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Example sentences for "evinced"

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  1. That Government, however, never evinced more than a languid interest in operations against its piratical subjects.

  2. Indeed, Mrs. Hamilton had evinced such interest and apparent solicitude in their happiness, that his heart was relieved from any doubts for their safety.

  3. Yet to this time, your royal highness has not evinced one spark of regard to the consort you vowed 'to love and cherish.

  4. Their caprices were various, but those of the prince was most strikingly evinced in his abruptly declining his engagements with the celebrated Mrs. Robinson.

  5. The satisfaction evinced in the Northern States seemed less comprehensible, as the first outgoing blockade-runner could easily have supplied substitutes for the captured and imprisoned Commissioners.

  6. His subordinates generally, on the contrary, seemed to regard the whole affair as a sort of picnic, and evinced a readiness to meet any fate.

  7. Cinque, when taken back to the 'Washington,' evinced little or no emotion, but kept his eye steadily fixed on the schooner.

  8. An address from the Yearly Meeting of London on slavery was also read,[A] which was followed by observations from several, which evinced great exercise of mind on the subject.

  9. For several minutes this continued, and she appeared to feel relieved; she then entered into conversation, and was able to talk with more ease and firmness than she had evinced for many a day before.

  10. They have told me that you called some time ago and evinced an interest in her.

  11. Dan Murphy had already earned a reputation among them as a source of entertainment, and was particularly interesting whenever anyone evinced a desire to learn anything of his native land.

  12. Indeed at one time Catherine had evinced a desire to marry Edmund Beaufort, Earl of Mortain, but Gloucester, fearing increased importance would accrue to the Beaufort party thereby, induced the Council to forbid it.

  13. The interest evinced by the Duke in medicine is both interesting and unusual; his knowledge of astrology proved one of the most fatal of his accomplishments in the days when his wife was accused of sorcery.

  14. Their subsequent history has accorded with the spirit in which they were founded and their close connexion with forms of political agitation most unhealthy for young minds has been evinced in many a regrettable incident.

  15. Paradoxical as it may at first seem, its greatness is evinced in the feeling of its own littleness.

  16. I only read from these two characters, and in the pages presented him he evinced the truest delight.

  17. He was familiar with the Scriptures, and evinced a sufficient knowledge of books and of literature, for all practical purposes.

  18. Like all the fanatics I ever saw, they evinced great hatred and spite when opposed, and sometimes they were full of the spirit of mocking.

  19. On such occasions he evinced himself a cool, deliberate, shrewd manager.

  20. They evinced much ability and preparation for the contest.

  21. The cheerfulness and high spirits which had characterised him in an unusual degree before his accident, returned to him; and she marvelled increasingly at the almost boyish gaiety which he evinced at times.

  22. His marriage with another woman came as a surprise to the community, who had been watching the affair with the usual interest evinced in such matters, and much indignation was expressed at his behaviour.

  23. Maret, de Champagny, and Savary evinced a ready obedience to Bonaparte's wishes, which often proved very unfortunate, though doubtless dictated by the best intentions on their part.

  24. Talleyrand suspended the execution of an order, Bonaparte never evinced the least displeasure.

  25. In some people a heinous negligence, and in others a culpable apathy is evinced with respect to the principles their conduct is implanting.

  26. The postillion also strongly evinced the national character, mounting his horse with a true gasconade flourish, and cracking his whip in the old well-remembered style.

  27. When she wept aloud for sorrow the sinner evinced evidently some qualms of conscience, and he stood stock-still, his features suffused with anxiety and repentance.

  28. The craftsman, on the other hand, wished to use his superior bargaining strength for his own purposes and evinced little desire to dissipate it in the service of his humbler fellow worker.

  29. Under the Spanish Government the men of color of New Orleans were always relied upon in time of difficulties, and on several occasions evinced in the field the greatest firmness and courage.

  30. He himself, however, was essentially a romantic poet, as was evinced by his fondness for Byron and Marlowe.

  31. Comedian could get out the word Newton, Mop had sprung to his four feet, and, with wagging tail and wriggling back, evinced a sense of beatified recognition.

  32. The Comedian evinced urbane curiosity to learn the history of that process, and drew forth a grateful tale.

  33. Still fewer who have evinced so firm a devotion to the spirit of independence.

  34. As these discussions, in which the speakers evinced no little aptitude, bring out some characteristic traits of the people, it may be pertinent, and not out of place here, briefly to advert to them.

  35. There is no other branch of art to which we can refer the numerous class of carved ornaments and amulets, or their skill in symbolical or representative drawing, evinced in their picture writing.

  36. This spirit evinced itself in the very outset of my visit, on announcing to certain bands the requirements of the census act.

  37. The principal point of skill is evinced in the twist ornamenting the exterior of the bowl.

  38. Numbers, bravery and success, and abundance of animal food, made them haughty, and they evinced the disposition of their northern brethren, by trying to subjugate and break down their neighbors.

  39. The diplomat evinced no sign of impatience.

  40. Some of the farmers had protested a little against the love of show evinced by their wives and daughters, but in vain.

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