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Example sentences for "carpentry"

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  1. In this respect there is a striking resemblance between Egyptian carpentry (see Fig.

  2. This method of carpentry seems to have been used only for subordinate buildings; but yet it should not be passed by in silence.

  3. The Emperor Maximilian, at the beginning of the sixteenth century, ordered a woodcut to be engraved that should represent the carpentry operations of his time and country.

  4. Thompson's list is a splendid comparison of the tools needed in actual practice, as opposed to the tools suggested by Nicholson in his treatise on carpentry or those shown in the catalogues of the toolmakers.

  5. Exceptionally skilled in his craft, Ustád produced highly ingenious work, fashioning carpentry that, for intricacy and precision, resembled mosaic inlay.

  6. Qulám-‘Alí took on the carpentry work of the Holy Tomb, exerting all his sure powers.

  7. I was more successful in my carpentry than he was, and it was quite a pleasure to me to give him all the help I could.

  8. The construction of an original work of carpentry thus provided the motives of the Doric entablature--naively expressing the advance from the roughest practical necessity to high architectural perfection.

  9. The simple decoration of three narrow strips of wood affixed to the ends of the beams was so customary in primitive carpentry that it became a typical motive in the later architecture of Greece.

  10. Carpentry lessons had produced the bookcase, the cosy corner, the two arm-chairs, and also many neat little contrivances, in the way of shelves and handy brackets.

  11. James went on with his work at home, attending school in the winter, reading whatever books he could find, and taking odd jobs in carpentry to add to the family income.

  12. Here, as well as at Huntsville, Alabama, Garfield's old skill at carpentry came into play; and he gained no small renown for his fine military engineering.

  13. Among the subjects in this branch are office work and shop practice, constructing joints in carpentry and joinery, cabinet making and turning, together with modeling in clay.

  14. The student's work from scale drawing occupies three terms, carpentry and joinery being taught in the first year, turning and cabinet making in the second, metal and stone work in the third.

  15. Think of the things you learned in winning those twenty badges--the Morse Code, life saving, carpentry work.

  16. Painting and carpentry are the soul of masque.

  17. Saturday with its weekly Council found each girl, except Eleanor, more than elated with the finished article of carpentry work to exhibit at the meeting.

  18. Miss Miller, referring to the lack of interest the girl displayed in carpentry and the unkind words she used to May.

  19. Elizabeth Remington said she would gladly help us to learn how to start the pottery and carpentry work.

  20. As the Woodcrafters left the building, Zan called after them: "Remember to bring a finished product of your carpentry for the next Council!

  21. We can all begin together on carpentry and at times when we are not together, or you new members are not in on some of the things we do, you can catch up on those easy winners," said Zan.

  22. It can be pasted in the Tally Book and mentioned as the winner of the carpentry contest," said Elena.

  23. Eleanor failed to appear at any of the meetings that week although she sent in a piece of carpentry made for her test that elicited the admiration of the other girls.

  24. We ought to complete our carpentry work first," ventured May.

  25. It read: "Begin some object in carpentry using own designs and material, suitable to claim a coup with all provisions met.

  26. Their woods are now the principal ones in carpentry and construction, and are more used than any others.

  27. Woods are used in carpentry and heavy constructions.

  28. Mary, always highly efficient in that line, joined them; and Leonard's handiness and dexterity in the arts relating to carpentry were as quietly useful as little Dickie's bright readiness in always handing whatever was wanting.

  29. Soon afterward Earl Sawyer told the loungers at Osborn's that more carpentry was going on in the Whateley farmhouse.

  30. There must have been prodigious reserves of strength in the old man to enable him to accomplish so much hard labor; and though he still babbled dementedly at times, his carpentry seemed to show the effects of sound calculation.

  31. About 1923, when Wilbur was a boy of ten whose mind, voice, stature, and bearded face gave all the impressions of maturity, a second great siege of carpentry went on at the old house.

  32. The carpentry instructor; A taint of Hinduism; he retains his pigtail.

  33. An illustration somewhat to the point may be found in the case of the carpentry instructor in the Poona City Mission, who was a convert from Hinduism.

  34. Akuy sangkap nímug galamitun sa pamanday, I will equip you with carpentry tools.

  35. Ang biyà sa pamanday magámit nga sugnud, The leftovers from carpentry work can be used as fuel.

  36. Nag-uran kug dáan kay mamanday ku, I am wearing old clothes because I’ll do some carpentry work.

  37. Kumplítu ang ákung gamitun sa pamanday, My tools for carpentry are complete.

  38. Monday and Tuesday following were devoted to examinations, and the inspection of our industrial exhibit in carpentry and sewing, which was in many respects the best of this kind ever made by any school in Athens.

  39. Specimens of work in the sewing department and in carpentry were opened to the public for inspection, and called forth deserved commendation.

  40. It was a capital example of the skilful carpentry of the old Swiss bridge-builders.

  41. The carpentry of that city, embanked and embowered in foliage, shared the picturesqueness of Charlestown in the distance.

  42. He helped the young ladies over crevasses of carpentry and along narrow paths of planking, on which they had made their way unassisted before.

  43. Nothing is more discouraging than to go out to what should be a tidy little spot to do a bit of mending or minor job of carpentry and find earth encrusted garden trowels, weeders, and such gear scattered all over the work bench.

  44. We engaged a good local man who, with his crew of four or five helpers, was accustomed to doing everything from carpentry to plumbing.

  45. The art of carpentry is directed almost wholly to the support of weight or pressure, and therefore its principles must be sought in the mechanical sciences.

  46. In carpentry framing owes its strength mainly to the form and position of its parts, but in joinery the strength of a frame depends to a larger extent upon the strength of the joinings.

  47. As the arts of joinery and carpentry are often followed by the same individual, it appears natural to conclude that the same principles are common to both, but a closer examination leads to a different conclusion.

  48. They have also planned and constructed a cold frame-house, doing all the carpentry work themselves.

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