudes from the opening or openings a purulent and oftentimes sanious discharge, which coagulates about each fistula after the manner of ordinary synovia.

  10. When alive it exudes a strong fetid and penetrating odour.

  11. Lastly, let us state that another species of eucalyptus exudes a very astringent substance, which, from its appearance and properties, being so analogous to kino, has been denominated Botany Bay kino.

  12. A resinous substance, which exudes spontaneously from various trees belonging to the genera Hymenaea, Guibourtia, and Trachylobium.

  13. The turpentine which exudes from the bark of Abies excelsa (Norway spruce fir) and Pinus palustris (pitch or swamp pine), hardened by the air.

  14. A pale yellowish, limpid fluid, which exudes from Dryobalanops aromatica, a tree growing in Sumatra and Borneo, when deep incisions are made in the trunk.

  15. It exudes from rocks, is found in wells, &c.

  16. It is at first a juicy fluid, which exudes when the plant is cut above the root, and hardens by exposure to the air.

  17. Gum arabic, which exudes from a tree that grows in Egypt and Arabia (Mimosa nilotica) when pure is transparent, and nearly colourless.

  18. It is said to constitute a part of the gummy matter, that exudes from the prunus cerasus, prunus avies, prunus domestica, &c.

  19. Common turpentine is the resinous juice, which exudes chiefly from the Pinus Sylvestris, or Scotch fir, and is obtained by boring holes into the trunks of the trees, early in the spring, and placing vessels beneath for its reception.

  20. Cherries, Apricots, Acacias, and many other trees are apt to produce abnormal quantities of gum, which flows from any wound or exudes through cracks in the bark.

  21. Agaricus melleus not only invades the resin passages, but stimulates the tree to produce abnormal quantities of resin, which flows down to the collar and roots, and exudes in great abundance at the surface of the soil.

  22. Both the leaves and the stem of this plant emit a highly poisonous milk, that exudes from the bark when cut or bruised; the least drop of this will cause total blindness, if in contact with the eye.

  23. A gummy liquor that exudes from embalmed flesh when heated; -- formerly supposed to have magical and medicinal properties.

  24. A valuable oil is expressed from its seeds, and a tenacious gum exudes from its trunk.

  25. The forest bees of South America belonging to the genera Melipona and Euglossa are more frequently seen feeding on the sweet sap which exudes from the trees or on the excrement of birds on leaves, rather than on flowers.

  26. It visits the caju trees, and gathers with its hind legs a small quantity of the gum which exudes from their trunks.

  27. The fibrous tough roots, softened by soaking in water, and split, are used by the Indians and voyageurs to sew together the birch-bark covering of their canoes; and a resin that exudes from the bark is employed to varnish over the seams.

  28. By boring the tree itself, a white, sweetish liquid called “toddy” exudes from the wound.

  29. The sap, or juice, as it exudes has the appearance of milk, but gradually changes to a yellow color and is about the thickness of treacle.

  30. It exudes when the branches are pierced by an insect called the Coccus ficus.

  31. Thus is the resin which exudes from the spruce-fir, and is used by some polishers in the making of polishes and varnishes.

  32. It is stated that in New Granada, and other districts of Central America, where the tree is indigenous, incisions are made in the bark, and there exudes an aromatic oil which sinks in water.

  33. From the fracture the gamboge exudes in drops, and is therefore called gum gutta.

  34. The juice exudes from the leaves, and is received by the skin beneath.

  35. When cut, a blood-red juice speedily exudes and trickles down; it soon thickens, and becomes hard in the course of fifteen or sixteen hours.

  36. It exudes in the form of red juice from incisions in the bark.

  37. The fat that exudes from the sausage-cakes, while frying, will be sufficient to cook them in.

  38. Then cut up all the meat of the terrapins, taking care to save all the liquid that exudes in cutting up, and also the eggs.

  39. Defn: A mucuslike substance which exudes from the bodies of certain animals.

  40. A resin exudes from the bark, which has erroneously been considered identical with sandarach, and is used as pounce.

  41. Blood serum, the pale yellowish fluid which exudes from the clot formed in the coagulation of the blood; the loquid portion of the blood, after removal of the blood corpuscles and the fibrin.

  42. The patient is constantly tormented by an unbearable itching sensation and, if the skin is rubbed, it exudes a viscous or sticky fluid.

  43. The pustules contain serous lymph, which exudes if the cuticle be broken, and forms a crust at the summit of the pustule.

  44. The palm-wine now made in Egypt and the Oases is simply from an incision in the heart of the tree, immediately below the base of the upper branches, and a jar is attached to the part to catch the juice which exudes from it.

  45. Pliny says of alumen, that it is "understood to be a sort of brine which exudes from the earth; of this, too, there are several kinds.

  46. Sawdust exudes from the holes by which they entered, and there should be sufficient watchfulness to discover them before they have done much harm.

  47. Fortunately they soon reveal their evil work by the castings, and by the gum which exudes from the hole by which they entered.

  48. Before any antiseptic is applied, the margin of the suspected sore is rubbed with gauze, and the serum that exudes on pressure is collected in a capillary tube and sent to a pathologist for microscopical examination.

  49. During the first twelve hours, the minute vessels in the vicinity of the wound dilate, and from them lymph exudes and leucocytes migrate into the tissues.

  50. It also exudes from the articulations of its abdomen a yellow mucilaginous liquid, of a pungent and disagreeable odour.

  51. When cut or bruised it sometimes exudes a reddish juice.

  52. Cantharellus is characterized by the obtuseness of the edges of the lamellae, Lactarius by the copious milky or sticky fluid which exudes from the plants when cut or bruised.

  53. They somewhat resemble the Russulae, but can be readily distinguished from them by the greater fleshiness of the stem and by the milky juice which exudes from the flesh.

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