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gradualness; graduate; graduated; graduates; graduating; graduations; gradum; gradus; graffe; graffed
  1. What could better recall to my mind the night of my graduation from the grade school?

  2. In the operation of the school's elective system, each girl chose the classes she preferred, and received certificates of graduation as the work in each subject was accomplished.

  3. It is a notable and probably an unparalleled fact, that he should, through fifty-two consecutive years, have made the graduation address and have delivered the Diplomas.

  4. Graduation from school does not imply full and complete knowledge on any subject or in any department of learning.

  5. Closely following his twentieth birthday came his graduation with the degree of M.

  6. He entered the academy in 1860 and upon his graduation became a midshipman and ensign, first on the frigate Powhatan, and before he had attained his majority took part in the desperate assault on Fort Fisher.

  7. A youth can be combative, personally brave and aggressive, and still be a good student, as was proven by the graduation of Dewey, fifth in a class of fourteen.

  8. Thus they have a Graduation amongst them, as well as other Nations.

  9. Well, Polly ought to do well," answered Dave, who had not forgotten that the student who acted so very girlishly had at graduation stood as high in his percentage as our hero himself had done.

  10. Then came the graduation exercises at Oak Hall, Dave receiving high honors.

  11. Oh, we'll have to meet at some future graduation exercises at the Hall!

  12. Our Policy in the West Indies and the Caribbean," was the subject of Richard's salutatory address in the crowded theatre that evening at the graduation exercises of the Bankley High School.

  13. Why do you not enter the Naval Academy, young man, and after graduation come into the Corps?

  14. He was well repaid now for the hours he had devoted to his graduation essay.

  15. I am afraid that unless I can recoup my recent losses I shall be unable even to allow your sister to finish her art studies after her graduation next year, as we had planned.

  16. The scholar who completes the course satisfactorily is awarded the diploma of graduation and admitted to the Senior Department of the school.

  17. The weeks following my graduation were as ill suited as possible to the decision of any serious question.

  18. If you were arguing that the standards for graduation from your college should be raised, you would try to show that each year enough men are graduated with low intellectual attainments to make a class large enough to generalize from.

  19. Should the standard for entrance or for graduation be raised, or lowered, at your college?

  20. The standard for graduation from this college should be raised," is a subject that can be discussed, but as it stands it would not be a good proposition for an argument, because it is vague.

  21. After graduation Daniel taught for a year and earned the money he had promised Ezekiel.

  22. After graduation he wished to leave the army and become an instructor in mathematics at West Point.

  23. It appears that the ones in the older age-groups who do graduate are not so handicapped in reference to the time requirement for graduation as we might have expected them to be from the facts of the preceding pages.

  24. The distribution according to the period for graduation for the 1,936 pupils who graduate was shown by the summary lines of Table VIII.

  25. The small number that finish earlier than four years may be due in part to the single annual graduation in several of the schools.

  26. Comparison of the Failing and the Non-failing Groups in Reference to Graduation and Persistence 48 2.

  27. Manifestly the percentage of graduation would be higher in any school if the recruits from other schools and the drop-backs from other classes in the school were included.

  28. This fact may be due to the greater economy in examinations, or to the relatively inflexible school requirements for completing the prescribed work by repetition whether for graduation or for college entrance.

  29. At the same time there has been no decline in the importance of high school graduation for entering the learned or professional pursuits.

  30. Here we mean to carry the analysis and comparison in reference to graduation and failure somewhat further.

  31. So far as ability is required to meet the conditions of graduation they are manifestly provided with it.

  32. It has already been said that at graduation Nathan Hale stood among the first thirteen in a class of thirty-six.

  33. His call to be settled over the First Church in Coventry was received so soon after his graduation that we are forced to believe that his theological course must have been brief.

  34. It was Graduation Day, and the day on which Sue Belle Seville and Samuel Maxwell had elected to get married.

  35. He had acted especially high and mighty since his graduation last week.

  36. Aunt Cecilia belonged to the important class of American women who regard a graduation as a family event second in importance only to a wedding or a funeral, ranking slightly higher than a "coming out.

  37. General Paul hoped that the graduation of these cadets would stimulate further interest and a corresponding increase in applications from Negroes.

  38. The small number of black candidates made segregated classes impractical, and after graduation of the first group of black officers at Great Lakes, Negroes were accepted in all officer candidate classes.

  39. In the months following graduation of the first twelve black officers and one warrant officer in March 1944, scores of Negroes had passed through the Navy's training school.

  40. Here, an aliquot measure of the aluminous liquor being taken, the liquid precipitant must be added in successive portions, as long as it causes any cloud, when the quantity added will be indicated by the graduation of the vessel.

  41. With a graduation tub which has been used, this addition of vinegar is unnecessary.

  42. Since, in the graduation tub, there is a temperature of 110 deg.

  43. When it has become clear, draw off the vinous liquor, and either acetify it in the graduation tub above described, or by the common vinegar process.

  44. The mode of making borax from the acid is as follows:--The lake water is evaporated in graduation houses, and then concentrated in boilers till it crystallizes.

  45. It is the tester's duty to himself to check the graduation of this latter scale by weighing the water with which he performs the operation of checking.

  46. Joffre's first work at fort building had been so well done that immediately upon graduation the government set him to work.

  47. Five years after graduation he had worked up to a first lieutenancy, and two years more found him a captain.

  48. Meridians are represented at intervals of ten degrees commencing at a prime meridian which passes through the Cape Verde Islands, while the parallels are similarly marked, the graduation being indicated on the prime meridian.

  49. In the afternoon the deciding baseball game was to be played, but, except for gathering belongings together preliminary to packing, nothing else intervened between now and the graduation programme of the morrow.

  50. Graduation Day had sent them scurrying homeward.

  51. Following his graduation he opened an office in Grant's Pass, Oregon, where he entered upon the active work of the profession.

  52. An opportunity to take an examination for graduation is given at various time, to eighth grade pupils in any of the schools.

  53. Following his graduation he devoted some time to farming in his native county, but in 1904 came to the Pacific coast.

  54. In the meantime he had pursued his course in business college and such was the thoroughness with which he did his work that the college sought his co-operation after his graduation and for one term he engaged in teaching there.

  55. Following his graduation he made his initial step in the business world in connection with banking interests.

  56. A slide with a slot through it, to show the graduation beneath, traverses upon it, and is kept from turning by a guide on the lower side.

  57. B xii Graduation of sights and ranges, 8 in.

  58. Allowance of Marines, when A x Graduation of sights and ranges, of 32 pds.

  59. That end of the slide from which the graduation of the rod commences has both of its sides drawn out, to form knife-edges; the knife-edges and the end of the slide are in the same plane.

  60. But as the graduation is intended for the points, care must be taken in this case to allow for the difference.

  61. The graduation should be extended to each end.

  62. B xiii Graduation of sights and ranges, 9 and 11 in.

  63. The graduation commences from the bottom of the head of the bar resting on the sight-box.

  64. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "graduation" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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