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  1. By the thirty-seventh section, the rents, profits and emoluments arising from the lands so appropriated were to be applicable solely to the maintenance and support of a Protestant Clergy.

  2. The Assembly to which many of these gentlemen belonged was in a righteous state of opposition to the Proprietary and the Council concerning the emoluments of colonial officers and of clergymen.

  3. In short, in addition to certain emoluments and opportunities for investment, I emerged from the affair firmly established in the good graces of Adolf Scherer, and with a reputation practically made.

  4. The General Assembly shall prescribe and regulate the fees, salaries and emoluments of all officers provided for in this Article; but the salaries of the Judges shall not be diminished during their continuance in office.

  5. No man or set of men are entitled to exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community but in consideration of public services.

  6. What provision in regard to exclusive emoluments and privileges?

  7. Oude has paid vast sums in salaries, pensions, and emoluments of every kind to servants of the Company engaged in the service of the Government of Oude.

  8. There were large emoluments for seizures, and the right of search was unrestricted, afloat or ashore.

  9. A judge acted on questions of property, without a jury, on information furnished by crown officers, and derived emoluments from his own award of forfeitures; and the governor would favor large seizures because he got one-third of the spoils.

  10. This might refer either to the colonists or to the patrons, since the latter were to receive no emoluments for their services, and the former were to work for the sake, in part at least, of vindicating the nobility of labor.

  11. He steadily refuses the allurements and emoluments of practice, and steadily and successfully pursues the object of his ambition.

  12. The District Judge dismissed the suit, but the High Court ordered a re-investigation as to the question of the existence of an hereditary office with endowments or emoluments attached to it.

  13. Is there any reason why the emoluments of place should more than repay the labor it calls for?

  14. Fame or the emoluments of valor could never be his.

  15. He gives this sentence to show the change of verb: "Fame or the emoluments of valor were (was) never to be his.

  16. Now their propaganda is everywhere triumphant, and year by year we see an increase in the rewards and emoluments of the prophets and priests of the cult.

  17. It is not too much to say that today no daily newspaper in any large American city dares to attack the emoluments of the Catholic Church, or to advocate restrictions upon the ecclesiastical machine.

  18. Of course the emoluments of the living or parish are not regulated by "outward and visible signs," or the Barony minister would only draw a sorry stipend.

  19. Nay more, he has even fallen heir to whatever honours and emoluments of value accrued to the latter during his long and useful career.

  20. He was of opinion that the emoluments received by Stayner were unreasonably large, and that the practice of allowing the deputy postmaster general to draw a considerable private income from the public business was wrong in principle.

  21. So far from objecting to the irregular emoluments of the deputy postmaster general for the Maritime provinces, they recommended, when the question arose, that his emoluments be increased.

  22. The colonial secretary also animadverted on the emoluments of Stayner.

  23. The assembly therefore begged, with many expressions of loyalty and gratitude, that the control and emoluments of the post office so far as they concerned the province might be conceded to them.

  24. As against these, Stayner's emoluments of L3185 for each of the three preceding years were out of all proportion.

  25. The city hall was decorous, there were no emoluments for service, and the best men of the time thought it an honour to represent their wards.

  26. Its patronage and the emoluments of its chairs are second to those of but one, and there are none to be associated with which I should consider it a higher honor.

  27. The emoluments of the fellowships vary from a merely nominal income, in the case of what are called Bye-fellowships, to $2,000 per annum.

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