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  1. The investigation of the effect of the iron of ships upon compasses and the correction of the errors thence arising.

  2. In May I went to Woolwich to correct the compasses of the 'Dover,' a small iron steamer carrying mails between Dover and Ostend: this I believe was the first iron ship possessed by the Admiralty.

  3. In my original investigations, when the whole subject was in darkness, I could only use existing means for experiment, namely the long-needle compasses then existing.

  4. Government Superintendence of the Compasses of Iron Ships.

  5. I proposed to the Admiralty a system of mounting the compasses with adjustable magnets, and it was ordered to be tried in the Trident and Transit.

  6. The first compasses were curiously formed.

  7. A rough rasp-file and a pair of compasses will also be found useful.

  8. Take a pair of compasses and draw a circle over these spaces, making the angular point the centre.

  9. What use can we make of compasses in measuring an angle?

  10. Angles are measured in degrees, upon a segment of a circle described by placing one leg of a pair of compasses on the angular point, and with the other, describing the segment between the two lines.

  11. Especially are distances and numbers and the manner of using compasses to be learned in that game.

  12. Take the length and radius so found, and mark it upon P C, as at F, and the latter will be the location of centre for compasses to strike the face curve.

  13. The compasses are set to the radius by the construction shown in Fig.

  14. F being at the junction of line 1 with line 60; the compasses are then rested at G, and the points H I are marked.

  15. Jellico knew that the compasses were off, yet the captain had followed Asaki's lead without question, so he must trust the Ranger's forest craft.

  16. With the compasses playing crazy tricks into the bargain!

  17. With the compasses out, I'll admit I've been nourishing a healthy set of doubts.

  18. When you have got the angle correct, mark with the compasses where the incisions are to be made with tool 27 round, rat tail file, and work the cuts accordingly, about as deep as the file where it tapers one-third from its point.

  19. To score or mark with compasses or a scribing iron.

  20. But it was a pity that Mr. Mizzen had been called away from the China Sea, all for nothing, while he was so busy gathering boxes to box compasses with!

  21. And me off in the China Sea amongst the Boxers, a-v'yaging hither and thither to pick up a cargo o' boxes to box compasses with!

  22. Upon a smooth, level plane, freely exposed to the sun, with a pair of compasses describe a circle.

  23. In the centre, where the leg of the compasses stood, erect a perpendicular wire of such a length, that the termination of its shadow shall fall upon the circumference of the circle at some hour before noon, as about ten o'clock.

  24. Not that compasses themselves are at fault, but that--as papa explained to us--every compass of a ship is influenced by the iron on board the vessel.

  25. Once the fresco was whitewashed, but the coating fell off and they stood forth with compasses and trowel as before.

  26. In a fresco on the walls of the church of St. Lawrence at Rotterdam, partially preserved, they are painted with compasses and trowel in hand.

  27. This is the mean variation given by the three azimuth compasses we had on board, which would differ from each other a degree and a half, and sometimes more.

  28. Strange to say the attraction on this island rendered our compasses quite useless; we noticed on its North-West side a portion of the wreck of a small vessel.

  29. It must not however be supposed that defective compasses have ceased to exist.

  30. The adjustment of compasses by magnets is a most delicate operation, and has received much attention from some of our leading men in science.

  31. At the very moment her defective compasses drove her ashore, she imagined she was some forty miles off the coast at Portugal, and so close was the merchant fleet upon her, that upwards of half of them took the ground and were dashed to pieces.

  32. The former is known to have had an immense iron tank on board, the influence of which upon her compasses must have been very great.

  33. A large portion of the superior compasses of the United States navy are manufactured in this country, entirely on the Admiralty pattern, and several foreign governments have recently obtained the same instruments as models.

  34. His face was calm, but I saw the compasses quiver in his hand.

  35. He and Macdonald were busy with pencil and compasses over a chart.

  36. These were the compasses of the eighteenth century.

  37. The old marine compasses were set in gimbals.

  38. Set the compasses to a radius from A to B, and describe, with A for the centre, the semicircle shown at the top of the Fig.

  39. With square and compasses draw all the other lines shown in the same Fig.

  40. Then, with compasses as guides and checks, mark the outlines of the handle shown in Fig.

  41. Then, on the bottom side, with compasses and square, draw the whole of the figures constituting the entire diagram shown by Fig.

  42. From that centre describe with the compasses a semicircle.

  43. Fix compasses to a radius from c to d, and, from the centre before found, describe a semicircle, and from the same centre another semicircle with a radius about 1/8 in.

  44. Holding the compasses upright, and applying pressure from the hand, they will extend until the rubber will be so stretched as to become almost perfectly horizontal.

  45. On somewhat the same principle as Plateau’s model are the liquid compasses for ships.

  46. Snow and wind buffeted them and the compasses swung wildly as the plane gyrated in the air.

  47. Eskimos were dispatched to the village to bring compasses and extra clothing while Tim and Ralph satisfied themselves that the plane was in perfect condition.

  48. It was not one of the standard compasses belonging to the ship--these had been removed prior to sale--but had been brought on board from the pseudo Steephill Castle.

  49. Since the cruiser had not been swung to adjust compasses it was obvious that the course might be points out, since the deviation was unknown.

  50. Young men almost always have a pair of compasses with which they delight to measure the future; when their will is in accord with the size of the angle which they make, the world is theirs.

  51. Projection of the Circles of the Ring upon a Plaine, having the feet of a paire of compasses (but so that they be flat) to move on the Center of that Plaine, and those feet to open and shut as a paire of Compasses .

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