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elegies; elegy; element; elementa; elementaire; elementals; elementary; elemented; elementes; elementis
  1. How better secure these ends than by bringing "the masses" into touch with the elemental forces and phenomena of nature?

  2. Walt Whitman utters the elemental truths and is the poet of democracy.

  3. There is in our language no profounder poem than the one entitled "Elemental Drifts.

  4. The reason of this is that Shakespeare dealt with elemental things, with universal man.

  5. Berlioz must have been blood-brother to the savage, the elemental creature who out of the dark and hidden needs of life itself invents on his rude musical instrument a mighty rhythm.

  6. Berlioz must have harbored some elemental demand for form inherent in the human mind but buried and forgotten until it woke to life in him again.

  7. And Berlioz possessed this elemental feeling for rhythm.

  8. After all, the Chicken's assurance was a compliment to the regiment, where discipline is an elemental fact.

  9. Only, the blood must be freshly spilled and strong with the vital emanations that attract this peculiar class of elemental creature.

  10. Silence more calmly, but with a note of triumph in his voice he could not keep out, “and a fire-elemental enraged.

  11. For they understood how to attach to the mummy, to lock up with it in the tomb, an elemental force that would direct itself even after ages upon any one who dared to molest it.

  12. Alone, these blind elemental energies can accomplish little, but governed and directed by the trained will of a powerful manipulator they may become potent activities for good or evil.

  13. In this case it was an elemental of fire.

  14. Once I have seen, I hope to discover whence this elemental comes, and what its real purpose is.

  15. We call this the first elemental kingdom.

  16. That which in our first chain was ensouling the first elemental kingdom must have ensouled the second of those kingdoms in the second chain, in the third of them in the Moon-chain, and is now in the mineral kingdom in the fourth chain.

  17. When it reaches this stage we call it the second elemental kingdom, the ensouling life of which resides upon the higher mental levels, while the vehicles through which it manifests are on the lower.

  18. At this stage we call it the third elemental kingdom.

  19. He knew enough of the creative power of thought to be aware that a sensitive mind coming into contact with such an atmosphere could not fail to respond in some degree to the suggestions, to the elemental hypnosis, of the place.

  20. For days it may lie basking and smiling in the sun, but at any hour it is liable to become inhospitable and pitiless, and for a good part of the year the summit is the area of elemental passion.

  21. As they walked slowly on, past the now abandoned paper-mills and the other human impertinences, the elemental turmoil increased, and they seemed entering a world the foundations of which were broken up.

  22. Not much could be seen from it, but it was in the midst of an elemental uproar.

  23. The tale of the swallowing may have been attributed to Cronus, as a great truculent deity, though it has no particular elemental signification in connection with his legend.

  24. The sky, sun, wind or other elemental personage can converse with the dead, and can turn himself and his neighbours into animals, stones and trees.

  25. As the various Aryan families separated, the sense of the old words and names became dim, the nomina developed into numina, the names into gods, the descriptions of elemental processes into myths.

  26. He knew; and his very silence told Helen that he knew, and for a moment both of them were conscious of the surging of that elemental force which had made itself felt out in the forest.

  27. I suppose the mating instinct is the one elemental thing left in the modern world.

  28. His passion was real enough, as the girl felt, and she was simple and elemental enough to be thrilled by it; but she was sufficiently wise not to mistake the response in herself for the greater thing.

  29. That had been eliminated by the harsh necessity of labour which circumstances had thrust upon her; and the life of the wilderness had developed in her elemental powers.

  30. He was nearer to that elemental sadness and could speak with a more human tone.

  31. As Stuart looked into the faces of the crowd he saw no trace of the degeneracy and loss of elemental manhood which makes the sight of an European mob loathsome and hopeless.

  32. I felt for the first time the cunning of the elemental man, the force that gave him food and shelter for himself and babies before the laws of property had come to rule the world.

  33. The law which holds burglary constructive murder is founded on an elemental truth.

  34. They think very lightly of the elemental strength of sex and parental instincts who suppose that these are to be overslaughed in any great portion of the race by cultural interests.

  35. Such are parental love in its most elemental form, sympathy as mere contagious feeling, anger, or resentment.

  36. The gregarious instinct may be the most elemental of the impulses which bind the group together, but it is reinforced by sympathies and sentiments growing out of common life, common work, common danger, common religion.

  37. For that simple, elemental work and life the opportunity came to me at last.

  38. The more elemental you were, the closer you lived to the stratum the world couldn't do without.

  39. Elemental processes and forces are all silent and viewless.

  40. Jesus discarded speculation and found the key to the doctrine of God in the family, the simplest and most elemental of human institutions.

  41. So simple and elemental is this truth that it may best be enforced by commonplace illustrations, and by something like a personal appeal.

  42. The light, the air, gravitation and all elemental forces transcend definition.

  43. When we all get back to these elemental and provable facts there will be some hopes of ending the petty bickerings of creeds, and of including the whole human family in one comprehensive system of thought.

  44. And with this certainty surely we have all that is necessary for an elemental religion.

  45. And if there is one outstanding characteristic of Asch's work, it is this elemental, this passionately strong and elemental vein.

  46. Always through all he writes one feels a deep and elemental strength, an elemental belief in nature and truth.

  47. The same elemental strength and purity of emotion that is found in his prose is always present in his dramas.

  48. There must be an 'Urkraft' (elemental strength) behind a man's work.

  49. And I saw also that here was an artist with human sympathy immeasurable, and yet not lacking sensuous imagery and elemental strength and beauty.

  50. With a glow of pleasure he recognized it,--the lament of the funeral canoes at Katleean, but with something else added, something that made him feel the mystery and the weirdness and the elemental call of the North.

  51. They had shared elemental things; together they had hunted food that they might live, battled against storms, endured hardships.

  52. The Austrians, astonished at the sudden apparition of the French in the midst of the elemental warfare, and unprepared to resist them, hastily retired some forty miles to the eastern banks of the Tagliamento.

  53. Therefore its different sections have become detached and resolved into their elemental character of forces.

  54. And civilisation will fall to pieces if it never again realises the spirit of mutual help and the common sharing of benefits in the elemental necessaries of life.

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