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Example sentences for "inaugural"

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  1. But it has with what Mr. Lincoln's First Inaugural called "the better angels of our nature," if we stop to reflect.

  2. He "clung to his policy of disinterested benevolence with a tenacity born of conviction," to borrow a phrase from Governor-General Smith's inaugural address of 1907.

  3. Mr. Millet gives an intensely interesting account of the inaugural ceremonies of September 15th, which as Manila correspondent of the London Times and Harper's Weekly he had the good fortune to witness.

  4. Mr. Millet saw the inaugural ceremonies in the church, and heard Aguinaldo's address to the Congress.

  5. Commenting on this in his inaugural address as Governor of the Philippines, Governor Taft had said: May we not be recreant to the charge, which he truly says, concerns the honor and conscience of our country.

  6. The contrast, when one compared this with the inaugural meeting at Battersea, was indeed startling.

  7. But the remaining eighty-seven were presented with cards of admission to a small hall in Battersea which we had hired for the inaugural meeting.

  8. In his inaugural message he spoke with doubt concerning his own powers.

  9. One sentence in his inaugural address provoked derision: "We are at peace with all the world and the rest of mankind.

  10. Polk in his inaugural address suggested a settlement of the Oregon boundary dispute with England on the line of 54° 40'.

  11. There has been not only a sympathetic but a very practical attitude toward the ideal expressed in my inaugural address, that there is a right to be well born, well reared, well educated, well employed, and well paid.

  12. If the President carries out his inaugural promises there will be no radical changes, and if he does not there will be a very radical change at the next presidential election.

  13. I think that the inaugural surprised the Democrats and the Republicans both, and if the President carries out the program he has laid down he will surprise and pacify a large majority of the American people.

  14. The inaugural is a very good Republican document.

  15. This was true, as we have seen, of Thomson, and it is unlikely that the form of his inaugural dissertation cost him much more effort than its matter.

  16. He saw Mr. Lincoln but once; at the melancholy function called an Inaugural Ball.

  17. Inaugural Address on the opening of the Winter Session of the Birmingham and Midland Institute.

  18. As a matter of fact, the roseate view of the situation presented by Jefferson in his second Inaugural Address was hardly warranted by facts.

  19. In his second inaugural address, the President found it unnecessary to state again the directing principles of his policies, simply declaring that he had "acted up" to the declaration contained in his first inaugural.

  20. In his inaugural address Adams discreetly sounded a note of reconciliation.

  21. And this, much to the surprise and disappointment of the militants who had fought the hard battle with him and for him, was the keynote of his inaugural speech.

  22. That Karl Marx wrote its Inaugural Address was merely incidental.

  23. His Inaugural Address was a trade union document, not a Communist Manifesto.

  24. The "Inaugural Address" is a masterpiece of diplomatic finesse.

  25. In Lincoln's inaugural address will be found the passage about the sad singularity of the two contendants in the fratricidal combat being Christians alike: "Both read the same Bible, and pray to the same God.

  26. He consigned them to the waste-paper basket and wrote the "Inaugural Address," giving a history of the English workers since the year 1825, and deducing the necessary conclusions.

  27. Inaugural Address of James Madison, on commencing his second term as President, 575.

  28. Clearly it was a secret and confidential moment, and "inaugural occasion" had something to do with the glory of wearing an incipient tail.

  29. Although his inaugural breathed peace and conciliation in every line, it had no effect on the hot-headed advocates of secession.

  30. His inaugural address, in that florid rhetoric of which he was master, enunciated principles of government to which no friend of human liberty could object.

  31. In his inaugural address Lincoln said: "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists.

  32. Don't you remember how the grand Lincoln closed his inaugural address?

  33. The streets at night, for several nights prior to the inaugural ceremonies, were practically deserted.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "inaugural" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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