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  1. With the individual, as with the race, the limit of the number that can be seen gradually increases up to four or five.

  2. That the proportion of oxygen increases at the same time is little or no drawback.

  3. The graduation of a thermometer is determined by the freezing-point and the boiling-point of water, the interval between these being divided into a certain number of degrees, representing equal increases of temperature.

  4. The lack of coal in Argentina greatly increases the difficulty and cost of maintaining these industries, and high prices of the products result.

  5. In Winona I have introduced a rhyme at the pivotal pause of the line, not because my Hexameter requires it, but because I think it increases the melody, and more emphatically marks the central pause.

  6. It grows on high, dry land, and increases from year to year.

  7. As the addition of nuts or other nutritious food sufficiently increases the proteid, no objection can with justice be made against the use of fruit.

  8. Alcohol increases the action of the heart, increases the blood pressure, and causes the vessels of the whole body to dilate, especially those of the skin; hence there is a feeling of warmth.

  9. Harry Campbell gives as the effect of thorough and efficient mastication, that it increases the amount of alkaline saliva passing into the stomach, and prolongs the period of starch digestion within that organ.

  10. If this be so, the opening of new countries to the institution increases the demand for and augments the price of slaves, and so does, in fact, make slaves of freemen, by causing them to be brought from Africa and sold into bondage.

  11. Thus time alone relieves a debtor nation, so long as its population increases faster than unpaid interest accumulates on its debt.

  12. After some 15 strokes, there appears a little smoke, and the operator increases the rapidity of his movement, until he thinks that there is sufficient fire underneath the bamboo.

  13. A lozenge-shaped hole in the center between the strings increases the resonance.

  14. This, by its natural tendency to expand, increases the size of the aperture until a larger spiral can be inserted.

  15. The pandemonium increases in direct proportion as the brew diminishes.

  16. The debt after a certain time increases beyond reasonable proportions until it finally becomes so great as to be beyond the debtor's means.

  17. It springs from the energies of the soil, and increases them a hundred-fold.

  18. Off with you; each moment increases the danger.

  19. In Europe population increases comparatively slowly, because food cannot be produced at a cheap value.

  20. Population regulates itself by the funds which are to employ it, and therefore always increases or diminishes with the increase or diminution of capital.

  21. The necessity which the labourer would be under of paying an increased price for such necessaries, would oblige him to demand more wages; and whatever increases wages, necessarily reduces profits.

  22. This exchange will increase the general income, since it increases the income of these parties.

  23. Increase of capital in quantity and value, increases the natural price of wages, 94, 95.

  24. In the other case, the population increases faster than the funds required for its support.

  25. In America, population increases rapidly, because food can be produced at a cheap price, and not because an abundant supply has been previously provided.

  26. It is a symptom, but it is never a cause of wealth; for wealth often increases most rapidly while rent is either stationary, or even falling.

  27. Manufacturing industry increases its produce in proportion to the demand, and the price falls; but the produce of land cannot be so increased; and a high price is still necessary to prevent the consumption from exceeding the supply.

  28. A landlord by his assiduity, economy, and skill, increases his annual revenue by 5000 francs.

  29. Rent increases most rapidly, as the disposable land decreases in its productive powers.

  30. Chilling of the extremities drives the blood to the interior of the body, increases congestion there, and by peripheral contraction raises the general blood pressure.

  31. Anything which increases the heart beat increases the irritation of the inflamed surfaces of the pericardium.

  32. If in spite of all the therapeutic measures suggested, the fluid increases and the pericardium becomes more distended and the heart's action more labored, paracentesis must be done.

  33. It increases its activity, but gives it a little more strength.

  34. Such severe exertion of course increases the blood pressure, even in these athletes, and the heart increases its speed.

  35. It increases the blood pressure, principally by stimulating the vasomotor center and by increasing the heart strength.

  36. It also becomes hypertrophied when the subject drinks largely of liquid--water or beer--and overloads his blood vessels and increases the work the heart must do.

  37. Anything that increases the peripheral resistance causes the left ventricle to hypertrophy.

  38. Digitalis also increases the blood pressure, not only by improving the activity of the heart, but also by causing some contraction of the arterioles.

  39. If it increases when the heart becomes slower and the patient is lying down, the cause is probably organic.

  40. Whatever exercise increases the heart rate more than twenty-five beats is too strenuous at that particular period.

  41. It was long since noted by Horsley that in England marriage decidedly increases the tendency to crime in women, though it decidedly decreases it in men.

  42. The souteneur's brutality only increases the ill-treated woman's love; the humiliation and slavery in which the woman's soul is drowned feed her love.

  43. I like to hold it so that it can't move its wings, because I imagine this increases its excitement.

  44. Similarly marriage decreases the tendency of men to become habitual drunkards and increases that of women.

  45. He regards the influence of masturbation in early life as tending to quicken orgasm in man, while when practised by the other sex it tends to slow orgasm, and thus increases the disharmony.

