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Example sentences for "enroll"

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enriching; enrichment; enrichments; enrobed; enrol; enrolled; enrolling; enrollment; enrolls; enrolment
  1. Simon Peter was the most energetic of all the disciples of Jesus, and was zealous in his endeavors to enroll new followers under the banner of Christianity.

  2. He did not dare enroll Syrian troops, the hatred that existed between Judaeans and Syrians being too deeply ingrained to permit the harmonious working of the two to be counted upon.

  3. When it became evident that the rebellion could not be suppressed but by the force of arms, he deemed it his duty to leave the study of the profession of his choice, and enroll himself among the defenders of his country.

  4. On the first call for troops, he joined a company being raised by Captain De Villiers, as a private, being among the first to enroll his name.

  5. I enroll you first in the company which the King has commissioned me to raise.

  6. This novel kind of Calandrino,[18] of whom I am sketching a mere outline, served chiefly as a lure to young men who care more for mirth than serious scholarship, and drew them to enroll themselves with zeal beneath the banner of the owl.

  7. Fully persuaded that he had entranced his hearers, he then handed his manuscripts with majestic condescension to the secretary, and bade him enroll them in the archives of the Academy.

  8. Enroll Captain Hampden's volunteers with the company," he said.

  9. Didn't I write you that I'd enroll you as a member of the band?

  10. Come out, and I'll enroll you as a member of the band once more; for this is the coral atoll for me.

  11. Boys and girls over fourteen years of age are allowed to enroll in the Industrial Army in the agricultural or home-garden or the girls' service division.

  12. The girls will have their pledge of loyalty and perhaps will wear their chevrons, badges, or buttons, and will enroll for specific work in food, clothing, or shelter projects.

  13. It is to be hoped that every girl in the school above the age of ten will enroll in the sewing class and not sit idly by while a few do all the work.

  14. There being no limitation in the amount, every man, woman, and child will be enabled to enroll their names by subscriptions according to their ability.

  15. Well, we are going to put our poets in uniform, and enroll them in a regiment for the king.

  16. Monseigneur, to provision a fleet, to assemble a flotilla, to enroll your maritime force, would take an admiral a year.

  17. Many days had passed before I landed the first Zone resident I could not enroll unassisted.

  18. For the censors had power to expel a senator, and enroll whom they judged most fit in his room, and to disgrace such young men as lived licentiously, by taking away their horses.

  19. Enoch would have much preferred to enroll himself as a private in the Continental army without delay; but Jacob urged him so strongly to wait at least twenty-four hours that he could not refuse without giving offense to his comrade.

  20. Philip Augustus has knighted his heir, Prince Louis, only after the latter has taken a solemn oath not to enroll armed followers or perform other sovereign acts, save with his father's specific consent.

  21. Davis, the son-in-law of Lucretia Mott, was so hostile to the position of the women on the XIV Amendment that he refused to enroll his name as a member of the Convention.

  22. To introduce woman at the polls is to enroll her in the militia; to transfer her from the class of non-combatants to the class of combatants.

  23. If a youth aspired to become a painter, the first step was to enroll his name as a companion or probationer in the register of the guild of the town in which he intended to practise.

  24. Meanwhile a circular letter has been early mailed to the previous year's competitors, urging them to re-enroll by post-card.

  25. It is altogether probable that ere long the process of his canonization will be completed, and a decree of the Vicar of Christ enroll his name among the saints.

  26. America cannot refuse to accept and to enroll such an act as this, and thereby to reëstablish peace and harmony with the parent state.

  27. It is pleasant to enroll the admired author of “The Rivals” and “The School for Scandal” in this catalogue.

  28. If you enroll in a political party must you vote the straight ticket of that party?

  29. The Scouts stand in the form of a horseshoe with the officer who is to enroll at the open side, facing Scouts.

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