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Example sentences for "emotion"

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  1. He was standing beside the lieutenant's chair when the Jap sped in, and he seemed almost interested (for a police captain) at the extraordinary manifestations of emotion in Bateato's countenance.

  2. A sigh hastily drawn, and a rudely-constructed prayer, evinced the emotion she deeply felt.

  3. I knew that Your Majesty would understand me," he said in a tone intended for the Royal ear alone, and with more emotion than he had yet displayed.

  4. It was plain that he was labouring under an emotion greater than his physical condition could stand.

  5. That gentle expression of sympathy, accompanied by the tender little caress, stirred into life an emotion hitherto unknown to Mignon's rebellious soul.

  6. Only the faint brooding light in her eyes gave sign of the deeper emotion that lay behind them.

  7. Their souls throb with fierce emotion at the agony caused by the venomously malignant tyranny.

  8. We doubt not, gentlemen, that the Chamber will concur with patriotic emotion in the royal project which we have laid before them.

  9. To cause ferment of fermentation in; to set in motion; to excite internal emotion in; to heat.

  10. To feel a painful apprehension of; to be afraid of; to consider or expect with emotion of alarm or solicitude.

  11. A painful emotion of fear, dread, and abhorrence; a shuddering with terror and detestation; the feeling inspired by something frightful and shocking.

  12. That quality of a work of art which embodies the mental emotion of the artist, and is calculated to affect similarly the spectator.

  13. Franceschetti had entered the room; with emotion he said to Murat that the Corsicans would never suffer him to be harmed.

  14. Paoli stood a moment as if thunderstruck; then he sprang after her, embraced with emotion mother and son, and introduced them to his officers.

  15. Having thus let herself out as she had never dared, nor indeed been tempted to do, since the first dawn of the courtship, Wilmet at last relieved herself of some of the vast sense of emotion that she had been forcing back for the last month.

  16. He bent his head with almost as much suppressed emotion as if it had been a matter of present hope.

  17. Geraldine, with eager eyes, clasped hands, and quivering frame, infinitely fuller of visible emotion than either of the handsome twins.

  18. So he wrote his sanction with a very heavy heart, betraying as little emotion as was consistent with the tenderness so essential to support brave but fragile little Geraldine.

  19. Zorilda's emotion would scarcely permit her to utter these words.

  20. No, it was when he expressed them best that he was least convincing, since an emotion that can be adequately presented is not a very big emotion; at least it does not overwhelm the soul.

  21. Abbie could not rise to very lofty heights of emotion or language over anything impersonal.

  22. But it was only this morning that I read one of the new last poems of Tennyson with a return of the emotion which he first woke in me well-nigh forty years ago.

  23. But, such as they are, they imparted a supreme emotion to our dying season, and thrilled the hotel with a fulness of summer life.

  24. He was fond of reading the pathetic passages from both books, and I can still hear his rich, vibrant voice as it lingered in tremulous emotion on the periods he loved.

  25. I haunted the post-office about the time the books were due, and when I found one of them in our deep box among a heap of exchange newspapers and business letters, my emotion was so great that it almost took my breath.

  26. Her voice dropped out, or jerked itself out, and in the crises of strong emotion it was the voice of a scolding or a hysterical woman.

  27. The book is associated especially in my mind with one golden day of Indian summer, when I carried it into the woods with me, and abandoned myself to a welter of emotion over its page.

  28. It cannot awaken this emotion in one, and that in another; if it fails to express precisely the meaning of the author, if it does not say him, it says nothing, and is nothing.

  29. Agatha was a little white, possibly more from apprehension than from indignation, though that emotion had its influence; but their reception could not have been more formal had it taken place in an eastern drawing-room.

  30. He stared fixedly at the rider; his only sign of emotion over the latter's words was a quickening of the eyes.

  31. He had felt little emotion save that of self-protection.

  32. A new emotion surged through Rosalind at this thought, an emotion so strong that it made her gasp--jealousy!

  33. Then she turned to Corrigan and gazed at him meditatively, though the expression in her eyes was so obviously impersonal that it chilled any amorous emotion that Corrigan might have felt.

  34. The girl was racked with emotion over the excitement of the morning, the dread of impending violence, and half frantic with anxiety over Trevison's safety.

  35. Before I could change posture, almost before I could draw fresh breath, her voice, trembling slightly with an emotion she was unable wholly to suppress, yet sounding clear as a bell, addressed the man confronting her.

  36. They listened as though scarcely comprehending, Sam uttering little moans of horror, and appearing helpless from fright, but Rene quiet, merely exhibiting her emotion in the whiteness of her face and quickened breathing.

  37. It lacks action, and deals with states of emotion rather than with dramatic events.

  38. Like Maeterlinck, Hauptmann tries to give emotion in the mass.

  39. He is a thinker, assuredly quite master of himself, much more given to enthusiasm over a beautiful verse than capable of a real emotion over another's grief.