  46. In the non-luminous flame, owing to the air being admitted and mixed with the gas, the increased supply of oxygen renders combustion more complete, greatly increases the heat of the flame, but renders it incapable of giving light.

  47. Here the athlete begins his run to the centre of the bar slowly, then he increases his speed a little, finishing with a quick run and a bound.

  48. Presently as the soapy water dipped out by the bowl of the pipe gets distributed over the walls of the bubble and it increases in size, this no longer acts, and drainage from the top at once sets in.

  49. The following general results were arrived at:- (1) Heating in a paraffin bath always increases the resistance of wood, though only slightly if the wood be hard and dense.

  50. The price of discs increases enormously with the size.

  51. The Roentgen effect only begins to appear when the tube has got to so high a state of exhaustion that the resistance increases rapidly.

  52. Footnote: When pitch is heated till it evolves bubbles of gas its hardness increases with the duration of the process.

  53. In using the bath the anode tends, as a rule, to become incrusted, and this rapidly increases the resistance of the cell, so that the current falls off quickly.

  54. To bend a tube above half an inch in diameter is a more or less difficult operation, and one which increases in difficulty as the diameter of the tube increases.

  55. On the third day after the "splicing" of the shore-end with the main cable, that part of the ocean was reached where the water suddenly increases in depth from two hundred and ten fathoms to two thousand and fifty.

  56. The distance across is nearly two thousand miles, and the depth gradually increases to a maximum of three miles.

  57. In conclusion, it may be said that the separation of labours is a skilful employment of the force of man--that it increases prodigiously the products of society--but it destroys something of the capacity of the individual man.

  58. Must I understand from this, madam, that the goodness or badness of your crop is the scale on which your conscience measures your obligation to pay a just debt, and that it contracts or expands as your crop increases or diminishes?

  59. Now in such case I am obliged by necessity to get a thing charged, and I have found by sad experience that a bill increases faster than I had in the least imagined.

  60. But to acquire a full insight into all the details which are apt to influence the moral value of an act is in many cases anything but easy, and this naturally increases the disagreement.

  61. According to the doctrine of modern Buddhism, "when the life of a man is taken, the demerit increases in proportion to the merit of the person slain.

  62. Its prevalence in our modern society greatly increases the perplexity of public opinion in regard to sexual morality.

  63. There is undoubtedly a certain proportion between the pain-stimulus and the reaction; other things being equal, resentment increases in intensity along with the pain by which it is excited.

  64. Responsibility commences with the dawn of a moral consciousness, and increases along with the evolution of the intellect.

  65. According to Buddhist conceptions of lying, "the magnitude of the crime increases in proportion to the value of the article, or the importance of the matter, about which the lie is told.

  66. Any act, forbearance, or omission, which in some way or other diminishes or increases their happiness may on that account become a subject of moral blame or praise, being apt to call forth sympathetic retributive emotions.

  67. And the Puritans, especially, have revelled in the idea that "the sight of hell torments will exalt the happiness of the saints for ever," as a sense of the opposite misery always increases the relish of any pleasure.

  68. The fact that they have become meaningless does not render them less binding; on the contrary, the mystery surrounding them often increases their sanctity.

  69. Sometimes the oath is taken in connection with a sacrifice made to a god, and then the sanctity of the sacrificial animal naturally increases the efficacy of the self-imprecation.

  70. That the demand for a merchandise increases the production of it is in this case seldom thought of.

  71. Regardless of the intention, and especially of the success they had, such languages allow us a closer look at their cognitive condition, and hence at their contribution to increases in the efficiency of human practical activities.

  72. The complexity of the effort to master the world surrounding us increases over time.

  73. This influence increases when orality is progressively superseded by the limited literacy of writing and reading.

  74. Selection neither increases the chances of the fittest, nor eliminates the biologically unfit.

  75. The specialization that increases market efficiency results in a growing number of literacies.

  76. Spencer believed that the increase of the productive power of work increases happiness.

  77. Peak performance increases as the average falls in the range of mediocrity and sub- mediocrity.

  78. In our day, the need for continual training increases dramatically.

  79. It is a two-way dependency which increases over time and results in today's logical machines that define a culture radically different from the culture of the mechanical contraption.

  80. This condition is made worse as the cell block increases in length, and some of them, as at Pentonville, I think, are 175 feet long.

  81. The adoption of the outside cell plan of construction increases the opportunity for escapes; therefore the prison wall surrounds the entire prison.

  82. Does crime grow less as education increases among the colored people?

  83. Fear industriously increases every sound; we all listen; each communicates to the other his ideas and conjectures.

  84. Striped fibre must be regarded as the highest form; and as a muscle of this sort contracts in length it increases uniformly in breadth.

  85. When an animalcule increases by self-division, a portion of the nucleus goes with each part, and it is probably the organ which stimulates the change.

  86. Therefore, in them fighting power declines in relative importance, and speed, to perform their missions, increases in proportion.

  87. Yes indeed, she shapes and nourishes and increases them through and through, not on the outside only.

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