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  1. The swimming position tilts the antlers backward until the basal portion is practically horizontal (figs.

  2. Leaves are two-ranked and alternate, and very often they become crowded at the lower portions of the shoots so as to form basal tufts, though they are farther apart in the upper portions of these shoots.

  3. Stolon any basal branch which is disposed to root, 5.

  4. In many grasses the basal portions of stems are more leafy and the internodes are short, but in the upper portions the internodes become longer separating the leaves one from the other.

  5. We have shown again and again why we do not; and with the rejection of the basal tenet of Christian Science the superstructure follows.

  6. Granted the basal axiom of this type of immanentism, it follows with irresistible cogency that our separate existence, consciousness, volitions and so forth are merely illusions.

  7. These may be basal plates of the anterior dorsal fin.

  8. The basal plate is associated with seven apparently unjointed, incomplete lepidotrichia.

  9. These specimens differ somewhat from the basal plates of Rhabdoderma and appear to be intermediate between Rhabdoderma and Coelacanthus (Moy-Thomas, 1937:fig.

  10. The basipterygoid processes are smaller, somewhat vertically elongated projections, situated at the end of the low connecting ridge extending anteroventrally from the antotic processes, and are not basal as are those of Rhabdoderma.

  11. Synaptotylus is most closely related to Rhabdoderma, but is intermediate between Rhabdoderma and Coelacanthus in shape of the fin girdles and basal plates.

  12. Regarding the basal plates of the remaining fins, those of Synaptotylus appear to resemble basal plates of both Rhabdoderma and Coelacanthus.

  13. One distinctive bone may represent the basal plate of the posterior dorsal fin.

  14. There is no trace of the internal skeletal structure or of the articulation to the basal plate in either specimen.

  15. Only part of one basal plate of the anal fin was preserved on K.

  16. Numerous isolated basal plates of the pelvic girdle have revealed details of structure but no information on the orientation.

  17. The caudal is slightly notched at the end, its basal half is scaly, as is also the base of the pectorals; the rest of the fins are scaleless.

  18. In the sciences we know that the basal principles of a given science are not proved in that science itself, but are borrowed from another science in which they are proved.

  19. To make this investigation logically complete he had to show that there must be such a thing as a divine law, and that no such law can be conceived without assuming certain basal beliefs or dogmas.

  20. This being so, whatever kind of catalogue may publish the basal stock, the general current needs of the library can be kept supplied only by a card or slip catalogue of unlimited expansibility.

  21. Sketch showing relation of basal Potsdam conglomerate and sandstone to the quartzite, on the East bluff at Devil's lake, behind the Cliff house.

  22. The basal conglomerate of the Potsdam formation is shown at the lower right-hand corner, and is overlain by sandstone.

  23. In conformity with this natural distribution of sediments, the basal beds of the Potsdam formation are often conglomeratic (Fig.

  24. The basal beds of the sandstone are often conglomeratic.

  25. The larger part of the drift transported by the ice was carried in its basal portion; but since the surface over which the ice passed was variable, it yielded a variable amount of debris to the ice.

  26. Distinguished from Fusus, by the comparative shortness of the basal channel, and the ventricose or enlarged shape of the body whorl.

  27. The animal of which has lungs, consisting of numerous filaments, having their basal origin in two radical lobes under the neck.

  28. The basal support is sometimes thick and flat, sometimes forming an elongated tube, and sometimes hollowed out into a cup.

  29. Shell bucciniform, but the basal half is narrowed, and the middle more or less ventricose; spire and aperture equal.

  30. The specimen from Velasco is semi-black, has the basal tenth of the tail black and there is no white on the ears or tail.

  31. The specimen from Matagordo is grayish, has the basal fifth of the tail black, ears black, the right hind foot black, but there is some white on the toes of the left hind foot and on each of the forefeet.

  32. The second specimen has the basal fifth of the tail black and a slight amount of whitish on the hind toes.

  33. The third specimen has the basal third of the tail black and the toes are all black.

  34. There are only a few white hairs on the hind feet, and the basal fourth of the tail is black.

  35. The basal part of the vertebra is the =centrum= or body which forms the thickened floor of the neural canal.

  36. After a time they generally fuse with one another in the middle line, and, with the parachordals behind, form an almost continuous basal plate.

  37. The dentine of the basal part of the larger teeth is in some genera very greatly folded, causing the structure to be highly complicated.

  38. Each ring is formed of four pieces, a large well-ossified neural arch, a basal piece, and a pair of lateral pieces.

  39. A, 31), or thickened basal portion of the interorbital septum; this bears two prominent surfaces with which the pterygoids articulate.

  40. Each consists of a basal portion, the =basi-pterygium=, and of a number of dermal rays.

  41. The basal part of the teeth of Ceratophrys (Anura) has a similar structure.

  42. The cartilaginous cranium formed of the basal plate, together with the sense capsules, does not long remain merely as a floor.

  43. On each side of this flattened mid-ventral portion the arch becomes very thick and bears on its outer border a surface with which the three basal cartilages of the fin articulate.

  44. Each tooth is a hollow cone, the basal part of which is formed of bone, the apical part of dentine, capped by a very weak development of enamel.

