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Example sentences for "evinces"

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  1. As to his treatment of the Bible, it evinces everywhere the crudest anthropomorphic method of interpretation such as we should expect to find in a child or very ignorant person.

  2. This tale of the IIId century evinces great familiarity on the part of the author with classical and antiquarian lore as well as the early Christian writers.

  3. She is a lover of the arts, and all she says, all she does, evinces an elevated mind.

  4. This act, atrocious as it must be pronounced, evinces that spirit of independence, inherited from the gentes, which would not submit to arbitrary individual power.

  5. Although the particulars cited relate more especially to the family among the prosperous classes, the spirit it evinces was doubtless general.

  6. This shows the social character of the species, as well as the friendship which it evinces towards others.

  7. Nothing perhaps evinces so clearly as this, how wretched was the constitution and how incapable was the administration of this so-called golden age of the republic.

  8. It evinces an indecision, a caprice, a want of consistency and character on the part of the Government.

  9. This soul again evinces its materiality in the invincible obstacles it encounters on the part of the body.

  10. He necessarily won their confidence by his zeal, and all which he wrote on the subject evinces a spirit of benevolence, being evidently the production of an acute and energetic mind.

  11. The whole code evinces that rigid propriety and self control to which he subjected himself, and by which he brought all the impulses of a somewhat ardent temper under conscientious government.

  12. A single word in the passage cited from Washington's letter, evinces the chord which still vibrated in the American bosom: he incidentally speaks of England as home.

  13. For the Bourbons, Lamartine evinces a tender regard, and narrates their flight from France in a style of mental bombast which but ill rescues it from ridicule.

  14. Her present work, detailing the dangers and discomforts of a life in the far-west of Canada, is full of fine descriptions of nature, evinces throughout a healthy and vigorous spirit, and contains many a scene of genuine humor.

  15. He certainly evinces a larger share of the 'Bellicosi' blood than the setter, being ever ready for fight when assailed, while the latter generally exhibits a conciliatory disposition under the most trying circumstances.

  16. She is still very ill; she evinces great pain when pressed upon the abdomen; and it is manifest that she has another foetus within her.

  17. He evinces no impatience to return to office, and no misconception of his own position.

  18. This, among many other proofs, evinces that she was ignorant of the escape of that prince, which is impossible had it been real.

  19. But constant experience evinces how rarely a high confidence and affection receives the least diminution, without sinking into absolute indifference, or even running into the opposite extreme.

  20. A nature-lover in the highest degree, his painting of animals and plants evinces a mind which is steeped in the magic of outdoor life.

  21. He evinces a fairy-tale spirit which we may compare with the work of Pintoricchio.

  22. It seems as if it had somehow been crowded down out of the Alleghanies into its present limited southern quarters; for in cultivation it evinces a northern hardiness.

  23. But this evinces not their perfection, but their imperfection.

  24. This treatment by Kant evinces deep insight into the office of intelligence and principle in conduct.

  25. So far as it is negligible in fact it evinces the rudimentary character of civilization.

  26. Cautiousness, Approbativeness, or Adhesiveness, evinces its deficiency, and has not enough of this faculty for great undertakings: p.

  27. Next to a cat's love for children, if there is one thing more than another that ought to make one love her and respect her as a pet, it is the extreme patience which she evinces under sufferings, sometimes the most acute.

  28. There is surely strong proof of how deeply a cat loves its owner, in the anxiety and sorrow it evinces on seeing that owner in grief or in pain.

  29. No work in the collection evinces the precision and exact truthfulness of Leighton's drawing better than the outline copies from pictures and frescoes by V.

  30. Hence he evinces alarm on the approach of man or other animals, and, unable to make a rapid retreat, his panic rather than any vicious disposition leads him to become an assailant in self-defence.

  31. It is strong and active, and evinces an eager disposition to fight when molested.

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