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Example sentences for "enrolment"

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  1. It authorises the enrolment of National Guards,--lest Brigands come to devour us, and reap the unripe crops.

  2. The multitudinous enrolment of stars was the first requisite.

  3. The enormous number exempted from enrolment for every sort of State duty, and for railroads and new manufacturing establishments made necessary by the blockade of our ports.

  4. The lack of arms limiting the enrolment of soldiers the first year of the war.

  5. When the recruit had passed through each performance he walked to two officers seated with enrolment forms at a table, was spoken to, and then recovered his discarded garment and walked out.

  6. Comprehensive as was the Enrolment Act, which rendered liable to military duty the entire male population between the ages of seventeen and fifty, the South was compelled to overstep its self-imposed limit.

  7. Further legislation by the Confederate Congress in February, 1864, extended the enrolment so as to include all white male residents of the Confederate States between the ages of seventeen and fifty.

  8. The ceremonial observances which accompanied the bestowal of these names were accompanied by a change of costume which constituted the official enrolment or advancement into another class.

  9. Translation referring to an Enrolment in the Reign of Nero.

  10. It is perfectly clear that in Egypt the enrolment was done on the basis of kinship.

  11. Translation Referring to an Enrolment in the Reign of Nero.

  12. Josephus states, for he says: "This was the first enrolment made when Quirinius was governor of Syria.

  13. In the first place, there can be no doubt of the importance of a good system for the enrolment of the rank and file, with effective provisions for a certain amount of instruction and drill every year.

  14. The arbitrary enrolment of a number of young men as conscripts at length produced an insurrection, in which the guard-houses, etc.

  15. Hence we may conclude, that the enrolment which took place at the birth of our Saviour was merely a census, comprehending the numbers, and perhaps the wealth and station of the several classes of the people.

  16. The question of impressing upon the Africans who are seeking enrolment the necessity of not drinking is a delicate one.

  17. In addition to this it was maintained by this party that the landowners should contribute the third part of their land to provide for the enrolment of new citizens.

  18. To the overplus of allies who joined subsequent to the enrolment of the army are assigned the spaces on either side of the Praetorium, the market-place and Quaestorium being proportionally contracted.

  19. And while the Consuls were engaged in hastening on the enrolment of their legions and other military preparations, the people were active in bringing to completion the colonies which they had already voted to send into Gaul.

  20. The Board of Education strives to live well within the sum allowed it, and crowds the greatest possible number of children upon each teacher, the regular enrolment being seventy primary pupils per teacher.

  21. Then to parry the charge of over-filling schoolrooms, it becomes the duty of the principal to reduce the enrolment per schoolhouse to the lowest point.

  22. It was, however, significant that the Lord Mayor, a prominent official Nationalist, refused the use of the Mansion House for a meeting at which it was proposed to start the enrolment of Irish Volunteers.

  23. The writer begins his enrolment in the following manner (ii.

  24. Babylon to Jerusalem; and this enrolment of the persons so returned appears to have been one of the principal objects for writing the book; but in this there is an error that destroys the intention of the undertaking.

  25. In the early first century enrolment in the Roman service had little effect on the levies of wild tribesmen who composed the greater part of the auxilia at this period.

  26. The enrolment of the souls of the dead further witnesses to the purely religious character of the gild, and the purchase of a missal should also be noticed.

  27. At any rate, with the enrolment of the "Good Duke" as alderman of the Guild, the success of the proposed college was secure.

  28. The total enrolment in primary schools was approximately four hundred ninety thousand, in intermediate schools thirty thousand nine hundred, and in secondary schools six thousand.

  29. The grand total enrolment of this latter institution since its organization is thirty-two hundred twenty-nine, while that of the Veterinary College during the same period is forty-seven.

  30. In July, 1913, there were about eighty-five hundred Filipino teachers, with an estimated total enrolment of five hundred thirty thousand pupils.

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