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Example sentences for "enroute"

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  1. Time correspondent Robert Sherrod recorded his first impression of Shoup enroute to Betio: “He was an interesting character, this Colonel Shoup.

  2. When a Japanese shell disabled his LVT and killed most of the occupants enroute to the beach, Bordelon rallied the survivors and led them ashore on Red Beach Two.

  3. Many of the LVTs were destroyed enroute by antiboat guns which increasingly had the range down pat.

  4. Garrison troops are already enroute to relieve us as soon as we have completed our job.

  5. Smith Collection Troops of the 2d Battalion, 2d Marines, 2d Marine Division, load magazines and clean their weapons enroute to Betio on board the attack transport Zeilin (APA 3).

  6. Several times, enroute to the Crystal Inn, Louise had to warn her to steer more carefully.

  7. In panic she decided that she must be a prisoner enroute to the German submarine.

  8. I might as well go on down to Cambridge, and get to work on my conditions.

  9. He had an ambition beyond the hotel; he wished to study for the ministry; and it was not alone the chance of going home with the girls that made him constant at the evening meetings.

  10. He rose, and went over to where Westover was sitting, and held out his hand to him.

  11. Enroute the militiamen were cheered when they overtook a New Orleans-bound keelboat laden with muskets.

  12. Collins was joined at the little village of Chinova by three companies of Yorks, enroute from Murmansk to Obozerskaya, a U.

  13. These units had been detached from the 85th Division, the Custer Division, while it was enroute to France, and had been assembled in southern England, there re-outfitted for the climate and warfare of the North of Russia.

  14. There were several British officers on the icebreaker enroute to Murmansk who set up a pitiful cry that they had seen none of the extras to which they were accustomed, thinking doubtless that the American officer was holding back on them.

  15. Enroute to this locality from Barrow Village we saw only two longspurs (2:00 P.

  16. Enroute to the airplane spotting station, the cab neither met nor passed any vehicle.

  17. Enroute home, Penny stopped at another garage to make arrangements to have her stripped coupe hauled into the city.

  18. When Oliver Cowdery returned to the Church, in 1848, the great body of the Latter-day Saints were enroute for the west.

  19. A Massachusetts woman enroute to 'Frisco stuck her head out of a car window and exclaimed, "How awfully terrible!

  20. But the Japanese were not daunted by the setback; other planes and ships were enroute to the inviting target.

  21. At Rouen we saw a large British steamer loaded with soldiers enroute to the front.

  22. We noticed numerous trench soldiers in squads, enroute to and from the trenches.

  23. As we passed along we saw thousands of soldiers enroute to the front, among them one full regiment.

  24. Mr. Comstock, senior, was mounted on a white horse and he was enroute home about the time the Indians were expected to return.

  25. Enroute to Salt Lake City, the South Platte route was followed, averaging about twenty miles a day.

  26. His sister walked to the edge of the town with him as he led his one-horned cow, which was to furnish milk for coffee on the camp-out trip, which was to last three months, enroute to the Pacific coast.

  27. Enroute to Riverview, the girls talked over the situation and agreed that the prospect of finding the necklace was a slim one.

  28. Enroute to Riverview he endeavored to make himself an agreeable conversationalist.

  29. Penny always handles an automobile as if she were enroute to a three-alarm fire!

  30. An improvement in mess enroute was experienced during this trip.

  31. Brannigan climbed out, walked to a nearby automobile, transferred to a second car enroute to the hospital after a collision--and died the next day from third-degree burns.

  32. He was assigned to pilot the smaller G-1 trainer to New London, keep a sharp look-out enroute for the missing plane, then work with the destroyers on torpedo exercises.

  33. As he passed through Salt Lake valley enroute to the gold mines, he had rested a few days at father's; and now he was cook at a large hotel.

  34. They were enroute to Bear River, with the announced purpose of protecting the Morrisites in their anticipated move to California.

  35. After consulting with Mr. Parker, officers agreed to take Highland and Winkey to the monastery enroute to the lockup.

  36. Enroute they obtained a view of the tomb of President Harrison.

  37. In those times many distinguished visitors passed through Salt Lake City, enroute to California.

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