  45. The scheme of space-genesis is completed during the septopyknotic process wherein the basal elements of dense physical matter and its various gradations are produced and given character, form and direction.

  46. The equidistantial is a circle with center at the poles of its basal straight.

  47. This is especially the contribution of Jeremiah and lays the foundation for all true faith and is a basal principle of our Christianity.

  48. They constitute the basal facts of all history and religion.

  49. Evidently the selection must include the great basal propositions that are needed in mensuration and in later mathematics, together with others that are necessary to prove them.

  50. This states more than is necessary for the basal fact of the proposition, which is the constancy of the sum of the angles.

  51. In general, therefore, it is a good rule to use the proofs of the basal propositions as models, and to get the original work from the exercises.

  52. It is well to turn our attention next to the nature of the proofs of the basal theorems.

  53. Now if all there is to geometry were in the basal propositions, this argument might hold, just as it would hold in algebra in case there were only those exercises that are solved in full.

  54. The first is the one with all or a large part of the basal propositions demonstrated in full, and with these propositions not unduly reduced in number.

  55. The greatest lesson to be learned from this discussion is that the number of basal definitions to be learned for subsequent use is very small.

  56. This is also one of the basal propositions of solid geometry, and it has many applications in practical mensuration.

  57. The proposition is the only basal one relating to the intersection of two lines, and hence there are no others with which it is necessarily grouped.

  58. Some authors give this as a basal problem, although it is more commonly given as an exercise or a corollary.

  59. The most important lesson to be learned from Euclid's definitions is that only the basal ones, relatively few in number, need to be learned, and these because they are used as the foundations upon which proofs are built.

  60. In preparing a syllabus, therefore, no one should hope to bring the teaching world at once to agree to any great reduction in the number of basal propositions, nor to agree to any radical change of terminology, symbolism, or sequence.

  61. Footnote 1: Basal length was taken from the anteriormost inferior border of the foramen magnum to the anteriormost projections of the incisors.

  62. Upper parts darker; skull, when specimens of equal age are compared, averaging larger in mastoidal breadth, interparietal breadth and basal length.

  63. One very striking form has only the basal portions of the fore-wings yellow, the rest of the ground colour is pale bluish-grey, and the spots black.

  64. In both these figures only the basal portions of the antennae are shown.

  65. Stem-leaves a single opposite pair (basal leaves may also be present) --19.

  66. Shaped like an arrow-head, but with the basal lobes pointing outwards instead of backward.

  67. A plant escaped from cultivation in dry or moist soil, with very large basal leaves (5-10 dm.

  68. Basal lobes of the leaf conspicuous, triangular, almost or quite as long as the terminal portion --6.

  69. Basal leaves oblong, lanceolate, or oblanceolate, at least 3 times as long as broad (1-3 dm.

  70. Segments of the basal leaves ovate-lanceolate; head of fruit ovoid or oblong =Anemone, Anemone virginiana.

  71. This transplantation of institutions is a matter of permanent importance, for, as will appear, the county is still the basal unit of the Hungarian administrative system.

  72. The basal fact of the political system is the control of party, and within the party the power that governs is the cabinet.

  73. What, therefore, the law of 1893 does is, broadly, to confer upon every male citizen one vote and to specify three principal conditions under which this basal voting power may be augmented.

  74. A basal or datum line is established, above or below which all surfaces are to be shaped at measured distances.

  75. The bracket should turn on a basal hinge or pivot, to admit of swinging it forward or backward.

  76. Others have been led to explain their results as due to contamination of the basal diet.

  77. The broken line parts show the failure of laboratory prepared lard to better the commercial lard of the basal diet and the crossed lines the immediate effect when a true source of vitamine A was added.

  78. Karr in Mendel's laboratory has shown that dogs which refused their basal diet would resume eating it if they were allowed to ingest separately a little dried yeast.

  79. These rats are now placed on one of the basal diets which in this case supplies all the requirements except the "B" vitamine.

  80. The change in the growth curve from decline to rise was accomplished without increasing or changing the basal diet but as the appetite increased the food had naturally to be increased to keep pace.

  81. Before discussing the application of these diets to vitamine testing, attention is called to other basal diets developed by McCollum.

  82. Whatever the explanation of this particular phenomenon it is important that the basal diet be of purified materials and the methods just described supply the procedure necessary to attain that end.

  83. In his basal diets, we find, as would be expected, special combinations particularly suited to the detection of vitamines in such cereals.

  84. It is therefore desirable in testing for antiscorbutic power that the basal diet be itself as complete as possible in all factors except the absence of "C.

  85. Osborne and Mendel raise another point of methodology and believe that more accurate results will be obtained if the source of the vitamine is fed separately than if mixed with the basal diet.

  86. Provided with the experimental animal the next step was to devise a basal diet which should be complete for growth in every particular except vitamines.

  87. Though Epictetus continually appeals to reason, his basal word is to the will.

  88. Such was the basal theme; the particular variation, when the holiday was concerned, took the shape of religious remonstrance.

  89. She had an infinite patience with her mother on these occasions, not resenting the basal theme, but regarding it as a mere mechanic explosion of nervous irritation, generated by her lonely life.

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