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  1. The regiments in line in front of the cleared space before the battery, returned the fire with energy, and the marine howitzers also responded.

  2. The howitzers silenced, it was determined to storm the enemy's works.

  3. We handled our howitzers again, and marched down Jefferson Avenue to the steamer "Boston" to embark.

  4. I suppose a battery of howitzers never before found itself mounted upon cars, ready to open fire at once and bang away into the offing with shrapnel or into the bushes with canister.

  5. Outside the town, we strike the railroad and move along, the howitzers in front, bouncing over the sleepers.

  6. On the Buttes Chaumont, Ranvier, who directed the defence of these quarters, had established three howitzers of 12 cm.

  7. At the battle of 28th June the French were unable to spare us the howitzers or ammunition we begged of them.

  8. Infantry with shrapnel; howitzers were only to be used with my personal permission and then were only to fire shrapnel.

  9. About this time 6-inch howitzers were made available and later emplaced, one for left sector, one for the centre, and one for the right, but with very limited quantities of ammunition.

  10. In addition, six French howitzers will be so disposed as to open fire upon Turkish artillery north of the ridge 150--Achi Baba peak.

  11. He has only to borrow a suitable number of howitzers and aeroplanes from the Western front and our troops begin to advance.

  12. On arrival at Gallipoli Peninsula, when the need for howitzers was at once apparent, I again re-opened the question, particularly on the 29th May, when the C.

  13. Howitzer Batteries, the latter being the only howitzers available up to this time at Anzac.

  14. Heavy Battery (two 6-inch howitzers and one 4.

  15. Xth and XIth Divisions (since 5-inch howitzers are found to be too inaccurate to bombard the enemy trenches even in close proximity to our own), one battery of 6-inch howitzers and four 9.

  16. On 14th July a heavy battery was organized for right flank, consisting of the two 6-inch howitzers and the 4.

  17. Some of these howitzers were very old and worn by corrosion, and were consequently inaccurate.

  18. Two brass howitzers of Rickett's battery, First United States Artillery, did good execution, being in position on the Virginia shore.

  19. Our two howitzers were exchanged for Parrott guns from Battery G, New York volunteers, Captain Frank.

  20. A large number of six-inch and twelve-inch Austrian howitzers were added to the enormous Krupp batteries.

  21. Field pieces firing at point-blank range were used to cut the barbed wire entanglements defending the enemy intrenchments, while howitzers and bombing airplanes were used to drop high explosives into the defenseless earthworks.

  22. The grand masses of heavy howitzers were used in a different way.

  23. Both the big guns and the howitzers were the deciding factors in most of the military decisions reached during the war.

  24. Included in the heavy artillery are guns and howitzers of larger caliber than the 75-millimeter.

  25. As a preliminary to the battle, von Falkenhayn placed a semicircle of huge howitzers and rifles around the field of Briey.

  26. Artillery is divided first between the big guns having a comparatively flat trajectory and the howitzers whose trajectory is curved.

  27. The force was formally drawn up before the City Hall, the howitzers pointing up and down the street, which was thronged with people.

  28. Six guns, 32-pounders, and howitzers of an old pattern were mounted en barbette, without any traverses whatever.

  29. You shall make culverins and howitzers for his Majesty's troops to your heart's content, so have no fear.

  30. You shall supply as many of those great howitzers and shells as you can, and then take on more men and make others, for from what I have seen of the performance of those guns you have made both name and fortune.

  31. The gunners in Kovno stuck to their posts for twelve desperate days, and all the time the big siege howitzers of the enemy played havoc among them.

  32. Nowadays an aeroplane can supply all the information needed in a single hour, and howitzers can be directed from the air so that their shells will drop on the required position, though the gunners cannot possibly see their targets.

  33. February the British and French artillery turned their heavy howitzers on the "railway triangle," and began a fierce bombardment.

  34. It was an original kind of march--I suppose a battery of howitzers never before found itself mounted upon cars, ready to open fire at once and bang away into the offing with shrapnel or into the bushes with canister.

  35. Colonel Karge was on an island in the Hatchie River and sent him 500 men and two howitzers as re-inforcements.

  36. Smith commanding, and two mountain howitzers from the 6th Kansas Cavalry, Lieut.

  37. Six field-batteries and four howitzers bombarded the enemy's position with tremendous vigour, and inflicted considerable loss.