  40. People who have been living for a long time in dreary country-places, without any emotion beyond such as are occasioned by a trivial pleasure or annoyance, often get crazy at last for a vital paroxysm of some kind or other.

  41. A jet pin heaved upon her bosom with every sigh of memory, or emotion of unknown origin.

  42. Dick could not remember that he had ever seen her show this mark of emotion before, in all his experience of her fitful changes of mood.

  43. In times of sorrow or emotion his inadequacy had pained her, but it was pleasant to listen to him now, and to watch his thick brown moustache and high forehead confronting the stars.

  44. But the atmosphere was so charged with emotion that people only seemed to exist on her account, and she was surprised that Crane did not realise this, and turn round.

  45. Standing up in the car, just where she had leapt from it two days before, she gazed back with deep emotion upon Oniton.

  46. We recognise that emotion is not enough, and that men and women are personalities capable of sustained relations, not mere opportunities for an electrical discharge.

  47. Henry was already installed; he ate slowly and spoke little, and was, in Margaret's eyes, the only member of their party who dodged emotion successfully.

  48. It is so easy to talk of "passing emotion," and to forget how vivid the emotion was ere it passed.

  49. The mouth of Paul was stopped by the hand of Ellen, and he was obliged to swallow the rest of the sentence, which he did with a species of emotion that bore no slight resemblance to the process of strangulation.

  50. A faint cry of pleasure burst from the lips of Tachechana in the suddenness of her surprise, but the emotion was instantly suppressed in that subdued demeanour which should characterise a matron of her tribe.

  51. During the whole of the foregoing scene, it would have been difficult to have traced a single distinct emotion in the lineaments of the captive.

  52. Noah arose, emotion always made him uncomfortable, and shuffled off to his tent without a word.

  53. And if one emotion persists too long the human mind becomes even worse twisted than a tree.

  54. It was not without strong emotion that Mrs. Woolper obeyed her old master's summons.

  55. Her emotion almost overpowered her as she tried to answer him; but she struggled against it bravely, and came to the sofa on which he lay and dropped upon her knees by his side.

  56. He might have been flattered and pleased by Miss Kepp's agitation; but he was ill and peevish; and having all his life been subject to a profound antipathy to feminine tearfulness, the girl's display of emotion annoyed him.

  57. So these men are not they whom the Gods have ever selected, but rather men of a pattern with themselves, very high and very solid men, who maintain the crown by holding divinely independent of the great emotion they have sown.

  58. Willoughby's interpretation of his discovery was directed by pity: he had no other strong emotion left in him.

  59. So vigorously rich was his blood that the swift emotion running with the theme as he talked pictured itself in passing and was like the play of sheet lightning on the variations of the uninterrupted and many-glancing outpour.

  60. He had heard something; he had not caught the words, but they were manifestly favourable; her sign of emotion assured him of it and of the success he had sought.

  61. Had the old man's face been moulded in wax it could not have shown less emotion at this news than was now to be traced there.

  62. Oh, would we could relate it everywhere, and to every one, so that the emotion of our unknown benefactor might reveal his presence.

  63. Dantes did not answer; he feared that the emotion of his voice would betray him.

  64. Yes, madame, he shall live," said Monte Cristo, surprised that without more emotion Mercedes had accepted the heroic sacrifice he made for her.

  65. The child, unaccustomed to such treatment, arose, pale and trembling; it would be difficult to say whether his emotion were caused by fear or passion.

  66. Her first look on entering the room was at Noirtier, whose face, independent of the emotion which such a scene could not fail of producing, proclaimed him to be in possession of his usual health; her second glance was at the dying man.

  67. Renee, unable to hide her emotion at this unexpected announcement.

  68. Beauchamp looked at Albert with the smile which was so peculiar to him, and which in its numerous modifications served to express every varied emotion of his mind.

  69. All his emotion then burst forth; he cast himself on the ground, weeping bitterly, and asking himself what crime he had committed that he was thus punished.

  70. Let no trace of emotion be visible on your countenance, bear your grief as the cloud bears within it ruin and death--a fatal secret, known only when the storm bursts.

  71. Noirtier had succeeded in mastering his emotion more than could have been deemed possible with such an enfeebled and shattered frame.

  72. It was his only expression for emotion of all kinds.

  73. All emotion passed again from his pale face.

  74. No emotion of anger any longer mixed itself up with his generous indignation.

  75. Without the least emotion Lord Byron began explaining to the Greek how such accidents could be avoided.

  76. That Miss Chaworth should raise emotion in his heart is very comprehensible, for every girl has good chances of appearing an angel to youths, whose preference invariably falls on women older than themselves.

  77. Stendhall also speaks of Lord Byron's emotion while listening to a piece of music by Mayer at Milan, and says that if he lived a hundred years he could never forget the divine expression of his physiognomy while thus engaged.

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