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  1. The art of the goldsmith was devoted to enrichments for them; that of the enameller to brilliant colouring.

  2. The foliations which curl around the central stone and its setting, take the prevailing forms adopted in architectural enrichments of the archbishop’s age.

  3. The use of enamel colours as enrichments to metal ornaments belongs to the later days of Rome.

  4. Geometric form, in all its endless variety, was particularly studied in the Middle Ages, and decorative enrichments of all kind subjected to its ruling control.

  5. One very prevailing form in early Gothic design was that of the mythic dragon, whose winged body and convoluted tail were easily and happily adapted to mix with the foliage or other decorative enrichments these artists chose to adopt.

  6. Within this circle is the conventional figure of a dragon, surrounded by convoluted ornament, reminding us forcibly of the prevailing enrichments so lavishly bestowed on old Runic monuments, at home and abroad.

  7. Though the keep is destitute of the enrichments of Norwich or Castle-Rising, it possesses an impressive character of strength, which is much increased by the extraordinary freshness of the masonry.

  8. Mr. Carter, in his elaborate work upon ancient English architecture, has collected a variety of similar enrichments in his thirty-third plate; and some of them extremely beautiful.

  9. The ciborium has cipollino columns, antique caps, pointed arches, and Venetian dentil enrichments with marble inlays.

  10. The key-stones are flat, and the piercing of some holes in them suggests that metal enrichments were affixed.

  11. The terra-cotta enrichments with which it is so richly set are hardly surpassed in their way by any of the same period in Italy, but I cannot admire the building as a whole.

  12. These have corbel-tables under them, which are the only enrichments in the building.

  13. The carved enrichments of the under part of the seats, or "misericords," are especially minute, the subjects apparently being taken from old German engravings.

  14. Mr. Jackson bears witness to the excellence of the workmanship, and expresses his opinion that the carved and decorated enrichments were executed by native and not foreign craftsmen.

  15. The church is well paved with oak, and here are two large brass branches and a marble font, having enrichments of cherubims, &c.

  16. The windows in the clerestory are mean; the enrichments of the meagre entablature clumsy.

  17. From a consideration of history, we should be led to conclude that form alone is incapable of yielding such enrichments as satisfy; for no national system of decoration has ever existed in the absence of colour.

  18. The pole may be grooved, and any little enrichments may be introduced into these grooves, providing the carving does not come to the surface, and thus touch the rings, which by their motion would injure it.

  19. In the case of enrichments like these no one could raise the cry that the faultless English of the Prayer Book had been marred.

  20. Upon these suggested enrichments the present writer offers no opinion.

  21. The ceiling of the well-known panel and rib kind attributed to Holbein at the Chapel Royal, St. James's had the enrichments in the panels of lead.

  22. Some were vaulted chambers, with graceful internal painted decorations of figures and vine patterns combined with low-relief enrichments in stucco.

  23. There is also ground for believing that as the use of carved enrichments increased with the increasing adoption of the Ionic and Corinthian styles, less use was made of painted decorations.

  24. Enrichments were almost invariably so carved, by sinking portions only of the surfaces and leaving the arrises and principal places untouched, as to preserve the original constructive forms given by the mason (Fig.

  25. The marble enrichments of the attic have also disappeared, and their place has been taken by common and tawdry decorations more adapted to the stage of a theatre.

  26. Sculptured slabs, painted wall decorations, and terra-cotta ornamentation were used as enrichments of the walls.

  27. Botta and Place have shown that colour was used with a lavishness quite foreign to our notions, as the alabaster statues as well as the plaster enrichments were coloured.

  28. Such enrichments of the borders of missals, etc.

  29. The cloisters adjoining are surrounded with a light arcade, with enrichments in the spandrils and frieze, all in terra cotta.

  30. Their elaborate reticulated enrichments were easily executed in it, and the example set by them was, of course, more likely to be followed by Spaniards than that of the nearest French brick building district in the region of Toulouse.

  31. The Gothic work of the latest period in Spain became extraordinarily florid in its details, especially in the variety introduced into the ribs of the vaulting and the enrichments generally.

  32. Mouldings, where they are introduced, differ from northern mouldings in being flatter and far less bold, their enrichments are chiefly confined to dentils, notches, and small and simple ornaments.

  33. The mouldings and enrichments which are common in Norman work are usually still in use.

  34. The enrichments in use varied with each style and each period, as the mouldings themselves did.

  35. Cornices, panels, and enrichments of all kinds modelled in plaster are constantly employed in the interior of rooms and buildings.

  36. The style of the windows and enrichments is Gothic; but the original part of the building is Norman.

  37. Every portion is carved with the spirit and stroke of the true artist; and the multiplied enrichments seen in detail from our elevated position quite surprise the spectator.

  38. Probably this lantern was one of the enrichments added to the church by Bishop Durando who died in 1283, for the capitals of the west door look considerably later.

  39. On this framework, covered with a gesso ground, various ornamental compartments and architectural enrichments are completed in relief.

  40. On a base and pyramid of most beautiful marble, are the first enrichments and busts that are to be seen in the whole church.

  41. The small compartments in the architectural enrichments are filled with variously-coloured pieces of glass inlaid on tinfoil, and have still a brilliant effect.

  42. On the top was a vase, and, rising to the pediments, enrichments of laurel branches, &c.

  43. The enrichments are naval trophies, instruments of war, navigation, &c.

  44. The plaster enrichments on the walls seemed, as far as I could make out, to have been originally left white, with the square edges of the plaster painted red; but I cannot speak quite positively on this point.

  45. Prompted by a deep and fervent faith in their religion, the Gothic builders and sculptors unconsciously wove into the humblest of their architectural enrichments some portion of their daily life and personality.

  46. The enrichments and little ornaments attached to mouldings, and particularly those placed in the hollows, are most characteristic of the various styles of Gothic architecture.

  47. The roof is supported by twelve pillars and arches of the Gothic order, abounding with enrichments of carved figures, fruit, &c.

  48. Under the pediment are the king's arms, with enrichments of trophy-work, very ornamental.

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