  38. The Naval Brigade also set to work with vigour, and they, together with the howitzers from Mount Alice, pounded the whole vicinity to the right impartially.

  39. Our Naval guns bombarded the ridge all day, and the howitzers boomed and roared, but the whole place appeared to be bustling with Boers.

  40. But they strengthened their works on the north of the town, added some more howitzers and fired a few shells by way of introduction.

  41. General Pigot, accordingly advanced up the hill under cover of a fire from field-pieces and howitzers planted on a small height near the landing-place on Moulton's Point.

  42. The redoubts thus taken were included the same night in the second parallel, and howitzers were mounted upon them the following day.

  43. At a wayside station a bright moon enabled Dalroy to take stock of two monster howitzers mounted on specially constructed bogie trucks.

  44. Meanwhile Major Elmslie's battery of howitzers had taken up a position on the bank opposite the centre of Omdurman, and at 1.

  45. Subsequently the howitzers abandoned their artillery practice on tombs and their violation of the dead, and engaged in the more satisfactory demolition of the Omdurman ramparts.

  46. A smaller fort, mounting five guns, was built at the northwest corner, and at the northeast and southeast corners were small lunettes, with a couple of howitzers each.

  47. The bottom and opposite side of the ravine showed how destructive our fire and that of the canister from the howitzers had been.

  48. First I took orders to a battery of 6-inch howitzers at the Rue de Marais to knock the factory to pieces, then I carried an observing officer to some haystacks by Violaines, from which he could get a good view of the factory.

  49. The howitzers were rapidly put out of action though not destroyed, and a small orchard just behind them was ploughed, riven, and scarred with high explosive and shrapnel.

  50. B xv Approximate ranges of Shot guns and howitzers No.

  51. On approaching the beach the tow-ropes should be cast off, and the launches with howitzers dress up in line ready to open fire, if necessary, to clear the landing.

  52. All bronze howitzers transported by rail shall be boxed.

  53. The howitzers being mounted as boat's guns and prepared for landing are brought at once into action, or remain in the boats, according to circumstances.

  54. The number and class of Boat-Howitzers are assigned by the Bureau of Ordnance.

  55. The officer in command will commence firing from the howitzers when he thinks fit; but no musketry is to be fired without special orders.

  56. There were 8-inch seacoast howitzers for heavier work.

  57. The Castillo also has some interesting United States guns, including a pair of early 24-pounder iron field howitzers (c.

  58. Howitzers could: Move more easily in the field than mortars; reach targets behind obstructions by high angle fire; shoot larger projectiles than could field guns of similar weight.

  59. At the outbreak of the War of Independence, American artillery was an accumulation of guns, mortars, and howitzers of every sort and some 13 different calibers.

  60. They were siege and battering pieces, and in some few respects were similar to the howitzers of later years.

  61. The guns used round shot, grape, and case shot; mortars and howitzers fired bombs and carcasses.

  62. Made of gunpowder and wolf dung, they are fired out of upright bamboo-bound howitzers made of stout tree trunks.

  63. Bombs could be thrown only from mortars as in a land siege, but never from cannon in naval duels, though short howitzers were occasionally employed in Europe to fire bombs.

  64. They lost two howitzers before you could spell cat,” said Krulak.

  65. Half of the artillery rounds would be 105mm shells from howitzers and the M-7 self-propelled guns.

  66. Early in the morning, the 41st Illinois with two howitzers of Mann's battery, went forward to reconnoiter.

  67. The general average for one day's firing has been calculated on the following basis: Field and mountain guns and mountain howitzers .

  68. They took their guns up to forward positions during the night, and before the date of the attack there was a bombardment group of eight 6-inch howitzers and a counter battery group of ten 60-pounders and one 6-inch Mark VII.

  69. Six-inch howitzers of the 378th Siege Battery had been brought up to Foka in the early hours, and all the afternoon and evening they were plastering the road from Ramallah along which the enemy were retreating.

  70. Some howitzers of the 52nd Division were hauled over the hills in the afternoon and shelled the cairn so heavily that the post sought shelter in Suffa.

  71. The enemy's howitzers put down a heavy barrage on all approaches, and on the reverse of the hill covering the village lying in the hollow there were machine guns and many men.

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