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Example sentences for "emotionless"

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  1. The emotionless disillusion of his nature had finally produced an adventure for him--the adventure of mental fecundity.

  2. When he spoke at length his speech, though curt, was not so rigorously emotionless as usual.

  3. His emotionless blue eyes became suddenly more blue, and intense with a vital fire.

  4. In some fashion, though he never glanced her way, he must have been aware of her agitation, for when he spoke again there was some measure of reassurance in his voice, emotionless though it was.

  5. He went on in his precise, emotionless fashion, as though he perceived nothing.

  6. Not in the impotent, unwieldy figure, not in the pleasant, emotionless drawl, not even in the friendly quiet of his eyes, the kindly sympathy of his smile.

  7. Naïve instinct--the emotionless curiosity of total inexperience--everything embryonic and innocently ruthless in her was now in the ascendant.

  8. A sullen roar rose from the audience; Le Vey lifted one hand: "I told you how to argue," he said in his emotionless voice.

  9. He knew what message for him had lain behind that emotionless speech of hers, not only understanding, but a warning.

  10. Bassett was the first to break the silence, speaking in a carefully emotionless tone.

  11. But she went on in a low, emotionless voice: "I was treated like a damaged gown--for which depreciation in value somebody was to be made responsible.

  12. Didn't I tell you that nobody likes to be awakened from the warm comfort and idle security of emotionless slumber?

  13. The ensuing stolid oration, punctuated by emotionless grunts, is an ingenious musical sketch of a pow-wow scene in an Indian wigwam.

  14. In places it has a wistfulness that seems to suggest that the human counterpart of the character has feelings, not being merely an emotionless puppet for public amusement.

  15. His eyes were ever fixed and emotionless as the desert sands--sure evidence of the bushman who has lived in the dreary wilderness beyond the Darling.

  16. Our second passing acquaintance--he of the emotionless countenance who had steered our quartet unknowingly--had got in a hundred yards ahead of us, and he was now coolly cutting pegs with which to mark his chosen area.

  17. Gratz with emotionless directness of speech and a momentary gleam of the eyes.

  18. I will be here at that time"; and with his customary emotionless adieux the guilty creature slipped through the doorway and speeded like a shriveled shadow along the various passages.

  19. And her growth within the last quarter of a century has been more than physical, more than that recorded by emotionless census-takers.

  20. A Petty Officer, with an expression emotionless as that of a traveller in a railway tunnel, sat by the dial manipulating a brass wheel; a few feet away sat a Leading Seaman similarly employed.

  21. There was nothing in his spirit that could outlast the terrible, emotionless determination in the English character to win.

  22. When anyone spoke it was in the dull, emotionless tones of profound fatigue.

  23. We were going to talk about the Space Guard," Lyla said in an emotionless tone.

  24. Then it was gone and he said in an emotionless voice: "No.

  25. Even if they had overcome their stupor, they did certainly not betray it, and appeared perfectly emotionless as far as their countenances were concerned.

  26. Coming from Wichita's most emotionless banker, from the cold county Croesus, that speech is almost a--a declaration.

  27. The knowing nothing is precisely what makes it right, my dear emotionless sister.

  28. Elizabeth, the emotionless woman of perfect balance and judgment!

  29. It was my wife's favourite corner," answered Feversham in a quite emotionless voice.

  30. He spoke in his usual hard and emotionless voice.

  31. Then we will take it out of your rental," was the emotionless reply of the quiet vice-president.

  32. What is possible at the Straits of Mackinac is also possible across the widest part of any one of the Great Lakes--excepting always the emotionless Superior.

  33. She spoke thereafter without looking at me, in that cold, emotionless voice that was peculiar to her always, the voice of one in whom the founts of all that is sweet and tolerant and tender in life are for ever frozen.

  34. I was strangely moved at the sight of emotion in one who seemed emotionless as iron.

  35. I stood before him what time he mouthed out those horrible and emotionless words.

  36. Oh, I don't know as he is," Old Heck said in a voice emotionless as an Indian's.

  37. The emotionless woman is for ever seeking in novelty, emotions she lacks the emotion to feel.

  38. The perfect nurse is a silent, reliable, fearless, emotionless machine--this little building here is the isolation pavilion.

  39. Without looking at her, he, in a stolid, emotionless way, and with a deliberation that seemed to have no reluctance in it, left her alone.

  40. He looked in silence--he had hid himself behind that impenetrable stolidity which made him seem not only emotionless but incapable of emotion.

  41. Ours," said Michaud in his emotionless tones.

  42. The emotionless and methodical preparations, the brisk precision of the operation, the cheerful celerity of the firing squad made it the more terrifying, stunning the victims to immobility.

  43. The baby Christ is well painted and good as a baby, but He is held with too careless and limp a hand by his emotionless and expressionless mother.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "emotionless" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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